March 17, 2015

a pint + a pair...of running shoes

so...these arrived to my front door yesterday. i'm beyond in love. i can't wait to try them out during nap time. which brings me to today's post -

a few days ago my farmer and i were driving and got into a heated discussion (as we often do) about what i thought was a brilliant business idea...and he disagreed. of course.

(i think my farmer thinks that unless you're buying more's a bad idea.)

let's B A C K T R A C K a few weeks...

i was reading my very most favorite magazine, runner's world, and happened upon an article about an awesome running shoe store opening in colorado.

the basic idea behind it was to go running shoe shopping and then snag yourself a beer during the process.

i, for one, would shop there exclusively. shopping + beer? count me in!
this shoe store, called SHOES & BREWS, has a mullet motto - business in front, party in the back.

don't you love the idea even more now?

my farmer asked, "so then why wouldn't these people just go to a bar to get beer?" #shortsighted

i tried to explain the concept is all about connecting with people with similar interests. it makes total sense. chat about races. chat about training strategy. chat about running gear. chat about running loops - all with a pint in hand. i love the idea more and more the more i type about it.

so what do you think about the whole idea? i'm ready to start a business venture in boise. i think it's the perfect community for a business like this. i'm just one clever name away from filing the paperwork and looking for downtown real estate.

if you would like to read all about SHOES & BREWS head to the article found HERE.


  1. 1) I can completely relate to frequent heated discussions. I think it's my and my husbands love language. And 2) I love this idea! Plus getting into a new hobby can be so intimidating. When I first picked up running I was so intimidated and felt like it was a club I didn't know how to get access to. But picking up a drink and running shorts at the same time?! How relaxed, and what a great way to get started!

  2. How funny! Thats a really unique idea. Love the shoes

  3. Love it. Races ALWAYS have beer gardens after words, these days! We even have a local running group that starts and ends at a local brewery. And another running group that coined their own brew at another local brewery. That place would be a hit in Sacramento! Love the idea, even though I don't like beer. What about Shoes & Brews (and wine)! haha! Your farmer is so wrong ;) xoxo, ganeeban

  4. This is such a good idea, especially in the Boise area! A lot of the races around here (Dirty Dash and Robie Creek for sure) include beer, so why not at the shoe shop!? You could team up with a local craft brewer too - it's a match made in heaven!

  5. I mean, that makes sense to me! It's like clothing boutiques that offer booze while you shop: if you like to shop, you get rewarded with a drink and you might make a few friends along the way!

  6. You know what I say? WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT? Seriously you shop more when you drink and how many people are running these days in those insane 5Ks that offer booze at the end. I love when people get creative and try to offer to a different niche. And you know what? If you don't like booze and shoes, just go for the shoes!

  7. That is one cleaver idea. Dang! I think the hubby should let you go with it...tell him I said so. Ha!

    Mandie ~

  8. I need to get to Colorado to that store - that's the best idea ever! ALL stores should follow suit! haha

  9. That is actually a pretty neat idea! If I loved running more I would totally go to a place like that.


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