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February 19, 2015

hello sunshine + 80 degrees. i've missed you.

i really really wanted to title this post sayonara bi*ches, but no matter how i shook it, it just came off a little too abrupt...a little too harsh.

so instead i'll just hide it in the body of the post. sayonara bi*tches!

i's exactly what i would say to my very best it's totally okay that i say it here.

the farmer, sawyer-muff, and i are headed to sunny scottsdale, arizona for a little wedding, some fun and good food, and maybe even an adult beverage or five.

farmer is beyond jazzed to try this out...
i'm beyond excited to take pictures of him eating it face first in front of a bunch of people. but seriously...i really do love him.

we're leaving the wild wild animal, we lovingly refer to as kaye, here on the farm. she's going to hold down the fort with nana and grandpa. it's guaranteed she's going to have more fun with them than she would in scottsdale. these are the facts.

oh hey, friday! is still happening tomorrow. last week we had 192 wonderful ladies link up...and we'd still love to break 200, am-i-right? let's do this. just grab this little button, and we'll see you back here tomorrow!

i'll leave you with a little picture i snapped during our walk the other day. we may have to change muffin's nickname to cheeks.

14 comments on "hello sunshine + 80 degrees. i've missed you."
  1. I just arrived in Phoenix last night from cold and snowy Missouri. I wanted to say the same thing to all my friends back home too! Lol! Sun + 80's in feb? Yes yes yes. Enjoy your visit!

  2. Looks like so much fuN!! I can't wait to see pictures.. I wish I could go there because it is so cold here…

  3. oh man. sunny warm Scottsdale sounds like THE dream right now. I hope you have enough fun for all of us!

  4. I think that I may have to venture with you & watch your hubby bite it on that surf thingie. Tee hee! :)

    Mandie ~

  5. Soak up all the sunshine you can! I hope you guys have an amazing time at the wedding :D

  6. That looks heavenly! Have the best time!!

  7. Enjoy your time in the sunshine! And that pic of Sawyer..OH MY! Love those cheeks!

  8. Have an amazing trip, and those cheeks.. oh my goodness :)

  9. Have so much fun on your trip! :)

  10. cheeks.
    i die.

    have a blast!!!! and post the picture of a face planting surfer farmer. because doesn't need that in their life for a giggle?

  11. First off, baby is adorable and secondly the pictures look great. Looks like a beautiful scenery and like fun was had.

  12. hope you are having an incredible time! I'm so jealous of the warm weather! We had the winter trifecta last night...freezing rain, sleet, and snow...UGHHH!! I'm so ready for Spring!


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