January 20, 2015

$115 giveaway + how much money i didn't spend in january

oh lawdy. after a much needed hiatus of group giveaway fun in december...we're back with some mula burning holes in our pockets.

on another note...aside from purchased plane tickets for a wedding in february, i haven't done any random/boredom spending all of january!

no amazon 1-click shopping. none of the baby gap 40% off sales sucked me in. and i have to say, my farmer has appreciated not seeing packages stacked outside our front door. a big pat on the back for me.

but, if you are ready to spend some cash (like me), and you enjoy the following:
  • money
  • finding new blogs friends
  • looking at pretty faces
  • entering giveaways
  • clicking links
  • etc. etc. etc.
...you know the drill. visit my friends below. fall in love. get entered to win.

hannah | shane
karli | mar
lauren | rebekah
lindsay | amy | sara | karisssa
if you would like to get in on february's group giveaway action, click HERE to see your options!


  1. Oh how I've missed you, my favorite farmer's wifey. I'm so glad you are feeling better!

    And wait a second. You may have to educate me on this no spending money thing? How did you not spend money? I think I spent more in January than I did in December...and that was with having to buy Christmas presents. Seriously major fail. And my man has given me quite the challenge for money saving this pay period. We will see how that pans out =)

  2. Definitely need to learn to not impulse buy.

    p.s. - Fresh Start's instagram link doesn't work

  3. Can you reply with a link to Fresh Start's IG account. It's currently not working in the rafflecopter.


  4. Thanks so much for hosting! And congrats on the no random spending! Wedding plane tickets are definitely a necessity. :)

  5. I am in awe of your will power. And wish that I had some of the same. But nope. Purchases just keep happening. Some of them necessary. Some of them not. With all of the necessary purchases we have to make in the coming weeks and months - for a big boy room and a girl nursery - you'd think I could put the kibosh on the unnecessary spending. But nope. Sigh. First world problems.

    Winning a bit of extra cash would sure be nice:) Thanks for hosting, lovely farm friend.

  6. So you just had the packages delivered somewhere else and picked them up right;) I mean I can't lie and say I haven't been having packages delivered to my work lately...cause I mean...I haven't....haven't that often? woops :))

    Chelsea | East Willow Grove

  7. http://instagram.com/kancell724 page does not work, can you leave the correct link

  8. Good work on not making tons of purchases while you were sick with the stomach flu. If I were you I would have been online shopping everywhere just to feel a little better. :)


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