May 12, 2015

tone it up | four week update

here we are. four weeks in to the tone it up #bikniseries and things are looking bright...even after the binge-fest on supper yummy foods on mother's day.

here are some observations.

F I R S T | eating that much sugar you will surely surely feel like absolute garbage and your heart will race...this happened to me as i was trying to go to sleep. no more cinnamon rolls for dinner. (seriously...that's what i ate for dinner on mother's day - a homemade cinnamon roll.)

S E C O N D | i love dairy. dairy doesn't love me. i wouldn't go as far to say i'm lactose intolerant, but i can say that it makes me bloated and gives me a stomach ache. i just never realized this before because i've never cut dairy.

T H I R D | i hope i'm setting a good example for kaye.

F O U R T H | i've noticed a lot of "body-shaming" discussion on the internet lately about how we should love our bodies and embrace what we have after we have children. maybe i'm missing the message, but it's making me feel bad for wanting a hot bod. like...maybe i need to be less worried about enjoying the fit of my clothing and spend more time crawling around like a horse on the floor with kaye.

but then i quickly shake that bizz-nass off. i say to each their own. if you want to embrace your mom-pooch or the extra five pounds or the cellulite that crept up during month five of your second pregnancy, that's totally your prerogative. if you feel good, you feel good. end of story.

i don't feel good like that. i feel good when i can sit down and not have to pull my jeans up over my bellybutton so my stomach doesn't pooch out. i feel good when i can stand in my closet and wear whatever i want and not have to think i'm having a fat-day...have to wear those jeans. i feel good when i have energy.

F I F T H | my energy levels continue to be awesome. i really had no idea how low they were until i started eating lean, clean, and green. it's all about fueling your body.

S I X T H | i haven't stepped foot in a gym. all my workouts have been at home with hand weights, a kettlebell, and running.

now...the stats.

i got some questions regarding the results and i thought it would be good to let you know that i've extremely average in height. so to give you a better idea, i'm 5' 5" and my starting weight was 135 pounds.


MID-SECTION | 32 inches

HIPS | 36.5 inches

ARMS | 10.5 inches

THIGHS | 22 inches

WEIGHT | 135 pounds
RESTING HEART RATE | 60 beats p/minute

MID-SECTION | 29.5 inches - 2.5 inch loss

HIPS | 35.5 inches - 1 inch loss

ARMS | 10 inches - 1/4 inch loss

THIGHS | 21 inches - 1 inch loss

WEIGHT | 128 pounds

here is what i looked like before the challenge began.

and again after two weeks...
and now after four weeks...
what i'm noticing - 
  • more definition in my obliques.
  • slight booty lift? wishful thinking.
  • more waist definition from the back shot.
now the starting week and fifth week together...
i still have some serious work to do, but these subtle changes from week to week will add up!

there are four more weeks of the challenge and i'm really hoping i can get my act together and cut the cravings for snacking after dinner.

does anybody have a tip for this? what are your tricks?

does anybody have any questions about the program? (i've been getting a few here and there and plan on doing a full post to address your questions!)

have a great tuesday!


  1. You look great! Isn't it nice to set a goal and see the results! I'm doing similar things too. After 3 kids, my midsection is a constant battle.

  2. Not sure if this fits in with the plan or your personal tastes but when I need to reign in the evening snacking I replace the snack with flavour infused water. Cucumber & Lime is my favourite but there are loads of 'recipes' on Pinterest. I find that sipping on flavoured water in the evening gives me the taste satisfaction I want without eating a bunch of stuff.

  3. WOW great job, you can definitely see the results of your hard work!

  4. Oh momma - I am in awe of your motivation and discipline! I can't shake these last few kgs and I just can't get going... x

  5. Holy mack you are looking kick ass!!! You keeping working for that hot bod you want! I have seen a lot of those articles you're talking about, at first they make me feel ashamed that I push so hard to get the body I want, but than I remember I am allowed to strive for greatness.

  6. Looking amazing! Wishing I had more discipline. I did the 24 advocare challenge and wish I would have kept up with the heathy eating from that challenge. I just love food too much!

    The Mrs. & Co.

  7. My after-dinner snacking rule is that I only have a small amount. Like if I want Oreo's, I take 3 out of the box, put them in a little bowl, and that's all I get. I don't get to go back to the pantry.

    The other hint someone told me once was to brush your teeth earlier. Cause you can't eat after you brush your teeth, right? (in theory)

    And I agree with you that there is a difference between body-shaming and wanting to look hot. I've accepted my stretch marks. But I don't need to accept not being healthy. And it sounds like your body is just responding to being healthier. Which is awesome. You look amazing!

  8. So I wouldn't say I have a lactose intolerance either, but since switching to almond milk, I've noticed a big change in digestion/bloating. I'm a big cereal person, so cutting out the milk in my first meal of the day everyday has made a noticeable difference. I still eat cheese and have ice cream once in awhile so I'm not totally off dairy but there's still been a big change. I need to do what you're doing to get my pre baby body back. You look great!

  9. You go girl!!! Do what YOU feel is good!

  10. yay for feeling good and doing something for you! You need something to make you feel good, instead of a maid/cook/cleaner :) Thanks for the updates and can't wait to hear about the whole program.

  11. Great job mama! I can also tell that your posture is improving as well!!

  12. Awesome progress! What are the meal plans like?

  13. Looking good momma! If I am dying for a snack but trying to cut the sugar I usually mix some berries, almonds and cocconut together....or if it's that time of the month and chocolate is a must I will also add a few nestle morsels in the mix. I missed cereal so much and so I also use to make a bowl of berries with some pecans or walnuts and then pour almond milk on top..instant "cereal" without the grain.

  14. You look great! I think do whatever makes you feel happy and good about yourself... And you should feel great about your progress!

  15. So... one thing that has helped me cut cravings and eating crap is more protein rich meals... and eating slower. seriously. I can tell a noticable difference in my snacking depending on the content of my meals... sooooo protein has worked for me.

  16. You look awesome! I think you looked great before, too! I need to start eating better...I, too, am a eat-sugar-before-going-to-bed type of person... Keep up the good work!

  17. You're doing AMAZING! I also read all that crap about "embrace your post-baby body" and "focus on the baby and not your belly" and all that other garbage. You know what? No. I wanted to feel good and look good and fit in my clothes. So I started working out 4 days after my c section (we're talking slow walks... But I was running 3 weeks postpartum). I even read some shaming comments on my workout posts from women telling me I should be focused on baby and breastfeeding. I'm not sure if they were envious or what, and I don't care. That's their own issue to work through. All I know is that by 6 months I was back into my old jeans and I felt great. So good for you for taking some time for yourself and making YOU happy! Get it girl.

  18. Girl, you look great! Share your ways of being disciplined... also we had pancakes for mothers day dinner. One day a year, right? Ha!


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