July 24, 2015

oh hey, friday! | time to get motivated

hey friday hey!

if you were around here yesterday you saw that i was in one hell of a funk, and have been for several days...maybe even a week or so. i can't remember.

but i have some bad news and some good news.

the bad news is it rained here. it rained all over my farmer's cut hay, which is a very bad thing. it completely kills the nutritional value of the hay which drives the price down. a total bummer.

the good news - because of the rain it pretty much stopped everything going on on the farm, which means my farmer got to spend the entire day with us.

we had pancakes and a dance party. we hit up costco. we took the girls to a playground. we hit up happy hour. two moscow mules and several appetizer's later...everyone was feeling full and happy on the patio with the misters going on the 92┬║ day...and that was just a thursday.

now it's friday...and everything feels a little nicer and more relaxed on a friday. so buh-bye funky mood. see you next never.

and because it's friday, it's time to get down with our link-up selves -

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3 | tell all your friends + have a fantastic friday.


1 | next week is the final week of MOVE YOUR BOOTY where the goal was to get 200k steps in the month of july. well...i'm happy to report i've passed up the 200k mark and i think i'm going to go for 300k instead. boom. no big deal.

2 | ever since the tone it up #binkichallenge finished i've been severely slacking in the kitchen. as in...it just seems like we've been on the go go go so much that i haven't been making dinner. so so lame. so, this next week i'm going to map out a meal plan and make dinner five nights. no excuses.
3 | several months ago my farmer put up a beautiful cararra marble backsplash in the kitchen for me. it's totally gorgeous and brightened up the once gray walls. however, we have yet to seal and caulk the 125 square feet of it all. after i finished sealing and caulking it also needs a little touchup paint, so i'll have to hammer that out as well...and THEN i'll feel good about finally getting our cabinet pulls installed.
4 | speaking of house projects...we STILL don't have a design direction for our bathroom downstairs. it is currently in studs...which is how it's been sitting for the better part of three years now. 

really, the only thing picked out is this gorgeous vanity from pottery barn. and when i say picked out i mean it's purchased and has been sitting in our basement for six months. 
this coming week i'll need to finalize our finish choices as far as lighting, mirrors, and tile are concerned. maybe that will motivate us to get the ball rolling. 

i'm hoping the finished product will be totally classic, clean, with a little bit of glamour. since we're a house of girls, and all. the problem is...i'm leaning each of these ways and the two styles definitely can't be married together. 
first world problems. 

5 | PARTY PAPER! first things first...i can't thank you all enough for all your kind words and encouragement as i get this little project moving and grooving. secondly...THANK YOU so much to those of you who have reached out for me to design some goodies for you! i'm so SO excited to start working on your projects! a sweet first birthday party, a gender reveal invitation, an anniversary party invitation, a birth announcement...you guys! this is so fun! which brings me toooooo...
i have GOT to get that website finished. but who has time?! i'm thiiiiiis close to just hiring someone to finish it up. i think it's probably the smart thing to do. 
okay...enough about my simple goals for my coming week...it's linkup time!
happy weekend!


  1. That dalmation print wallpaper in that bathroom inspiration photo is everything. Swoon. So sorry that the hay got rained on - Mother Nature is a whole different beast when you're a farm family, isn't it? But glad that you got to spend some more time with your farmer because of it. Silver linings, friend. Silver linings.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your kitchen - it's beautiful!!

  3. 1. Overachiever on #bootymove. Just stop.
    2. Just say no to avocado bathtubs... I know it seems like a good idea NOWWWWW... but that's what people said about the avocado refrigerator in the 70s. ;) I'm just saying....
    3. The gold and dalmatian is trending at Hobby Lobby right now.
    4. Your kitchen is straight up gorgeous. 100%. What a farmer with those tile skills.
    5. I finally don't feel so bad about having appliances sitting in our house for... 6 months. Demo starts Monday. We must be on the same timeline.

  4. I am in love with the vanity you chose for your bathroom. It is absolutely gorgeous. I really liked your inspiration pictures, too. By the way, I'm following you now and I'm happy to join in on your wonderful party. Thanks for hosting and have a fabulous weekend... :)

  5. What a fun family day! Sorry to hear about rain on your hay. Bummer! Your kitchen is gorgeous! Love the cabinets. And that bathroom vanity is stunning.
    Happy Friday!

  6. Look at you rocking out a gorgeous blog post - what slump??
    That bathroom vanity is amazing and I love the inspiration! And I'm so excited for you and your party paper!!

  7. I have loved doing the move your booty challenge! After today I will have passed the 300,000 mark! Im going to go for 400,000!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about the rain falling on the hay. I grew up on a farm in Jamaica and I totally understand the stress involved with the weather. But glad you're all seeing the silver lining in that dark raincloud.
    Love your backsplash btw.

  9. I love that vanity! It looks great!

  10. Sorry to hear about the rain but I am glad you all were able to get some time together :) Love the bathroom vanity & the marble backsplash in the kitchen!

  11. Your house. Holy beautiful!!

    I've been super lame on the meal train this week too. As in, make yourself a sandwich lame. Heres to next week!

  12. Glad you guys had some time together! That always seems to make me feel just a little better about everything. Have a great weekend.

  13. If I had money coming out of my ears I would get new countertops and then that same backsplash - holy beautiful!!! And if I was brave I would go for that wall paper, but I love the other inspo as we'll...what a tough decision.

  14. Your backsplash looks great. And sorry to hear about the rain affecting the hay. I hope the weather has improved since then.


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