January 05, 2015

best of september farm | 2014

blogging takes a lot of time...a ridiculous amount of time.

and for bloggers, i'm sure there are times when we think, "why am i still doing this?"

but i do believe it's a bit of an addiction. i also have a certain amount of pride every time i publish a post. 

combine the time involved with the pride...well...it would be silly for me not to do a best of 2014! it just makes sense.

B E S T of S E P T E M B E R F A R M 2 0 1 4

5 | turtle started gymnastics. she's going to be a star.
6 | mother's day brunch. my new favorite holiday.
7 | i threw a few parties! baby shower // bridal shower
8 | i revealed a secret. at just over 20 weeks pregnant, i finally shared that i was expecting baby #2.
9 | delicious salsa. if you haven't had a chance to check out some of my recipes...don't miss this one. it's amazing.
10 | boy or girl?! i shared my photo session revealing the gender of sawyer...obviously she's a girl. 
13 | i had a baby. announcement // birth story
15 | cakepop tutorial. want to make cakepops like a pro?
and lastly...

that's my little trip down september farm 2014 memory lane!


  1. Love this! And will definitely be doing some baby Vday art!

  2. I love your Christmas card! Sounds like a wonderful year!

  3. Those whoopie pies look so good! I'm so glad I found your blog this year! :)

  4. I made the cake pops for Christmas, and they were a huge hit! Pretty sure my husband ate half of them himself.

  5. I can't wait to investigate these posts! I mentioned you in my post today :) I hope that your new years is starting out great!


  6. Oh my gosh! Your Christmas card!!! LOVE!

  7. Love it all! You are seriously one of my favorite reads! :) Happy New Year Karli!

  8. Love your recap, but you forgot those amazing nachos you made! I've made them twice since and they are so so delish! Definitely trying out that Vday art with my minis this year! Happy New Year :)

  9. Such a great post! 2014 was so good to y'all!

  10. such a sweet, sweet year :)

  11. I am totally feeling you on your intro lines. As I spend nap break time after nap break time working on a dang review of products we loved this last year that maybe 6 people will read I am wondering what the heck I am thinking. ...but I'll still do it of course, because that's how bloggers roll!

  12. You had a pretty amazing year. I'm still waiting on my cake pops though.... just saying. ;) I'll accept those whoopie pies in lieu of them though... Art with the turtle is THE. BEST.

  13. Aww baby gymnastics photos! Too precious. I did gymnastics when I was (much) younger; so many great memories!

  14. Oh my goodness, so cute! You have had quite a year and I have loved following along, I hope 2015 is even better!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  15. What a year! Two little farmer cuties is almost too much! I saw the first pic of your cute Valentine's art and thought "oh yeah, I remember that, I loved that craft *PIN*" and then I saw all of the other posts that you included and remember I loved and pinned quite a few of them. That salsa, your maternity shoot, that one of K hanging from the bar (she can probably already do a cartwheel and I've still never been able to do one!), the day your little muffin was born...ahhh it is all too good! Happy 2015 gal pal!

  16. Ok so you totally won me over with your wedding night story! And your adorable lovely family! I am glad I found your blog today and I am looking forward to getting to know you better! Thanks so much for sharing!


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