January 08, 2015

ski vacation time!

yay x 1000. farmer, the girls, and i are hitting the road. we are ditching this terrible inversion (think fog that only allows you to see 20 feet in all directions) and heading to the mountains for a ski vacation, where we of course hope to get kaye on skis again...because girlfriend has skillz. 

see what i mean? we're probably going to need to get her an agent soon. i can sense the sponsor offers coming. #stagemom

anyway...we're all beyond excited. we're meeting some great friends up there...and if there is one thing my farmer likes more than farming, it's hanging with his buddies...at a ski hill.

so here's to a nice little vay-cay. wish us luck on the slopes, and we'll see you back here for oh hey, friday! tomorrow morning! grab the button below!


  1. Have so much fun! Wherever you are looks absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to see how your little ski diva does this time around. She's a rockstar!:)

  2. Love the little one all bundled in the Ergo 360! It's the best right? Have a blast on your snowy adventure! It's 9 degrees here in NYC and, well...I want out. So no snow vacays for me ;) {Chelsea} play. wash. rinse. repeat.

  3. I hope you guys have a wonderful vacation!

  4. So adorable! Hope you have a great vacation! :)

  5. Look at her go, they are so fearless at that age!

  6. Love the cute family pic! Have fun!


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