January 12, 2015

post-preg | 11 weeks out


RECOVERY | i do believe i'm starting to feel more like myself these days. i mean...don't get me wrong. i still have moments of sheer insanity and i blame that all on the breastfeeding hormones coursing through my body. but the more i consistently eat well (far less sugar) and take care of my body by getting in some sort of daily workout i find that i feel more like myself. but maybe that's just today and i'm having a good moment? let's ask my farmer.

SLEEP | my little muffin sleeps through the night...and by through the night i mean she wakes up sometime between 3 - 4 am for a little schnacky-poo. i also quit pumping once a night because i'm just too damn tired and sleep is just too damn wonderful. we also don't have any more storage in our freezer for any more milk. you know what this means? farmer and i need to go on some dates so we can get some use out of all my hard pumping work.

bottom line - i'm feeling much more well-rested.

NURSING | i'll go on record with saying round two of nursing is FAR easier than with your first child. this may be because of the personality of the child or it may be because i have previous knowledge or it may be because i'm more relaxed about the whole process or it may be because i can see my boob job at the finish line...october 2015. there's a solid chance it's a combination of all/many things.

another bottom line - it's so much easier this go-round.

i'm far less concerned with healthy boob watch 2015. i think i'm in the clear...knock on wood. (you can read about my troubles nursing kaye here and here.)
THE BOD | 10 weeks out people and seven weeks until we're in weather appropriate enough to wear a swimming suit. will that suit be a bikini? time will tell...so will my willpower.

i'm down two pounds since i last reported...but really, i could care about zilch what the scale says and more about the pooch that used to be my lower abdominal area. oh...and let's not forget about my rear. i'm hoping an excessive amount of lunges will help with those.

WORKOUTS | i've really been nailing my running. i manage to get in about three to four runs per week that are about 45 minutes each. but really what i need to be doing is weight training of some sort. which brings me to...

my sister and brother-in-law got me four sessions at a cross fit gym for christmas! i fully intend on using all of those sessions in the next seven weeks...and maybe even a few more. ideally i'd love to get in twice a week for the next seven weeks, but that's a lot of boise trips and i just don't know if that's in the cards. it would require a lot of farmer babysitting...and lawd knows he already has his hands full.

SAWYER HIGHLIGHTS | if by sawyer you mean the sweetest baby that ever lived...then yes...we can talk about sawyer highlights. i literally did not know babies could be so sweet. so smiley. so happy. so chill. so...perfect. i mean...she's the very most perfect baby.

highlights include - non-stop smiling, sleeping through the night, and last week when kaye tried to feed her a blueberry. that was less of a highlight and more of a scary moment. all you need to know is kaye was trying to be sweet and sawyer survived.

KAYE HIGHLIGHTS | kaye highlight? where do i begin. a few weeks ago i was that mom with a stupid ear to ear smile on my face because my two year old skied 40 feet. i mean...you would have thought she won a gold medal at the sochi olympics. if you missed the video on instagram...see below!


  1. You are doing great and look amazing at 11 weeks pp. I am 8 mos pp and still have 10 lbs to go - I gained nearly 60 lbs with my 3rd baby! I am paying for it for sure. I am now finally feeling normal and able to fit into most things I wore pre-prego. My 1st pregnancy was a breeze during and afterward...my 2nd took a little more work {I do remember that} and now my 3rd, well...I am through the ringer with losing this weight. I am doing Body Beast & Insanity simultaneously because after 8 mos {+9} I am just so ready to be free of it! I love fitness and always have...but man, I am having to work hard. You are in a good place...I bet the rest will pretty much just fall off. Hope you enjoy CrossFit.
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  2. Lookin' good, Momma! What kind of sports bra are you wearing in your pics? I'm 110% sure I need to get one of those to contain what the 1st trimester has done to my body! Haha!

  3. You look amazing! I remember longing to feel "normal" and "rested" but when those all come back isn't life grand?

  4. You look great!! Glad to hear everything is going well! :)

  5. I hope you answer this question!! Did you use anything for stretch marks? Your tummy looks GREAT! I am currently 14 weeks pregnant with my first child and would love to know any tips! Thank you!


  6. You look amazing! It's been four years for me and I still have bouts of hormonal mood swings ;) ha ha!

  7. It's sounds like everything is going extremely well! I agree, you and your husband do need to put the stored breast milk to use. I think you look amazing! I mean, you don't even look like you've had a baby. I hope I get that lucky!

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  9. You are rocking this momma - so glad all is going well! And you are looking good, making great progress! I am 8 months pp and I feel like I've hit such a wall - and it is Summer here at the moment too! x

  10. You really look amazing - so glad things are going well for you!! :)

  11. You look beautiful! That video of your daughter just melts my heart too-- so fun to have that recorded on video!

  12. You look great! I really wish I had just a smidge of your desire to run. And Kaye! Oh my! She's a practically a pro :)

  13. Hey lady, just came across your blog & Im a new mom too :) My little one just turned 4 weeks - so of course I created a blog just before she was born so I could write about my motherhood experiences & connect with other blog moms :) I am soooo looking forward to the day my girl will sleep through the night (even 3-4am would be a luxury) as the nights with 2 hours or less just kill me :(



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