June 10, 2015

i'm too busy to blog + vacations are hard

pardon the blazing sun burning our retinas, but...

you guys. vacations are hard.

i've said it once, i'll say it again.

i need a vacation from my vacation. 

i mean...it takes as many days to get your life back in order.

sawyer's nights are all loco. for some reason, she's back to waking up three times a night? maybe it's teething?

i had to put kaye back in bed no fewer than 10 times last night. 10 times. this is a lot when it normally takes one time.

in addition, there's all the vacation laundry, the bathroom needs scrubbed, the house needs dusted (again), and i've only managed to unpack one bag in two days.

to top it off...i've had the energy levels of someone in their first trimester of pregnancy. (no, i'm definitely not pregnant.)

yesterday i fell asleep sitting up...and fell asleep again around 9 pm.

vacation...it's rough.

all this to say, i'm leaving, again, on sunday to see my sister in california.

we have about 47,000 baby goodies we need to get her way, so i'm packing the car and driving.

i can't say i'm not looking forward to a few books on CD and being left to my own thoughts for nine hours. but i'm so sad to be leaving my girls again so soon. oh yeah...and my farmer. i'm sad to leave him too, of course.

bah! and one more thought! to add to my exhaustion...my half marathon is THIS WEEKEND.

it's a relay style race in the big city of boise. one of my best gals is swimming 1.2 miles. she'll hand off to my farmer who will then bike 56 miles. and my farmer will hand off to me where i'll run 13.1 miles...with no music. that's right...no iPod's allowed. i'm already looking forward to beer and snacks at the end.

all this to say - i need to start thinking about father's day already. it's RIGHT around the corner and lord knows my farmer deserves to be celebrated.

happy hump day. i'll be napping.


  1. You look HOT girl! Great dress :) good luck in that (hellish sounding) relay!

  2. What? no music? That sounds pretty boring. Whats with that rule?! Good luck though! Have fun driving 9 hours, I mean it sounds like a nice little mini vacation almost. Other than the driving part.

  3. You are one busy mamma. Just take it one day at a time! Hoping you get some rest soon.


  4. That dress is awesome! For some reason I don't like running with music. I think it started out I didn't like holding anything in my hands or having something around my arm. Now it's weird to have music when I run. Plus it makes me track time, like this song is 4 minutes, so I have 3 more songs before this...and so on..makes time move slow! Busy girl, but fun stuff going on. Have fun with your sister!

  5. No music? Are the organizers of this race high?

  6. Great pic! Your week sounds exhausting! Good luck in the half.

  7. No iPod allowed?! GOOD BYE. I would nap too. Becauseeee how else are you going to want to stay awake in the blazing heat with no tunes? I say stupid! ROCK IT OUT!

  8. Oh man, no music for the race??? I would cry, I need my music! Hope you get some good rest!

  9. Oh man, I know what you mean about vacations, they are tough (but I'd happily take one anytime)!! What no music..?! Enjoy the quiet time, all to yourself. :)

  10. Goodness, lady, you've got quite the schedule. I hope that you are able to get all your stuff done & get some rest. Eeek!

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/


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