April 17, 2015

oh hey, friday! | changes i've made to get fit

here's the thing. i'm hungry. the wind has been blowing nonstop here at 30+ miles p/hour for three straight days. i'm hungry. and i miss ice cream. i miss ice cream a whole whole lot.

but here i am on thursday night...showing up for oh hey, friday because i love you all so so much and it's going to help me forget that i can't eat 45 animal crackers dipped in frosting tonight.

allow me to put my bad attitude away...here's what you gotta do -

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M Y  F I V E | T H I N G S  I ' V E  C H A N G E D

1 | snacking
i snack so much more. i used to really just eat a small breakfast, a medium lunch and dinner, and then a giant bowl of ice cream around 8:30 pm. i was living the life. 
now i have to distribute my calorie intake throughout the day much more evenly and they have to be good calories. (which means not fun calories.) think - hard boiled eggs, carrot sticks, hummus, almond butter on celery. 
what i'm saying is...i feel like i'm eating all the time, but not food i want to eat. lame.

2 | workouts
yay! i loooove the workouts. i went ahead and purchased the beach babe II + III dvd's. i justified this because i haven't had a gym membership in nearly five years. done and done. 
the workouts are just awesome and they hurt so good. it's really the first time i've enjoyed doing any sort of workout other than running. 

3 | meal planning
i still have to get it together in this arena. if it were just me i'd eat chicken breast on spinach for eight weeks. i really really would. i'm methodical like that. but i have to think of my farmer and best gal and my limited cooking experience. top that off with trying to keep cheese out of our dinner recipe...it's tough.
so far i've made - 
  • shredded chicken crockpot fajitas (this shredded chicken tastes delicious on a bed of spinach.)
  • turkey burgers (i skipped the bun). i chopped up spinach, threw feta crumbles and the spinach with the turkey burger. mixed that all together and threw it on the grill. it was a hit, especially with kaye.
  • quinoa burrito bowls - absolutely delicious. i'll be making this once a week for sure.
4 | time
it's been a little bit tricky to find the time to get my workouts in...but i'm managing. i just absolutely have to continue to make it a priority. what makes this even more complicated is i'm also training for a half marathon, so finding time to run, in addition, makes it a little tougher as well. 

but i have some good news. to celebrate making it through my first week (seven to go!)...i'm offering a discount on all my ad spaces! how does 30% off sound? i like it. enter the word BIKINI for your discount!

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  1. The Graze Box is a great way to get healthy snacks. You can get them weekly or biweekly or monthly, etc. They're all "nutritionist approved" and really delicious. I did a review of them here: http://apaperarrow.blogspot.com/2015/03/graze-better-way-to-snack-plus-coupon.html

    As for meal planning, I make a really delicious fried brown rice with chicken. Basically you just need brown rice, chicken, frozen veggies, eggs and low sodium soy sauce. There's more veggies than anything else so it's so much food for so little calories and it tastes amazing.

    Good luck with your fitness journey!

  2. Oooh yum, everything you've been eating sounds amazing!! I love chicken in the cockpot and I've been eating spinach NON-STOP lately! Thanks so much for hosting the link up and have a great weekend!

  3. Time is my biggest hurdle when it comes to working out right now. With 4 kids, there just isn't much time left over!!! It sounds like you're making some great changes, though!

  4. You got this sister!! One week down! GO YOU!!

  5. Girl, I can agree with all these things. My workouts change each day. I make sure I do the Beachbody slim in 6 ab workout everyday (its only 12 minutes) and already 1 week in I'm seeing major results on my gut. I also make sure to do resistance band for my arms/back - however, my cardio is a struggle as its the longest portion and with a 4 month old that's awake all day long it can be quite tricky to convince her momma needs an hour with no play time. Good luck girl, I'm sure you will see awesome results.

  6. Dang....you go gurl! I need to get back on the wagon - all this traveling and nonsense is cutting into my time to work on my fitness. I love the TIU beach babes DVDs - I have one and two...both are great. I love being able to sneak in a quick workout whenever the time presents itself, plus the fact that there are a couple different ones on the DVDs help me become bored waaaay less easily. =)

  7. Meal planning is tough! I just posted recipes I used over my 24 day advocare challenge! You should go check them out. I'm a pretty picky eater, but I found some that I loved!

    The Mrs. & Co.


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