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December 19, 2014

oh hey, friday! | it's christmas! (practically)

happy friday and happy weekend before christmas!

question - do you have your shopping complete?

in a minor panic attack yesterday i threw both girls at my farmer and said, "take them! i haven't purchased any presents for anyone!"

and just like that...that's how i completed my christmas shopping in five hours.

now...oh hey, friday!

please note! we won't be posting for oh hey, friday! next week because i'll swimming in a pile of wrapping paper. but we'll see you all on january 2nd for the first oh hey, friday! of 2015!!

maybe we should all post a picture of our new year shenanigans? just a though.

moving on...

grab the new christmas oh hey, friday! button.

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  • MY FIVE - a holiday house tour...kind of

    1 | decorating for christmas has been especially fun this year. kaye is super into it and sometime around thanksgiving picked up who/what santa is. i don't know where she learned this...i hadn't introduced her yet...unless you count last year?

    now any time she's sitting on the kitchen island helping me...she picks up the head of the santa cookie jar and yells, "santa!" impressively, this ceramic santa has only been chipped once.
    2 | kaye and i made this little art project last christmas and they are just as cute this year. keeping with tradition, we'll do sawyer's feet next year when she's old enough to complete her own abstract canvas...such as kaye demonstrated below.
    3 | this year i put together a little holiday bar...and i can't say it's helped me save on calories. how do you turn down a spiced apple cider or bailey's in your coffee when it's right there!?
    4 | this year i inherited an advent calendar that my sisters and i have had since we were little little girls. the poor ornaments that velcro to the tree have been glued, glued, and re-glued...but i loved it then and i love it now, and i just know kaye and sawyer will look forward to putting an ornament on the tree each morning the month of december. kaye's in for a rude awakening when she has to share the duty next year.
    5 | our tree! our lovely lovely tree. yes it's fake, but i'm so glad it is. we're not worried about burning down our house. there are no needles i'm obsessively vacuuming up hourly. we don't have to water it. i can leave it up for as long as i want! yay for fakesies.

    and i really love our tree topper.
    and that's it! have a wonderful wonderful weekend!

    now send me some christmas cookies and get linked up...
    26 comments on "oh hey, friday! | it's christmas! (practically)"
    1. Such beautiful decor, lady! I love that advent calendar!

    2. Loving the holiday bar- and the cute tree topper is perfect! Have a wonderful Christmas!

    3. My siblings and I used to fiiiiight and bargain and bribe as to whom would get to put certain things on the advent calendar. Learning important life skills as young children ;) Your tree is gorgeous!

    4. I love your tree topper too - never seen one like it, which is why I like it so much I think:) And the Christmas canvases? Those are my absolute fave! We did a couple with Caleb last year and I loved pulling them out this year. I have another canvas project all lined up for him to do for this year - let's hope I get some motivation to actually do it sometime soon. You know, seeing as how Christmas is only 6 days away and all.

    5. uhhhh yeah. Need to pull your kind of Christmas shopping. And you've done more decorating that me and you have real excuse. ;) that holiday bar needs to be in my life stat.

    6. i really love that tree topper! so cute!!

    7. That beverage bar would spell TROUBLE for me! Love the idea though. And your tree topper is so pretty and unique! What a great idea.
      Merry Christmas!

    8. Super cute decor. Especially that invincible cookie jar ;)

    9. Yay for getting shopping done in 5 hours!!! I did 99% of mine on Amazon and it was glorious:) Love your tree pretty lady!! Merry Christmas!

    10. I LOVE that topper! So precious!

    11. Loving your holiday decor my friend - wishing you a happy and merry festive season x

    12. oh that calendar is too cute. I love your holiday decor! I still have done negative Christmas shopping.. oops

    13. What fun!!! I love Kaye's art work..I may have to copy that this year! And the bar...delicious! :) Have a great Christmas week! I'm glad you got your shopping five hours!! :)

    14. I absolutely love your tree topper! It is so cute!!

    15. I love that holiday bar! What a great idea. Although I agree - it seems dangerous! Haha.

    16. That art project is so adorable!! I want to make this with my mini!!! Happy Friday
      Chelsea @

    17. I love your tree topper! Where did you find that??

    18. I absolutely love your tree!

      P.S. I’m giving away a Hamilton Beach Stack and Snap Food Processor on the blog. Hope you
      join in the fun!

      Have a great weekend!

    19. Thinking I need to go ahead and set up that coffee bar stat....last day of work today and everyone needs a little nip in their coffee while on vacation! Merry Christmas!

    20. I love your tree and your tree topper - Super cool!

    21. I love all of your decor! The art by Kaye is adorable!! I agree, fake trees are SO much easier! I love real trees, but we had to get a fake one a couple of years ago because my father-in-law is allergic, and we are kind of loving having a fake one now!

    22. Good work on that decor woman! I just got our tree up Sunday so we've had about a week of enjoying it before heading out of town today. #lame

      And have I told you before how much I love foot and handprint art? I seriously think I could decorate my entire house in it! I love it! And Kaye's artwork, love it! Girlfriend's got some talent!

    23. Love your tree especially the topper! We had an advent calendar growing up and it's one of my fondest Christmas memories! Yay for being done with shopping!

    24. I started my shopping via Amazon Prime last Monday, and made a trip to the brick and mortars on Friday and am DONE! I know everyone likes to boast about their early shopping, but what's so bad about waiting a bit? I feel like even since Friday I've gotten tons of shopping emails that the stores I went to are having even BETTER sales now!!

    25. I've never seen a sparkly deer Christmas tree topper!?!?! That's amazing! Curious to know if the Santa cookie jar is an antique? It's adorable too! But I LOVE any sort of Santa...


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