March 26, 2015

easter basket goodies + ideas ideas ideas!

so...last year i bombed easter. i totally spaced the holiday when i booked my ticket to california to see my sister. 

luckily kelli picked up my slack and had a basket all ready and beautiful for kaye upon our arrival. 

this year...i'm not bombing easter. i'm bringing the heat...and as one would assume, buying for two little gals is WAY more fun.

a few weeks ago i ordered matching baskets for the girls from pottery barn kids with their names monogrammed on the front. 
then amazon and zappos happened...well...things got crazy. i started thinking of all these goodies i could pack into their baskets!

sawyer needs her own little towel for boating this summer. 

if she's like kaye, she'll also be walking this a pair of crocs are in order. 

sawyer will also be starting real food next month, so she's going to need her own little water bottle. 

see...all needs, not wants. right?

for kaye...well, let's say my farmer was less than pleased when he saw her pink hunters arrive. he thinks i'm ridiculous. i tried to explain to him that we get to divide the cost in half because two girls will be wearing really they weren't that expensive. totally logical. he didn't agree. regardless, i'm super excited to see kaye in them. i know she's going to LOVE them. 
here are a few of the goodies i've packed into the gals' baskets this a few more ideas!
monogrammed beach towel | sawyer crocs | kaye crocs
hunter rain boots | easter basket | water bottle
M O R E  E A S T E R  G O O D I E S

please give me all the power to not purchase any more goodies for their baskets.

also, please give me the power to win the lottery. amen.


  1. Love the Easter baskets! They are super cute. You will totally get your money's worth on the Hunter boots. :)

  2. haha you're SO me. i use holidays to buy my kids things they "need" but then go way overboard by getting them the most awesome and expensive version of that item because "it's easter!"

  3. so cute!! the baskets are PRECIOUS - you rocked their baskets!! ♥

  4. If I get you that lottery power send it right back to me. It must be some how related to the giving because I haven't had any luck on myself!

  5. Ohh these are so cute! Love the little hunters!

  6. Um... I seriously considering buying Henry some Keen's for summer again. He had a pair last summer and they worked perfectly. They are also, shall we say, not cheap. So I'm on your side when it comes to the Hunter boots. :)

  7. We have those easter baskets from Pottery Barn too, different liner, but I love them! Mr. didn't want me to fill them up too much, so just some candy and books this year. Although I might sneak in a new outfit too :)

    1. and, yes they did NEED all that stuff, especially those super cute Hunters! Agree, saving money so both girls can use them, hehe. #girllogic

  8. I keep picking up things here and there for Caleb's basket too. But I keep finding deals, and I am not one to turn down a good deal:) I even thought about doing one for Vivian - but she won't be here yet, so that really makes no sense at all. And has kept me from ordering all the things from Pottery Barn Kids, lol!:)

  9. OH MY GOD THOSE TINY PINK RAIN BOOTS. I would have bought them too. 100%

  10. oh my gosh the girls baskets are so cute!!! Especially the pink rain boots. Girl after my own heart- I totally would've bought them :)

  11. I LOVE those hunter boots! So so cute! We bought my son a camelbak for his Easter basket as well. I love them!

  12. I got Cooper Hunter boots for Christmas and they are his most used gift! Wears them nearly every day!! Money very well spent.

  13. I got Elyse those boots for her birthday and she loves them! We also bought glitter sidewalk chalk for Elyse for her basket...she's gonna be in love!

  14. Oh those hunter boots are precious!!! and don't feel bad, I go to extreme with Easter baskets. It's so hard not to overload them with all that cuteness!


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