May 22, 2015

oh hey, friday! | backsplash, baby food, birthday party

yappy friday. yes. i meant yappy. i always say it that way in my head when i write happy anything. it just sounds funnier.'s been a bear of a week. and i mean a bear.

kaye has been sick since sunday...and is finally on the mend. but wouldn't you know it - her little sister is now on day three of being sick, and i'm so over it. my farmer says i have incredible bedside the most sarcastic tone ever.

but hey, it's we have that going for us.

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M Y  F I V E

1 | our kitchen update.
my farmer totally killed it and busted out tiling our backsplash. this was quite the task because i wouldn't say our kitchen is small. there was a lot of surface area to cover. but it's finished, and i love it, and i think he loves we're in business. 
now i just need to decide on some new pendant lights for over the island. i'm leaning this way...
2 | rent the runway.
uhhh...i chickened out. every dress i wanted was unavailable in my "backup" that solved that dilemma. i ended up ordering the below dress from banana republic. i get free hemming, so i'm going to take it in and have it done inappropriately short...because that's how i roll. 

3 |  killin' it in the kitchen.
pardon the blur
toot that horn! i'm bringing the heat in the kitchen. not only have i been cooking suuuuuuper lean // clean // green, but i also got a wild hair and bought a baby bullet for my gal sawyer. i've decided to start making her some of her food. i never had this issue with kaye. girlfriend had a full set of teeth by six months, practically. but my sawyer-muff...she needs a little help. 

the first experiment was zucchini and sweet potato. we were having them roasted for dinner, so i boiled up a portion, threw it in the baby bullet...boom. sawyer loved it! 

i have big plans to continue this strategy of just blending up whatever we are having for dinner and giving it to sawyer...i know rocket science. 

4 | sisters.
it warms my heart when sawyer tackles kaye. she's really starting to hold her own around the farm. 

5 | birthday party!

so...amy's sweet muffin-boy is turning TWO tomorrow! i can't even believe it...i'm sure she can't either. anyway...amy plans the very best parties, so to say i'm a little excited is quite accurate. plus kaye and i have been practicing singing happy birthday. 
anyway...amy let me whip up a little birthday banner for him, and i just loved the way it turned out. the party is farm-themed, of course, so the color scheme and saying are on point...
so while we're getting our plow on...

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  1. Your kitchen looks fabulous!

  2. I love the dress! It's classic and understated. Perfect for a wedding.

  3. Your kitchen looks great! Loving that pendant light too. The baby bullet can be such a life saver, blend away :)
    Winks and Eyerolls

  4. Love the kitchen and that photo of the girls is so sweet!

  5. Your kitchen looks great! I love the dress you ordered. It will be very flattering!

  6. Love the backsplash. Farmer has done a great job. I've been debating making Emmy's babyhood. I feel like it might be worth it. Let me know how the zucchini one is.

  7. Backsplash looks awesome!! Well done Farmer!! Hope the babes are feeling better ASAP... You are going to KILL that dress. I'm just saying...

  8. The backsplash looks amazing, friend! LOVE it! And the pendant lights would be a great addition! I am way too scared to do that Rent the Runway stuff, so don't feel bad about chickening out:) Happy Friday!

  9. Oh man that backsplash is gorgeous! And Yes - GET THAT PENDANT LIGHT - It is so perfect!

  10. Your kitchen & backsplash look AMAZING! And order that light now, it's perfect! Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  11. The kitchen looks great!! We recently updated ours and did a beadboard backsplash and some industry looking pendants like what you have- except black. Love em! And way way easier to change out than I ever would have expected.

    Happy Friday! :)

  12. Your kitchen - WOW!! Gorgeous! Happy Friday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. Backsplash looks amazing!! And that look on Kaye's face in the baby food pic...too funny

  14. The kitchen looks great! Love it.

  15. love the finished backsplash! and we've started baby led weaning with Nora. I had a baby bullet with Elyse and loved it, but I went even easier with Nora this time. So far BLW is working amazing for us!

  16. I made a huge portion of Ellie's baby food, but I like your style of just blending up whatever we're having for dinner. I will have to remember that after we adopt #2!!

  17. Sisters getting old enough to really play! That's the best.

  18. Your kitchen backsplash turned out great! Way to go to your farmer because our kitchen is SUPER small and tiling seems sooo intimidating to me! Love that pendant light too!

  19. The backsplash in the kitchen turned out great and I love that pendent light you have pictured! Your gals are too cute :D I wanted to make my son's baby food, but I never got around to it. That is awesome that Sawyer loves it! Happy belated birthday to Amy's little guy!


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