December 29, 2014

resolutions for 2015

i did it.

i actually thought of some resolutions this year that are important enough to me that i might actually follow through.

i'm all about the goal-setting, but my follow through is far less than acceptable.

here we go...

1 | kaye + television time

i have shame with this one. a few months ago kaye started to get really into cartoons...particularly disney movies. she loves them and will sit with a smile on her face. she'll laugh at appropriate times. cover her mouth at scary scenes and say, "oh no!" it's adorable.'s time to cut the tv time waaaay back. i think no more than two 15 minute shows a day is what we'll shoot for. this is going to be hard because it's so cute when she says, "mickeysouse!" (mickey mouse.)

2 | meal planning

it's no secret...being in the kitchen isn't my favorite. i'd way rather go for a three mile run than spend 30 minutes preparing a meal. i also used to be a pretty terrible cook...but i've shaped up in the past few years. it's time to start putting together a meal plan each week, do a big shopping trip so i have all ingredients on hand, and make dinner for my sweet family at least four times a week. that's the goal.

3 | budget

this is going to shock the hell out of my farmer...but girlfriend (me) has got to get a budget together. i don't know what that budget will look like, but i'm going to make a concerted effort to be more mindful of my spending.

4 | one cheat day a week

i have some big goals in the "in shape" department. my farmer and i are headed to a wedding in scottsdale, arizona in late february and the hotel we chose has a killer pool. and guess what...this mama doesn't want to rock a one piece...mostly because i can't find any i like. i'd also like to feel comfortable in front of the camera instead of awkwardly holding my breath as i suck in my gut. that the holidays are over and the treats are mostly eaten, it's time to throw the remainder in the trash and stop buying ice cream. i'll allow myself one cheat day a week...but above and beyond that i really need to start eating more nutritiously. this also means reintroducing veggies into the rotation...ugh.

those are my goals and resolutions! what have you all come up with? what are your strategies to stay on track? i'm going to need to steal your ideas to keep in my bag of tricks.


  1. I'll be joining you in the produce section! The one reason I'm glad the holidays are over....get back on track with weight loss, fitness and nutrition. Here we come 2015 goals....I've got my sharpie out to mark them off!

  2. You can do it, Mama! All of your goals are totally attainable. And you are not alone in the whole eating better one. I imagine most of us will be trying to eat better after letting all the rules fly out the window for the holidays. I am TERRIFIED of what the scale is going to say at my next doctor's appointment, so I will be eating a lot more salads and such until then and hoping a miracle happens!

  3. Those are all great goals! I can totally agree with needing to cut back on the television watching time -- my son loves his cartoons too but he needs to find better things to do with his time. I also need to work on meal planning/prep, budgeting, and getting in shape next year. My other half does meal planning already I just have yet to jump on the wagon with him. Good luck on your resolutions!

  4. These are great goals! I'm right there with you on meal planning and getting in shape!

  5. These are some great goals. Good luck! The hubs and I are starting Whole 30 Jan. 5 so hopefully it will get me back into the routine of eating healthy and meal planning before our babe's arrival!

  6. Great goals, lady! I need to work on my meal planning. I'm pretty sure every year I say get in shape but I really want 2015 to focus more on being healthier. Eating healthier, excersing more, more rest...that kind of thing.

  7. Great goals! My favorite part is that they're very achievable. Things like giving yourself a cheat day and cooking a meal 4 nights and week and cutting back on TV (instead of cutting it out)... way to go, girlfriend!


  8. So I switched to sort of Dave Ramsey cash envelope system, and it has curbed my spending exponentially. I NEVER use my debit card, and instead, I take out like $100 a week, and a certain amount is allocated to coffee, discretionary, groceries, and I actually HAVE a savings now, rather than my accounts looking a HOT mess.

  9. These are great goals! You can totally kill these!

  10. These are some great resolutions! You've definitely given me a few things to think about when setting mine :)

  11. I went back (for the first time in 2 years?) to pilates this morning. Just need to get rid of the ice cream!!

  12. I feel like we should be reducing the tv watching too! So hard to do in the winter compared to the summer! I'm also with you on the budgeting and eating better!

  13. Great resolutions and seem reasonable to follow, except for the budget one. I always fail on the budget one. I agree with you on TV - need to limit Cruz's time in front of it - the glazed over look he gets in his eyes and becoming completely unresponsive to any questions is just not gonna cut it.

    Where are you staying in Scottsdale? One of my fave places...I go every year with my girlfriends and have some great spots to recommend if you have any extra time =)

  14. Totally agree on limiting TV! Henry doesn't watch it... But I do. And I need a reduction, stat. Budgeting is SO important, it blows my mind when people don't have one or continuously exceed it. Where does that extra money come from?! And I'm right there with you on fitness. The weight is back to pre-baby levels but the abs are seriously lacking. Time to kick it into high gear!

    I'm excited to follow along with you into 2015!

  15. I'm all with you on the meal planning! It's so much effort to get it done, but it makes it so much easier once it is!


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