December 12, 2014

oh hey, friday | christmas parties past

oh hey, friday! (except it's actually thursday...getting ready to post this up on friday.)

i have to get my post written because there is a 1000% chance i won't be available to whip up a post tonight...or in the morning.

you see...farmer and i are headed to the city for an annual christmas party thrown by the company he worked know...before he decided to buy a farm.

but my farmer's former employer, bob, is quite the fella and he keeps inviting us back year after year. (this may or may be because i somehow manage to make a fool of myself each year. we'll see what shakes out tonight.)

first though, did you grab the new christmas oh hey, friday! button?

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    1 | as mentioned above...we've gone to this party for several years now, and it never disappoints. but the party year (2011) i'm featuring today was maybe my very most favorite.

    it took place at a swanky restaurant in downtown boise. all party attendees take over the wine cellar with our own bartender...of course. and what happens when you have your own bartender? you take over the bar...obviously.

    2 | there is always a white elephant gift exchange. this particular year an abraham lincoln bust was the guest of honor. and he was CREEPY. he just kept making weird demands...

    like, "give me your drink." and "here, put this blindfold on." and "take me to the bathroom."

    abraham gets what abraham wants. 

    3 | my farmer was also featured on one of the gifts. it's a picture of my farmer on a t-shirt making a face of a guy who makes a face. then one of my farmer's co-workers/friend put on the t-shirt and made the follow? it's not pretty.
    4 | and what's a christmas party without a little arm wrestling? i'll tell you what it's not. it's not a party, mmmk? and guess what...i totally won. i'm not sure how...maybe it was liquid strength, but i brought the heat.
    5 | what i'm saying farmer and i have the very best time each year and we're so thankful we keep getting invited back. it's a wonderful opportunity to get dressed up, drink a little too much, eat really yummy food, hang out with fabulous people...and fall asleep at the dinner table. i think i fell asleep at the dinner table...right after these shots were taken. not my finest moment.
    happy friday all y'all. send me some advil...and gatorade.

    link up time!


    1. That's so awesome that they still invite you! I love any excuse to get dressed up for a party like that! The shirt is hilarious, lol.

    2. Oh y'all are too cute! Hope you have a blast this year as well.

    3. What a fun tradition! Hope you have a great time at the party tonight!

    4. Sounds like a blast! Holiday parties are so fun!

    5. You two are too cute! I hope you have the very best time - you deserve it, Mama! Oh, and have an extra drink for me:) You did good having your baby BEFORE the holidays/party season. Well played. Well. Played.

    6. I would like to be you when I grow up; only you're probably younger than me. get it...right!? Also, I need your help in figuring out what to wear to my Christmas party tonight. Puh-leeeeease! I will even consider dropping capital letters if you vote.

    7. Haha! That shirt is hilarious. I hope you have fun tonight. Drink too much, eat too much, party too much. You know, all the good stuff!

    8. You are too funny! You and your hubby are adorable. Have fun at the party! Those photos look fun :)

    9. You and your hubby are too cute! Love that his old company keeps inviting you guys back!
      Neither of our company's do Christmas parties. And they are both enormous companies! Boo!!
      Have a great weekend!

    10. hahaha This party looks like a blast! I love the creepy Abe. How nice of him to join you!

    11. OH my gosh, you guys are too much fun! Love it.

    12. What a crazy party! But it sounds like a blast. At least you looked beautiful right before you fell asleep :)

    13. I love reading your blog and I find u hilarious! plus you are pretty darling!

    14. This looks like so much fun!! Hope it was even more fabulous this year x


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