January 07, 2015

4 gals | a farm gal, an expat, a siberian, and a 20-something walk into a bar

that's a big fat lie...nobody walks into a bar. it's also a terrible start to a terrible joke...because it's not actually a joke. so, let me start over.

i'm back again with a feature on four great gals. some you may recognize, as some i've had on zee blog before, the other gals are fresh-faces to september farm. regardless, they all deserve the same amount of love because they all have hip and with it places in blog land. read on.

b o n u s - i asked each one of these cute gals to share an embarrassing moment, so you should definitely read on.
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back in college my husband and his best friend (who's also one of my close friends) managed to convince me for seven months that they were cousins. i mean, they've always acted like siblings (or cousins??) and they share the same last name. :) i supposed that's all i needed to be convinced. i finally cornered them one day with a lot of detail-specific questions. HA! well, i guess they still kind of win the clever-award in the end...but don't tell them that. ;)

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six years old, carmen concert at the arena downtown. i had to go to the bathroom so bad but was so anxious for the show to start to tell my mom (eight people down the row from me) that i needed to use the bathroom. unfortunately the excitement overwhelmed me. i went in the seat. then, just as in the game of telephone, i watched the horrific news travel to each ear before it reached my mother who was at the very end of the row. she told me to come to her and i had to walk past every person who already knew what happened. the onl benefit: i got an awesome pair of purple stretchy pants! you know the kind that hook underneath your heel? yeah, those. :) and that is one of my embarrassing moments.

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yikes, i have soooo many embarrassing moments, but one time i slapped a boyfriend in the cafeteria which was equal parts embarrassing and awesome. i also frequently slip up stairs and sometimes drink too much wine and then cry. YOLO!

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oh boy, i do lots of embarrassing things, but i don't get embarrassed easily! recently, one of my earrings fell of of my hear and landed inside my bra somehow. fishing it out was a hoot.

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  1. Yayyy Rachel!! Trying to fish an earring out of your bra is the absolute worst, there’s really no way of being classy and discreet about it.

  2. rachael's cafeteria link is broken but never fear i figured it out its http://www.therachaelway.com//2013/07/that-time-i-went-crazy-in-cafeteria.html


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