July 10, 2015

oh hey, friday! | ad sale + giveaway + awesomeness

hi lovelies. i just deleted my mostly written oh hey, friday post and it makes me want to puke.

i mean, seriously. ain't nobody got time to rewrite a blog post. seriously?

i'm so annoyed, but knowing that friday is upon us makes it a little more bearable. i don't even go to a  job and i still look forward to the weekend.

speaking of weekend...even though we're in the middle of wheat harvest, i'm going to try and steal my farmer away to boise for a little bit of fun. lord knows he deserves it.

but first...link up time.

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2 | link up your post at the bottom of this post.
3 | tell all your friends + have a fantastic friday.

1 | K I T T I E S

that's right, friends! we have our very first farm pets. we snagged ourselves two cute kittens to help get a handle on our mouse issues. don't get me started. #farmproblems

so we have two new kittens who kaye has named tinker bell and slappy. kaye looooves them, and i think they love her too...most of the time. they even love her first thing in the morning, sans pants.

if your children don't have a pet at this point...i strongly recommend. it's opened up all sorts of time for me. i can now go to the bathroom by myself. i can make breakfast without being interrupted 47 times. i can sit down without having kaye climb all over me. pets are where it's at.

you see, i was firmly against pets before. not that i dislike animals...but i do dislike their hair. a lot. as in, maybe it's my #1 pet peeve. hair on my furniture, clothing, up my nose...no thanks. also, my farmer is suuuuper allergic to animal dander, so these kitties are strictly outside kitties...problem solved.

ps. sawyer is enthralled as well.

2 | A D  S A L E . . . S A Y  W H A T ? !

i'm looking for gals looking to get in on a group giveaway for the end of july. my group giveaways typically get around 5000 entries and that's a whole-lotta new eyeballs looking at your blog!


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3 | F R I D G E

friends!! it finally happened for me. i got myself a new fridge and it is HUGE. it is huge and it doesn't have a water dispenser, which in my book, equals perfection.

the crazy part? i was absolutely shocked at how many things were shoved in our old fridge. i'm a clean // organized person, but if you were to see our fridge (that to normal eyes looked clean)...it was disgusting. i was shocked. people, don't be like me...don't neglect your fridge.

ps. when i finally get our kitchen put back together with a new light fixture and switch plate covers...i'll post pictures of our new fridge.

4 | W E E D S
meet your new favorite netflix show. if you haven't watched this series already...get with it. it's my latest treadmill obsession...i mean...i literally look forward to getting my boo-tay on the treadmill so i can watch another episode.

so, if you're not offended by drug use...or maybe you just don't mind watching shows about drugs...or maybe...maybe...maybe you're just looking for a hysterical, catch you off guard, drama-meets-funny...weeds is the new show for you. 

5 | O N E  Y E A R of O H  H E Y ,  F R I D A Y !
yes! it's been one full year of oh hey, friday! and amy and i couldn't be more thankful for everyone sticking with it and showing up each week. we LOVE it!

to show our love, we're hosting a little giveaway! get in on a chance to win one of four ad spaces we're offering! (two from amy, two from me = 4 winners!)

here we go!

link-up time is where it's at!


  1. we have 2 kitties and a puppy....we got out cats when our daughter was a little over one and it has helped teach her to be gentle

    happy one year on the link up!!!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Those pictures of Kaye with the kitties are THE BEST. They can get their break from Sawyer who is clearly the gentle sister... at least for now. ;) definitely going to check the ad space!

  3. Kaye is too cute with her kitties! I don't know what your original post was going to be, but I love the conversation you had with us about how you lost it. I've done that once before and I was horrified because I had just written the best post ever and then...bloop...it just disappeared. I was crushed. I rewrote something that was okay, but not as good as the original. Happy 1st Birthday or Blogiversary!!! I'm just getting to know your blog, but truly glad that I happened upon it this summer! :) ~Lowanda

  4. I'm pretty jealous of your new fridge - it looks like a beauty lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Hmmm, I never thought about pets being a good distraction for kids... I might have to change my "My future kids are never having pets" stance now!

  6. So jeal (if jeal is a thing?) of your new fridge. I need a new one - i.e. BIGGER one - bad. Like really bad. Like, things stacked upon things stacked upon things in my current fridge and freezer bad. And farm kitties? Perfection!:)

  7. She's adorable with those kittens! Unfortunately I have the opposite problem, both my cat and my child like to be with me at all times.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  8. Yay for kittens :) they are so cute! I just submitted my button for your sidebar (totally forgot about the sale haha) and am very excited for the July giveaway!!!!!

  9. I live in Eastern Washington, and we are starting harvest Monday. It is so early! Yay for a new fridge! Have a great weekend.

  10. YASSSSSS to kiddos and pets! We have two (small, kind and patient) dogs whom Henry chases around relentlessly. At the 5pm witching hour when I've maxed out on baby-time and the baby in my belly has sucked all my remaining energy, the dogs give me a 20 min break and play with Henry... Giving me 20 mins of rest on the couch where I wish I could pound a glass of wine. Yes to babysitting pets. Yes yes yes!

  11. First...ugh, I hate when posts go away, and you're almost done, arg! Oh my gosh those kittens, so cute! Never thought pets would help with getting some alone time...good thinking! Have a good weekend!

  12. Those kittens are absolutely precious!! I bet the girls just love them :) Hope you all have a great weekend!

  13. Ugh I've been there with the lost posts. Yay for Friday though! Happy 1 year on the link-up.

  14. Hey I've been retired 3 years and I still love Fridays. Love your pictures.

  15. Hey I've been retired 3 years and I still love Fridays. Love your pictures.

  16. Cute kitties! I watched Weeds while it was on and I loved the first few seasons, but I thought it went downhill from there. I still watched them all and they still had good parts, but I preferred the earlier seasons.

  17. Adorable kittens! Your girls look so cute holding them! You're right, everyone should grow up with pets. I read they teach us empathy! Also- I don't mean to butt in, but I wouldn't recommend keeping them outside. Maybe it's different on a farm, but I have a neighbor that keeps cats outside and they are constantly fighting with each other. It's horrible to listen to. They also left scratch marks on my new car. Based on this experience, I learned that cats that live outside most of the time are considered 'feral' and can pick up all kinds of diseases. Their personalities change when they have to survive on their own. As for allergies, I just take allegra. It's 24-hours and really works. Sorry if I'm being nosy, I just had to step up on that soap box!

    Have an awesome weekend!

    The Closet by Christie

  18. The fridge is almost impossible to stay on top of! I clean it out once a week and I'm still irritated by it. Congrats on your new one! Maybe a bigger one will feel better ?! Love Weeds, but stopped watching it sometime when she went to Mexico with her new husband. Was that season 3? Happy weekend!

  19. LOL... the fridge is big! This is week two since I married my handsome farmer and in two weeks I have introduced him to the wonders of cute home organizing options, baskets, took care of a cluttered kitchen AND the fridge is this weekend. I love him to the moon and back but I am afraid (very afraid) of what lurks inside the fridge... thankfully he is gone all weekend! ;-)

  20. Love the fridge!! i would have to have a water dispenser though! Thats my go to ! haha

  21. I'm new here and to your link up so I thought I should say HELLO!
    Your new fridge story cracked me up!! Nice to meet you!


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