April 13, 2015

green thumb | establishing our garden...i got a blister.

a long long time ago (five years ago) when i married my farmer and moved to the farm i had dreams of building a garden. i mean, we live on a farm. i have to have a garden, right?

well...first of all we lived in a single wide trailer that wasn't ours...no garden there.

then after we built our house i was already knocked up, so we were very busy finishing the house (which still isn't finished) which of course meant...no garden.

then spring rolled around and i had a six month old crazy infant on my hands...still no garden.

fast forward to the following spring, and wouldn't you know it...i was pregnant with sawyer. so naturally, no garden.

but this year - it's the year of the garden.

it all had to start with picking the perfect spot for my garden. this is no small task when the possibilities are immense. slightly overwhelming. we ended up picking a space close to the water source, because we're smart like that.

step one was excavating the space. luckily, what with living on a farm and all, we have proper equipment to make ease of the work...which basically means i didn't have to lift a finger.
at the same time we picked a permanent spot for our trampoline! we decided to dig it in because the insane wind storms we get out here on the farm have nearly torn it to pieces. we have literally, more than once, watched it get blown 300 yards from our backyard.

needless to say, kaye full approves. she can jump on and off at her leisure, and i don't have to worry about any accidents.

we'll need to sod around it to make it look pretty, but it's definitely getting the job done for now.

bonus - it's right by the garden.

so step one was excavating a space out of our side hill, below our backyard, and leveling a flat space.

then we went and loaded up some old railroad ties my farmer just happened to have laying around at his shop. my idea was to use the railroad ties to border the garden, but my farmer thought they would look neat as a retaining wall. he was right. they look great. 
the garden is going to look particularly awesome when we build the fence around it. we have to do this because we have a bit of a deer problem. as in...during one of my many nights awake with sawyer i just happened to look out the window and see at least 30 deer in our front yard. they chew the bark off our trees. we loath the deer.

so we'll be building a cute little fence...and by little i mean sturdy and tall enough to keep out those damn deer.  maybe something like this?
we finished our day working on the garden with me picking rock out of the bed and raking it smooth to ready it for geo-tech. (geo-tech? apparently it's supposed to keep the weeds at bay.)

we also picked and raked the path leading from our backyard down to the garden.
of course i went to pinterest for some garden path inspiration. here's where i landed. both seem pretty simple and mildly inexpensive. i can get on board with that. 
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high hopes, people. high hopes. we may just be enjoying fresh zucchini, broccolini, tomatoes, peppers...and maybe even a few strawberries. and let's not forget rosemary, basil, and cilantro. yum.

building a garden is not for the faint of heart. chainsaws, pickaxes, and thumb blisters required. (that's right...i got a blister.)


  1. I love that you put your trampoline in the ground. So much safer!

  2. An herb garden has been on my to-do list for years..so jealous you have so much beautiful land to work with. The garden path is beautiful!

  3. We have an in ground trampoline at camp and it's the best thing ever! So much safer and the best part (for our purposes) is it's accessible for so many of our campers who use wheelchairs! I love the garden, gardening is definitely on my 'dream home' check list!

  4. I can sympathize with your thumb blister as I have one as well. We're landscaping our backyard and it is not for the faint of heart! But it'll be so worth it. Our garden is more 'urban garden', lol. I'm loving that path and fence! Can't wait to see when it's all done!

  5. My mother could make a silk plant grow!! So I am really hoping that green thumbs are genetic haha! We just moved into our first house (me from a townhouse, the mister from a carriage house) so we are excited to find out if we can make things grow! I potted some pansies earlier this year and they are still kicking, now I've just got to decide what to plant around the house! And I've got to find something to keep the deer away too! I can't wait to see how your garden progresses!

  6. That is going to look great! I cannot wait to see the progress you guys make on it. Also, I love the in ground trampoline idea. So much safer. Plus, I love the lil tepee next to it! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  7. I've been gardening for the past 6 years on our farm and I love it. So glad you're finally taking the leap!

  8. The trampoline looks amazing!! I wish I had that dang set up. I love the garden inspiration with the fence...so perfect!

  9. I've totally thought about doing my trampoline in a similar way. It's so much safer. I've just never gotten around to it. Your garden looks adorable! Making me wish I could get out and start planting mine.

  10. man..being preggers really just SUCKS the green right out of a thumb. That's what's happened to me twice also! Good luck sister soldier...I'm still struggling with my cattle farmer to get over here with the skidsteer to till mine up... GO your farmer! :)

  11. So fun...I have always wanted a garden. And wind or not...burying the trampoline is the best idea!

  12. OMGGGGGG!!! I'm dyinggggg over the dug in trampoline!!!! But the Teepee too?! CAN I COME HANGGGGG!!!

  13. I'm glad you found our fenced vegetable garden inspirational - fun surprise to see it here.

  14. That buried trampoline looks great! Trampolines scar me because they're so high and kids can easily get hurt, but something buried like that looks MUCH safer!


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