April 20, 2015

how to win $125...i'm gonna tell ya

wouldn't it be amazing if my blog was big enough that i had companies pounding down my proverbial blog doors saying, "hey...we like you. here's our product to just giveaway to one of your readers." i'd be like...you bet, buddy. i'm your gal.

weeeeellll...no such luck.

instead...i get together each month with some super radical ladies to bring to you a cash giveaway. so far i've heard exactly zero complaints about this reoccurring giveaway, so i'm going to assume that we all enjoy throwing our hat into the ring in hopes of putting a little extra green in our clutches, wallets, diaper bags, etc. 

which brings me to...you guessed it, the giveaway this month. 

look at all those smiling faces! don't you love them? i thought so. 

now go have a look at their blogs following the links below, and get entered to win your M U L A!

oh! are you thinking you might want to get in on some group giveaway action as well? or maybe you're just looking for your next super-fab blog to sponsor? i'm offering a discount on all my ad spaces! how does 30% off sound? i like it. enter the word BIKINI for your discount!

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  1. Thanks for the chance and happy Monday!


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