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January 27, 2015

another weekend getaway + a video you should watch

winter is wonderful. i know we don't all feel this way, but i feel this way because farmer and i have really been taking advantage of all the non-farming that has to happen.

this past weekend we headed up to the cabin for a night so we could hit up a hot springs and then go snow tubing the following day with some friends.

all the getaway time with kaye and a bitty takes a lot of energy, but its so so worth it.

worth it in more ways than one.

swimming was pretty uneventful. sawyer isn't a huge fan of the water, but it didn't stop her from cracking a few smiles for the camera. i'm telling you...she's the smiliest muffin in all the land.

the following day we met up with our friends to hit the style. now, i'd like to say this was uneventful too, but it wasn't.

while our farmer and sawyer hung out at the bottom of the hill, kaye and i grabbed our tube and headed up the hill. what followed you'll have to watch...
please, no judgement. i was genuinely concerned regarding any injuries to this's kind of funny, right? right.

the good news is that girl got right back on the horse tube and took some more runs. she was just fine, even though the scorpion move she pulled looks pretty painful.

besides the collision, we had a great little getaway and i'm already trying to figure out how to get our farmer off the farm again. is anyone hosting a super bowl party we just have to attend? we'll be there.
15 comments on "another weekend getaway + a video you should watch"
  1. Literally cracking up at that video! Is that horrible of me? lol! Looks like a great little getaway :) Super Bowl Party? Sure! Come to Ohio :)

  2. Sawyer is so cute all bundled up with her little paci. And her tiny bathing suit? Dying. And Kaye running around in her bikini? Sassafrass! Love it. She is my kind of girl!:) Pretty soon, she will have little sis following suit.

    Also, the video was pretty hilarious. Glad she didn't get hurt, but come on. Kids falling down is generally pretty laughable.

  3. Oh my goodness, I probably watched the video ten times hehehe Looks like a fun time, despite the crash for that little girl ;)

  4. How much fun!!! Both girls looked adorable in their swimsuits!!!!!! XO

  5. I laughed out loud at the video! Girls looked like they had a great time!

  6. How fun! Hahaha aww poor girl but that was pretty funny!

  7. Is that your farmers voice saying "watch out"? Omg I guess I never factored in how Seriously Northern your accents are!! Oh my gosh. Or should I say Oh my gash.

  8. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! Love that you are taking advantage of the downtime on the farm. (And glad that the little girl was ok :) )

  9. I's kinda her own fault. Everybody knows the first rule of snow tubing is to get the heck out of the way when your done! But yes...that's hilarious! Something you would see on Ridiculousness.

  10. ahaha that video was awesome!!! Looks like such a fun time! :)

  11. I must be a terrible person because I thought that was hilarious. Thankfully, the girl was okay.

  12. Oh it bad that I laughed out loud? I mean, I did immediately get concerned afterwards for that little kiddo, but it was funny. Get yo kid outta the way! =)

  13. snow....whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

  14. Wow! It seems that the family really went all out on that getaway. Sawyer definitely looks adorable dipping her foot on the water. Wait, am I mean if that video cracked me up? Hahaha! I juts hope that the little girl was fine afterwards. Anyway, I'm sure Kate and Sawyer won't be forgetting about that little trip any time soon. I hope the family gets to enjoy more trips like that again. Thanks for sharing that, Karli! All the best! :)

    Jeff Riley @ Happy Guests Lodge


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