July 17, 2015

oh hey, friday! | new hair, new side-bizz, + a funny video

hey hi gals and gals...because i've come to the realization that not even my dad nor my farmer read this blog anymore. strictly gals. gals rule...boys droo...are cute.

so it's friday and it's time to get down. gotta gotta get up to get down. even if it is 6 am.

have i mentioned before that i wake up at 5 am every morning so that i can have alone/quiet time before i have to tend to my children?

does this make me a bad mom, or just a little bit crazy? let's roll with a little bit awesome.

as i was saying, it's time to get down with oh hey, friday!

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1 | so...my farmer thinks i'm a bit of a diva because i shop at baby gap for all of the clothes for my gals. but people...there's a method to the madness! and i'm here to show you just how good the deals can get! there's just one rule -


actually, there are two rules...be a cardholder. i have a banana republic card and the reward points you get work interchangeably between BR, old navy, and GAP. the only trick is you have to make sure you have a zero balance at each statement...or having a card is pointless. 

the proof is in the receipt.
that's right. you are seeing than $2.53 for the most expensive item.

i purchased two sets of matching dresses for the girls. a set of matching p.j.'s, some shoes, an outfit for bitty, two night dresses for kaye...and i think that's it. all of that was just over $20. that's a deal, people. that's a deal.

2 | K A Y E  U P D A T E !
i couldn't be more proud of my girl. earlier this week she was acting like an absolute lunatic...like, more-so than usual. i knew she was exhausted and would need a nap so i had her lay down. actually, i made her lay down. she was acting more and more insane and i became frustrated and told her she couldn't have her binkie. (slightly immature, but it made me feel better.) she screamed and fought sleep for a good 30 minutes and then finally passed out. 

then, when we put her down for bed that night she asked for her binkie, but her farmer and i had concocted a story - you see...we have jackrabbits all over the farm. we thought it a brilliant idea to tell her that the bunnies had stolen all her binkies. 

needless to say, kaye hates the bunnies now...but at least she doesn't hate us. the story totally worked and she's been binkie free all week.

in addition to no binkies she's also been waking up completely dry. she also woke up once this week to let me know she had to use the bathroom. this is huge! i couldn't be more proud of my fully potty-trained gal. 

3 | H A I R  U P D A T E !
so...when i went in on monday to get my hairz all cut up i knew i was going to have to go short. i told the gal all my hair woes and she assured me she would help a gal out. she felt my pain. she also told me to not worry when she made the first cut in the back. i was like, "uhhh..." then she made the first cut and i started to sweat. 

it was SO SHORT. the shortest i've had my hair since like, sixth grade.

then she dried and curled it and it wasn't so bad.

then i went to lulu lemon and tried on these running pants. are they too wild?
then i got home and saw the look on my farmer's face and i knew it was bad.

then i worked out the next day, showered and tried to style it myself and knew it was even worse.

then i worked out again today, showered and dried it straight...and it's not so bad! and dare i say it looks the thickest it's looked in a long long time. 
all this to say, i do think i'll enjoy it more when it grows an inch or two, but it's definitely getting the job done and the end result is i'm super happy i gave it the choppy chop.

4 | P A R T Y  P A P E R!

i've been hard at work getting my party paper site up and running, and let me tell you...HTML is no joke. is there a magical coding tool out there i'm missing? i mean...there's no way people memorize all those codes...or maybe they do. 

what i'm saying is...if you have any coding // HTML tools you think i should know about, send them my way!

also, even though i'm still getting party paper all set up, i'd still love to work with anyone who's in need of party paper!

baby shower, birthday, announcement, e-invite? let me know what you're looking for, i'd love to help make your party pop! send me an e-mail!

5 | W A T C H  T H I S

i was reading through some old posts (which is actually pretty funny to do) and i ran across a video i posted long long ago.

a few years back my cousin, woody (the wedding my farmer and i attended in santa barbara), was posting his suvivaler videos on youtube. they are spoofs on people building bunkers and/or preparing for the end of the world...blah blah blah...i'll just let the video do the talking.

this is just one of several he did. all the videos are super funny, but i find this one hysterical...

see, super funny.
okay! link up and have a stellar weekend!


  1. Your haircut is really adorable. I like it short on you. Some funny things here in this post. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for hosting.

  2. I LOVE YOUR HAIR!! It looks SO good on you!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the paper site, but yeah - coding SUCKS. I feel like it used to be easier (didn't everything?). I died of laughter over the jackrabbits stealing the binkie, but hey - you gotta do what you gotta do.

  3. You did some serious bargain shopping! I love that you took a picture of the receipt. I do the same thing. I know that no one will believe it unless they see it and a girls got to be able to brag about deals like that.

  4. love your hair!!! so cute. I would totally tell my daughter the same lol, sometimes we can be so mean as parents right? hahaha but hey at least she thinks the bunnies stole it and not you all ;)

    have a fab weekend

  5. Totally agree about the shopping!! I love a good sale. And your hair looks great!!! Curly and straight...I love it both ways!! Have a great weekend!!

  6. I am totally impressed and inspired by your shopping!! Dang girl - those are some GOOD deals!

  7. You got some serious Gap bargains!! I think your hair looks super cute and I think you'll really like it after you get used to it and it grows out a little! I always like my hair better like two weeks after I change it! Happy Friday :)

  8. I love your haircut! It looks great!

  9. Men don't get that sales actually make you money LOL

  10. I don't know what you're talking about, your hair is super cute! And I am amazed at those bargains you picked up! Wow!

  11. I love your hair when it is straight. Great look on you and I know how it feels when you cut your hair short and can't style it like the stylist and then you hate it because it's so short. Been there. But it looks great on you. Good job Kaye! And I need to start shopping "smarter" at gap because those are screaming deals and I have twins to cloth.

  12. The jackrabbit/binkie story has me cracking up! Great job on the clothing steals.

  13. You hair looks SO cute! I love the cut, curled or straight! I had my hair cut in a similar asymmetrical bob before and think it just takes time to get used too! You'll love it in the fall too when you're wearing scarves etc. I don't know why I think that, but there is just something about a cute short cut that says FALL to me! :)

  14. LOVING the new hair!!!! So gorgeous x

  15. Love the straight look! Girl you have my number I'm a fan of GAP/BR/ON and work the sales the same way.

  16. I have a Gap card and I am obsessed for the very same reason. I used it at a BR factory store last week and got TRIPLE points! It is totally worth it as long as you are responsible! I recently used up some of my GapCash and also had a very successful, low cost order :) Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  17. 1. Your hair looks super cute. But I understand how traumatizing it can be to go short when you really don't want to.

    2. That video was HILARIOUS!

    3. I like the pacifier ploy. I swear Henry has been more attached to his pacifiers lately because he can sense I REALLY want to get rid of them. Little stinker.

  18. AnonymousJuly 17, 2015

    I've been following you for a while and your blog never fails to brighten my day. Oh my goodness - your cousin is HILARIOUS!!! Watched them all!! Love the new hair and your sweet (well-dressed!) girls are adorable.

  19. I need you go give me a lesson or two on sales because my goodness lady that shopping cart is too impressive!!

  20. Hi Karli, I'm new to your blog and linkup. Thanks for hosting, looks like so many great blogs to checkout! Also, those running pants are just the right amount of wild. Super cute. Looking forward to reading more from you and networking!

  21. WOW that receipt is amazing, what awesome deals! Your hair is adorable, but I totally get it, getting it cut short can be really scary!

  22. I recently just chopped all my hair off and it was a challenge at first but it's making me be more adventurous with styles. Use Pinterest for inspiration :) https://randitionsbyrandi.wordpress.com/

  23. Bargain buying is all I do. When my kids were little, they knew me in Kids R Us. Yay to your little one being fully potty trained and I love your new cut! I cropped mine off last summer and can't wait for it to grow back. I shaved one side and totally regret it . The cut was nice, but maintenance...not so much and now with it growing out, its in an awkward stage. Here's to new chops!

  24. I am loving your hair!

  25. I LOVE your new hair! I chopped mine just after my babe was born and seeing how cute yours is makes me want to do it again!

    Britanie @ http://mycircusandmymonkeys.blogspot.ca


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