March 23, 2015

farm food | baked mini-donuts

monday! yay! yay.

we have a few exciting things going on on the farm.

1 | i made mini donuts this weekend.
2 | we have a princess playdate with our favorite, claire, today.
3 | amy had the best idea to have an idaho blogger luncheon get-together!
4 | we've taken away kaye's daily nap. yikes.

more on the nap front -

kaye has been having the most difficult time falling asleep at night...especially with the time change. we were starting the calm-down process at 7:30 pm. then we would head to bed at 8 pm. then either farmer or i wouldn't be able to leave her room until close to 9 pm. kaye just wanted to yap and hug and play and read. as much as i love doing that...i love doing it a lot more during the day. not during my precious night time / kid-free hours. so...after we leave her room at 9 pm she proceeds to lay there, adjust her pillows, and hug her blankie for another hour! that's crazy. i'm not all about watching my sweet turtle lay in bed alone for an hour. poor gal.

so that nap has been taken away. as much as i love that three hour nap-block from 1 - 4's going to be so much better for kaye to have some seriously restful hours at night.

so for the past two nights turtle has been in bed before 7:30 pm and has slept in until nearly 8 am. (and so has sawyer!) that means for two nights we've had both girls on the same sleeping schedule and if it continues...i do believe we'll enjoy our new arrangement.

next up...
Y A Y ! amy had the very best idea. an idaho blogger get together!

so, should you be interested, just shoot me an e-mail and we'll get you on the list! once we have the details put together we'll be in touch with all the info!

lastly...and probably most importantly...kaye and i made these mini donuts this weekend. as much as i wish they were fried, these are baked. lame. but they get the job done. plus they are cute. plus they are dipped in butter. complaints.

you can find the recipe here. it's suuuuper easy and fast. also...i use this silicone baking pan. don't forget to spray it with non-stick or you're in for a world of hurt.


  1. Amazing that she would just lay in bed for an hour without getting up or crying! We have gotten into a terrible routine where I have to lay with Cooper until he falls asleep, which is normally very quickly, but not good because he cries if I lay him down, read books, and then leave the room!

  2. I want all the donuts. Yum! Wishing I was in Idaho to join in on the blogger luncheon. So fun! And totally dreading the day in which Caleb no longer naps. Oh the horror:(

  3. Have you tried just cutting naptime back by an hour or two? Our 2.5 year old did the same thing laying in bed and playing for two hours at night, until we started only letting her sleep 1.5 hours during the day. If she doesn't nap yeah, she'll be asleep by 730, but she's a crackpot from 330 til bedtime. Shorten the nap and she'll be crabby for 15 min after nap when she still wants to be sleeping, but then will be happy until 8 pm bedtime and go to sleep after just 15-20 min of playing w her stuffed animals and blankets. Just an idea so you can still have your mid afternoon naptime break! (Or just institute quiet time instead of real naptime)

  4. these look delicious! and those straws are my all time favs- i bought them for my sister's bridal shower and adore them!

  5. those tiny donuts, I need them right now in my belly.

  6. Aww, those donuts are so cute and because they are so small they have no calories, right?? ;)

  7. Yea, you can totally ship some of those delish looking donuts my way, please. :)

    Mandie ~

  8. oh man, you are so much braver than we are! Elyse still has a 2.5-3 hour nap, but she goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up between 6:30-7. I don't see her getting rid of that nap anytime soon!


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