April 09, 2015

nikon 1 j1 for sale | any takers?

hi friends. in all my spring cleaning splendor i remembered that i have the cutest, little nikon 1 tucked away in a drawer. i think i literally used it about...five times. don't tell my farmer.

i originally purchased it from costco for $700. i really liked it, but then amy encouraged me to try out her canon, and after that i just had to get one of those...which is why the nikon 1 has been sitting in the drawer.

here are the specs i found on the nikon website -  N I K O N  J1

i'm going to ask $225 flat...i'll pay for shipping!

includes -
  • nikon 1 j1
  • two lenses
  • carrying case
  • rechargeable battery
  • battery wall charger
shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions or you're interested!

and should you need further enticement...check out my best gal getting her photographing on.

can we talk about her bed-head? oh lord. her hair is enviable.


  1. Does the little miss come with it?! lol she is so cute!!!!

  2. She is adorable. It will be fun when she can look back at her early modeling days ;)

  3. Ah!! I have been wanting one of these! I wish I had the room in our budget. Hope you find a buyer!

  4. Oh goodness she is a cutie! you're going to have your hands full when she gets older! :)

  5. oh how cute is that little photographer in training!?

  6. Are you still selling it? I'm definitely, most definitely, interested!


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