July 31, 2015

oh hey, friday! | my kid screamed at me for an hour last night

oh hey, "it took me over an hour to get my eldest to bed." i heard the following things screamed into the monitor -

-you make kaye sad!
-I! WANT! CUDDLES!!!! (sob sob sob)
-i can't lay down. it's too hard!
-i don't like my pillow. i don't like my pillow. i don't like my pillow.

i'm convinced my kaye is the master of manipulation. she finally won and got my attention when she said, "kaye has to go pee pee."

i went downstairs, walked her to the bathroom, she did her business...and i wound up singing her songs. cuddling her. laying in bed with her. playing with her hair.

30 minutes after the pee break she notified me i could leave.

thanks, kaye.

this is the business i have to deal with if she naps. i do everything i can to keep her from napping during the day so bedtime is easier. we'll call it a #nappingfail today.

so thank god it's friday. fridays erase unfortunate happenings like botched bedtimes.

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M Y  F I V E

1 | birthday inspiration
i can't help it. i'm birthday party crazed when it comes to thinking about how to celebrate my two best gals...but more importantly...how i brought them into this world so they better appreciate it or else. know what i mean? 

anyway, i follow tomkat studio on instagram and she's always posting the most glorious inspiration. when i saw her strawberry party i couldn't help myself. i want to purchase all of it. 

2 | kaye's slumber party
my kaye! aside from her fit-throwing at bedtime...she's growing up so fast! she had her first slumber party last night with a fellow farm gal. this particular farm gal is seven...and the sweetest seven year old you'll ever meet. she definitely plays the role of big sister, but like a nice big sister. kaye looks up to her so so much and is what some may call obsessed. i'm working on teaching kaye how to stop creeping other kids out.

3 | 4 x feature sale
hey gals! i'm looking for three more lovelies to be featured in august's 4 x feature! interested? need an example? check out these write ups here and here

want to go for it? use the code 4FEATURE40 for 40% off!

4 | i have a problem...and it's called stressing about most everything. so much so that i stress other people out. 
well, my sister and her little family arrive tomorrow and then we're headed up to our favorite mountain town for the week. and people...it's a vacation, so...this my motto will be.

5 | creative market obsession

that's right. i'm coming to terms with it. i have a new obsession. does anyone else lose huge chunks of time popping around creative market? i can't help myself. i search one thing and that turns into another, into another, into another. it also makes me want to spend ungodly amounts of mula on fonts and the hottest new watercolor animal silhouettes and stock photos and and it's a problem.

if you haven't checked out creative market and you enjoy making your own graphics for your blog or 
this or that...head that way. it doesn't disappoint. 

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  1. That Kaye girl has such a hard life ;) It is crazy how kids already know how to manipulate so naturally sometimes!! Creative Market is the best, but also the worst - get get sucked in too!! Happy Friday!

  2. Laughing at Kaye's tactics :). Bless. Happy Vacation Friday! Sister time is the best time. Xx

  3. hahaha oh Kaye!!! Love the birthday inspiration! Happy weekend! xo

  4. Kaye's to cute!! LOL I had never heard of Creative Market! I have to check it out. Enjoy a fun, relaxing vacation!

  5. I love the birthday inspiration! Hope your vacation is wonderful and relaxing!

  6. The Birthday inspiration is gorgeous! We are starting to think of ideas for our 10 month old...way too soon to be one year-old little man. I'll have to check that out for some boy inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Haha, the stalling tactics are the best! My 18 month old just started trying to resist naps. Ahh, the circle of life ... what I wouldn't give for a nap these days!!!

  8. I loved having slumber parties as a kid!

  9. I'm refusing to go look at Creative Market right now due to the ungodly amounts of money I've spend at Nordstrom in the last two weeks. This sale NEEDS to end. I'll be making myself hold off on checking out CM until after our next credit card bill has been paid, lol.

    Loving that strawberry party inspiration. Too stinkin' cute.

  10. Oh, the yelling will just get better when she hits those lovely teenage years. Ugh.

    I love the strawberry themed birthday party. I wanna do that for myself! Ha, ha!

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  11. OH I wouldn't have made it past the "I want cuddles" cry. how sweet! I'm a sucker.

    trish - tales from trish

  12. Why do toddlers fight their sleep? Do they not realise that one day they are going to wish they could get all this sleep back? And we would be nicer mommas too... Loving the strawberry party and going to check out creative market right now! x

  13. I need to worry less. And live more. Period.

  14. Oh that Kaye. She's quite the master turtle!! I need to worry less and live more too... good advice I think we can all follow!!!

  15. You must go to bed a) exhausted and b) laughing because Miss Kaye is hilarious... And wild! I just love reading about her antics! And I am with ya mama on the stressing. I constantly remind myself...make like Elsa and LET IT GO!

  16. LOL I don't like my pillow! I'm pretty sure I used similar tactics to avoid bed when I was little! LOVE the birthday inspiration, so cute!


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