June 23, 2015

S A W Y E R | baby food making p2

you bet. we're still on that bandwagon...although with the super crazy past couple of weeks we've had, i definitely relied on the store bought pouches, more so than i have been. the crazy couple of weeks carried over to my diet as well, or lack there of. after that half marathon i ran i gave myself a full FULL week off of limited workouts and indulged in ice cream a little lot more than i should have. 

i'm not worried about it. that ice cream was good. so were the cookies. and the popcorn. and the ice cream.

but back to sawyer and making sure that muffin continues to grow her thighs and cheeks and wrist rolls...and the thighs are worth an additional mention.

i've been adding in more delicious foods to my gal's diet and girlfriend has yet to meat a blend she doesn't like.

new foods she's enjoyed: shredded chicken, turkey burger, hamburger, carrots, corn, broccoli, greek yogurt...

but here are a few blends she's particularly a fan of...


  1. Sawyer is such a cutie!! I'm not a mom yet, but will definitely consider making baby food in the future! you make it seem like so much fun! :)

  2. AnonymousJune 23, 2015

    I love that you make your own baby food! Hamburger used to be my daughter's favorite, too!

  3. Okay, legit question. When you say "blend" are you pureeing all that stuff together? I ask because we've recently started solids with my 6-month old, but I'm so confused and overwhelmed at what to do! Any advice would be suuuuper appreciated. Haha

  4. I made a bunch of Ellie's food but I didn't venture into the blending...I get the blended pouches at the store but geeze they're expensive. I actually just dropped some cash on disposable make your own pouches on zulily....

    But here is my main question...where can I find whole fat yogurt?!!!!!


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