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February 25, 2015

fail | keeping the turtle busy

sooo...i've been working really hard at trying to decrease the television time for kaye...but it's proving difficult since i'm parked on the couch 27 times a day with sawyer.

girlfriend has to eat, so there's no getting around that.

during my pinterest browsing i saw this awesome art activity that i just knew was right up kaye's alley, but more so mine seeing as how it kept everything nice and clean. love that.

all you need is some tape, white paper, several paint colors, and ziploc bags (any size would work i'm sure...but i used gallon size).

1 | place your white sheets of paper on the table or other hard surface.

2 | position the ziploc bags over the sheets of paper.

3 | pour several colors of paint (i used two per bag) in each ziploc.

4 | secure bags over white paper to the table with strips of tape.

setup took about five minutes. a total snap.

the only problem with the whole project occurred when my turtle played with the super snazzy art project for LESS than five minutes. wtf.

instead she'll play with an empty suitcase for nearly two hours. huh?

whatever. i win some, i lose some.

we'll log this under the #pinterestfail category.

thanks for nothing, pinterest.

in other news...we've entered the awkward smiling phase.
21 comments on "fail | keeping the turtle busy"
  1. I used to play in empty suitcases as a kid! Ah, the easily amused.

  2. The nursing/television struggle is real. And I have yet to come up with an activity that takes 30 quiet minutes for my toddler. And Pinterest painting won't help for us either (this I'm sure). Maybe I'll bring out an empty suitcase today and give that a spin!

  3. Yeah sometimes crafts take longer to set up than they actually end up doing! I've found noah prefers to color or do play doh now than do the Pinterest crafts I've found. For right now I've decided to keep the crafts for the holidays and just let him do play doh the rest of the time :).

  4. I'm pretty sure as a kid I spent more time playing in the boxes of the toys my parents bought than the actual toys..

  5. Kids are so funny like that! Henry's favorite toy? Three pennies in an old water bottle. It makes an obscene racket... Which is probably why he loves it so much. Suit case, water bottle, whatevs makes them happy, ya know?!

  6. I did that same activity with Cameron and he only played with it for about 5 minutes too. What's up with our kids? I'm trying to cut down on tv too and it's tough. I'm going to start a little toddler school with him on days he isn't at preschool in the morning. Glad the suitcase kept her happy even if it wasn't the plan.

  7. Haha, a good reminder to try the Ziploc bag idea, and heres hoping SJ stays occupied for a little longer than Kaye :) The cheesy grin is my best! x

  8. haha it was a great effort on your part, mama!

  9. Beckam finds it entertaining to drive tractors on the ziploc full of paint... it leaves some fun tire marks. That might make her play with it for 6 minutes max. :)

  10. Haha such a cute idea, even if it didn't keep her attention for long! That's so funny about her playing in the suitcase, I guess it's the same as how we used to play in empty cardboard boxes for hours! :)

  11. ziploc painting = effort
    suitcase play = no effort

    i'm pretty sure that's why ;)

  12. That little smile in those last couple of pictures is too cute:) Even if it is awkward:) Major props to you for even attempting a Pinterest craft, Mama. I haven't even gotten that far! I heard a great idea the other day though: Pop toddler into bathtub in a diaper. Spray down the bathtub with shaving cream. Let them go at it. I heard this keeps them occupied for hours. I do plan to try that one.

  13. I have been wanting to try that painting trick since I have a serious aversion to poor poor child is going to have OCD because of me!!!! I am cracking up over that suitcase situation because Ellie is the exact same!!!! too funny

  14. Why is it that the activities we create for them are rarely interesting while a suitcase can be the best toy?!

  15. Tee hee! Awkward smile phase, I love it! :)

    Mandie ~

  16. In retrospect I figure it sounded like a wonderful idea! I have a feeling if I tried this with my son he would get bored with it too quickly as well.

  17. I so forgot about this activity! Cruz loved it when we did it a year or so ago and I haven't brought it back out into the rotation in a while, so thanks! And the awkward smile? Seriously Cruz has it mastered and it just looks ridic.

  18. LOL @ her playing in the suitcase.
    Hi! I'm a new follower of your lovely blog via GFC.
    Have a nice day!

  19. We used to do this when I was doing my in home speech therapy internship... and it wasn't always their favorite... I thought it was fun!!


  20. That magic sand, kinetic sand, whatever it is that isn't actually a huge sand mess totally occupies my boys when I was nursing. Some cookie cutters, some textured fabric, some little cups--they literally would play for hours!

  21. oh the days of too much tv have certainly hit our house as well! I'm praying for warm weather & sunny mornings for walks & park time!

    Last week I considered myself SuperMom when during Nora's morning nap we made our own magic sand and then proceeded to really paint. With a brush and a cup of water and watercolors...and remarkably no one was injured during the process! ha! Of course all of this only took about a total of an hour!


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