December 10, 2014

four gals i want you to want to know + a giveaway

it's one of those days. 

one of those glorious days when i get to introduce you to four gals you should get to know, because, well, you just should. 

if you're anything like me...finding one (or four) new blogs to read is like finding a dark chocolate truffle in a bag of milk chocolate.

(it's a good thing.)

in addition to bringing you four wonderful gals, sarah and jaelan are bringing you a chance to win a $35 starbucks gift card...perfection for the winter months. so get yourself entered at the bottom!
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i would love to travel to thailand or greece (yes, i am aware they are very different areas) with my whole family and experience all that was available. i am going to take it upon myself to assume that this is a long weekend, so i would also choose to spend time with a foundation that is pretty close to my heart - the autism foundation - and i'd buy a boxer puppy!

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i would pay cash for my dream house in the texas hill country. i would buy my husband a feisty sports car, build my dad a new barn, hire someone to "pimp" my mom's patio, and send all of my sisters on vacation.

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oh goodness! $1,000,000?! i'd be happy with an extra $20 one weekend... :)

hmmm, first i'd buy a couple of great cars. who doesn't love a fancy new whip? after i did that, i'd probably pay bills (womp womp) and buy a new home with space to grow into. to wrap it up i'd send our family members some money, toss some in a savings account, then it's find dining through sunday night!

what a dream...

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first, i would definitely pay off our house. i'm a penny-pincher and i hate debt so that would possibly be the most exciting thing in the world for me! i'd also finish our backyard complete with a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, and garden. and of course we'd put a fence up so that kacee can finally have her own space! then i'd decorate my house how i've always wanted!

i would think about finishing the basement (because i feel the need to be responsible with this $1,000,000) but then i'd shake my head and go straight to the computer to book a trip for me, my hubby, and my family to go on an amazing vacation. i'm thinking italy or greece...or maybe sweden since we have ancestors from there...or maybe spain since my dad and brother speak spanish, plus i've always wanted to go there! i'm way to indecisive to make this big of a decision. and while on vacation i would buy myself a whole new wardrobe so that i can stop wearing the same clothes that i've had since high school.

you love them? i love them. and now you can love them even more. it's STARBUCKS GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY time! yay!


  1. I really love the way you presented these girls blogs. I think sometimes people glaze over sponsor posts (or at least I do sometimes...) but you did a great job of keeping it short, interesting, and informative and absolutely made me want to go check all of these girls out. Great work!

  2. I have come to love these sort of posts! I followed them all after checking out their blogs (besides the one I already follow) and I think they will be new regular reads for me! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Always love meeting new bloggers...great post. I connect with each of them in a weird semi-complicated way. Love it!

  4. YAY Sarah! I too want to go to Greece! Though hopefully I can go for longer than a weekend and spend waaaay less than 1,000,000! Love it!

  5. I love love love the chick from Marry Mint! She is cool!

  6. Great post! I love discovering new blogs. I am friend's with Kristin so her appearance on your blog let me discover yours. I love how you presented each blog, especially including the two favorite posts. Great idea!!

  7. Who doesn't love Starbucks?! ;) Thanks for hosting!


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