December 31, 2014


my muffin! isn't she the most beautiful?! oh wait...

anyway, she's two months old. i've absolutely fallen in love with this squishy newborn phase...a lot more so than when kaye was a newborn. with kaye the learning curve was so steep. i had no clue what i was doing. i was constantly questioning myself and i was a nervous wreck wondering what i was doing wrong all. the. time. they say the first kid is practice anyway, right? 

regardless, the fact that my sawyer is exiting the newborn phase and entering the infant stage is totally bittersweet. i've loved loved her as a newborn. she's beyond perfection. however, i find myself thinking about our near future and how fun it will be when sawyer is kaye's age and kaye is four. no more diapers. we'll be able to skip naps every now and again (gasp!). breastfeeding will be but a distant memory. shoot...i may even have my ladies fixed up at that point.

but before i fantasize about a boob job too much, here is my sawyer-muff at two months.


nicknames | sawyer-muffin, bitty, bittles, sister...but it's the very best when kaye called her bitty.

weight | our muffin will have her two month well-baby visit next week (shots...sob!), so we'll officially know her height and weight at that time, but for now we think you're about 12.5 pounds.

you blew through all your sweet newborn clothing and are quickly skipping by your 0-3 month outfits. girlfriend...i have got to stop buying you clothes...especially since we already have all of your sister's old goodies.

sleep | are owning it in the sleep department. the past few nights you have been waking sometime between 3 - 5 am for a little nursing session, then you're back to bed until 7 am. no complaints here. i'm feeling much better rested.

eats | if there was a word stronger than opposite that's what i would use to describe your eating habits compared to your big sister. food? it really seems like you could care less.

kaye? that girl had to eat every two hours or we were in for an epic scream-session. i literally couldn't keep up.

but, you don't seem to be lacking considering your growth and that nice little gut you've put on. oh...and can we talk about your chubby cheeks? i could nibble them all day, err day.

loves | oh my little are sugar through and through. you LOVE smiling and chatting. again...this is not what your sister was like. i had to bring in a marching band with clowns to get that girl to smile...but you? you smile all day long. we have deep conversations marked with laughter and cooing. you're basically the happiest baby there ever was. i'd like to think i have something to do with this...but i think you just love being...if that makes sense.

dislikes | oh girl. you hate showers, which is something we didn't expect because your sister loooooved and still loves showers. so we aren't even prepared with a baby bath. i guess it's something we could go buy, but, we'll just keep showering you until you love it.

other dislikes? nothing really. you don't even mind when your sister is far too rough with her pat-pats and kisses...or your farmer's pokey beard.


  1. Oh this is just the sweetness!!

  2. That old already?? Super cute!

  3. How is this possible? 2 months? NO way. She is the sweetest little thing, and I am so glad that she's giving you some sleep, Mama! I know you must feel much more like a functioning human being with a few zzz's under your belt. Sweet little gal. Happy New Year to your sweet family!

  4. I could go for some liposuction!! Miss Sawyer is so sweet. I've tried a few showers with Ellie and she hates it - but the bath is her favorite place to be!!

  5. Oh Sawyer is just too much! What a doll baby!! And wait a second showers? We tried a shower with Cruzer once and it didn't go well at all. Haven't been back since. I might need to try this again, especially if you had your little Kaye trained right off the little gal.

  6. Love the pic of Sawyer + Farmer. Cutest ever.

  7. Oh my goodness, she is so cute and getting so big!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. How is she two months?!! She is oh so cute!!!!

  9. She is so beautiful and growing so much. The picture of Sawyer and your Farmer is so cute and definitely one that she is going to love when she is much older :)

    Sophie xxx

  10. I've never heard of showering a child (much less a baby!) does that even work??


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