February 27, 2015

oh hey, friday! | life lately

the good news - we all survived the little getaway to scottsdale. we had an absolutely wonderful time and i'll be posting a little recap next week.

the bad news - i got food poisoning, i probably should have splurged on a neck brace, it's taken me an entire week to recover...and probably more. i'm still tired.

but before i dive into that...a quick recap of our week.


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3. have a fantastic friday.

MY  F I V E | W E E K L Y  R E C A P

1 | these two. sawyer loves her farmer and her farmer is head over heels for his little gal. i love when my farmer is with sawyer because it frees me up to pay all my attention to kaye. 
speaking of kaye...

2 | my gal kaye has hit a new level of ridiculously awesome hilarity. she is talking like crazy, which i feel like we waited soooooo long for. but now that it's here, it's more wonderful than i could have imagined. she's so so full of personality and a source of nonstop entertainment. it makes me want bitty to grow up so we can all really start to have some fun together. 

i mean, just look at her. driving her tractor in heels. 
3 | while in scottsdale, one of my cousins dug out some old photos of my dad, sister, and me. not only am i having hair envy of my sister, who at four had waaaay more hair than i could ever dream of, but the fact that my dad is rocking some seriously rad, nude shorty-shorts makes me miss the 80's...a lot. 
thank you thank you, sara, for gifting me these shots!
does anyone else think i look like a chubby kaye?
4 | yesterday our farmer came and snagged his gals. we had to check a few things out on the farm, which is also a wonderful opportunity for kaye to get some exploring in.

but when it gets too cold, i'm super happy to snuggle her back to the truck. 

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L I N K  U P  T I M E !



  1. Thank you for hosting the linkup! I love joining in each Friday. Your girls are too cute. My son turned 2 in December and it sounds like he's learned to talk at a similar rate as Kaye - I was worried he'd be a late talker, but all of a sudden - so many words! He's really started saying so much more and putting words together in the last couple months and it is AWESOME. I hate he has to grow up, but I love to watch him learn. I hope you have a great weekend! Lindsay http://sevenlayercharlotte.com

  2. your girls are the cutest!!! have a great weekend!

  3. While there are some similarities with you and Kaye, I still think she is pretty much all Farmer! lol! You and Sawyer are definitely the twins though :)
    Both those girls are adorable! And I am cracking up at the tractor and heels!

  4. Love these pix and she definitely resembles you for sure! I always love the bonding time between daddy and daughter....always melts my heart.

  5. I definitely think you and Kaye look a lot a like! Such cute babies!

  6. Kaye looks just like you! too cute!

  7. That picture of Kaye driving the tractor in heels is too much!

  8. Old photos are my love language. Honestly. They are such treasures. I wish I had half Kaye's sass, driving a tractor in heels!

  9. I hope you're feeling much better from that food poisoning! Awesome deal on the ad! I just got myself a spot ;)


  10. Hahaha love the throwback pics, you and Kaye definitely look a lot alike! Love that she is wearing heels on the tractor, too cute!

  11. Hooray for cute snapshots, old and new!!! Enjoy the weekend with your beautiful family! xo

  12. I def see kaye in you! they are both so cute :)

  13. So I totally thought that first photo was a flashback photo of Kaye!! they look so similar. I adore Kaye out on her tractor in heels, a farmgirl after my own heart!! When I had my mare in training I came to check her out and had on my "designer" cowboy boots (Steve Madden) and my trainer made so much fun of me!! lol

  14. Your girls are the sweetest! I just adore your sweet little fam.


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