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March 05, 2015

a princess lives with us. jealous?

we are in full-blown princess mode out here on the farm...and i'm here to tell you, you can't teach this stuff.

it's something just...there. built into their personality.

we noticed it a few months ago when kaye became particularly possessive over a princess crown at a friend's house.

then there were the high heels she stole from another friend. (seriously...the heels were given from the nicest girl who kaye is obsessed with. kaye has since broken the high heels from wear and we should probably buy that sweet girl a new pair.)

it grew when kaye discovered dress up clothes.

it hit epic proportions when farmer's mom got kaye her very first princess dress and headband/tiara.

what i'm saying is...a princess lives at our house and i don't see her leaving anytime soon.

kaye certainly didn't get her pension for fancy clothes from me. i rock yoga pants every day. literally.

i can't say i dislike all the pink fluffiness going on over here though. it certainly brings a level of glamour to the farm with all the tractors and dirt.

plus, watching kaye run to the mirror and spin for a straight ten minutes is hysterical. she's absolutely obsessed with the way she looks in these dresses. #vain (she might get that mirror obsession from me.)

and i can't say i didn't have a perma-smile on my face when we had a princess play-date with my friend cathie and her daughter claire. claire was so sweet to give kaye THREE new princess dresses.

best. day. ever.

if it's not clear in the video below, we were required to announce the princesses. they would run in individually, and then yell, "AGAIN! AGAIN!" this continued for well over thirty minutes.

the practice of being announced when princess kaye enters a room has continued on the farm. she let's us know by starting the sentence by loudly stating, "NOW..." and we are to continue the sentence with, "...announcing princess kaye!" we follow this with lots of clapping and ooo's and ahhhh's.

i love it.

what i'm saying is this - if you're not jealous that there isn't a princess living at your should be. it makes everything a little more regal.
17 comments on "a princess lives with us. jealous?"
  1. Oh I love this! I think Hallie is right behind her! If I put beads on her she just LOVES it and cries when I take them off!

  2. So cute! Whenever I read any of those rants about how we shouldn't be forcing princess stuff on girls I can't help by roll my eyes. I've been around a lot of little girls and there's just something that's build into (most) girls' personalities.

  3. Oh this is so sweet :) My little cousin is always running around in dress up clothes and it is so adorable.

  4. Oh my word. This is just too adorable. Princess Kaye is rocking her dresses!

  5. That is so precious!

  6. This is just too adorable for words!! I love it! I've already started building a dress-up wardrobe for Mim with lots of princessy outfits, tutus and tiaras! I can't wait for this age! I guess I need to add high heels to the mix! :) She is adorable.

  7. I love sweet!

  8. Right? They just pick that stuff up from the littlest things!! Aria just started getting into princesses. I showed her a dress so I could take her month-day picture and she immediately said princess dress and started stripping. I think I'd better not show her this video or that'll be next =)

  9. That last picture? LOVE! She looks just like her daddy there (albeit a girl version, of course). And loving that you have got a princess living with you on the farm. I am so looking forward to - hopefully - having princess days in my house one day. Although, with a big brother around, Vivian might be more likely to want to play with cars and trucks like Caleb, lol!

  10. Ok, I am LOVING this! I grew up on a horse farm. I was a TOTAL princess. My mom didn't know what to do with me (she was the farmer of my parents and had only ever worn nail polish once... for her wedding). I didn't wear pants until I was 6 because "pants were not pretty." There are so many pictures of me in princess outfits riding the tractor with my dad, riding my pony, holding chickens, etc. Kaye is my girl!

  11. Oh my gosh, that video is adorable. Every household has to have a princess & it seems that you have yours in full force. :)

    Mandie ~

  12. I am cracking up and can totally see Ellie doing this in the near future! So fun

  13. Your daughter is the cutest! She's a perfect little princess! I bet you get more than a few good laughs from all of this!

  14. Love this. Again! Again! I have a feeling that will be my little girl when shes Kayes age. So adorbs!

  15. This is do cute! I remember when Sydney discovered dress up clothes! She now has a huge overflowing bag of them and is still obsessed at the age of five and a half!

  16. Ok I NEED a princess Kaye in my life! I love divas and that video with them requiring you to announce their arrival? Love it. And I would've guessed she got the twirling in the mirror from you even if you didn't tell us =) #shegetsitfromhermama

  17. well. There was that one time you were in a pageant. ;)


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