November 10, 2014

post-preg | two weeks out

after nearly 20 weeks of self-centered posts about my growing belly, aches, pains, highlights, and purchases...they came to a halt when sawyer was born.

and you know what...i miss writing them.

weird...a blogger who likes to talk about herself. is there such a thing? (enter sarcasm here.)

so i think i'll start writing a little update for the next few months about how things are adjusting in our household after becoming a family of four.


RECOVERY | i'm totally jazzed to say that i'm feeling completely recovered! i owe a huge thanks to my farmer, my sister, and my farmer's mom, and my parents.

the first two days we were in the hospital our turtle was with my parents running wild amongst all my dad's landscaping equipment and garden nursery. then...

for the past two weeks between my farmer and his mom, kaye has been given more attention, love, and play time than i would have ever been able to provide as i sat on my rear.

literally, with my sister flying in from california, i was able to basically not move for that first week. it was amazing and i truly believe that provided for a much quicker recovery.

when they say to not clean, do laundry, etc...they are telling the truth. if you can swing it...

SLEEP | sleep is happening in our house. kaye is still napping for about three hours each afternoon. sawyer still sleeps a solid majority of the day. and i'm still dozing off around 8:30 pm, literally. usually i'm sitting up, mid-sentence.

here's the basic rundown - i take kaye to her room for reading and kisses goodnight at 7:30 pm. she's asleep by 8 pm. i come upstairs and nurse sawyer, then promptly fall asleep after that. farmer takes sawyer from about 8:30 - 11 pm-ish...or until she's ready to nurse again. then farmer comes and wakes me and he's able to hit the pillow.

it's amazing to snag those extra hours from 8:30 - 11 pm. they are definitely saving me.

NURSING | speaking of nursing...girlfriend is doing amazing. she's set her own little schedule that runs about every 2.5 - 3 hours. it was that magical 10 day mark when everything stopped hurting and i no longer had to bite a leather strap when sawyer was latching. i also don't miss having to put lansinoh on every three hours. seriously...there is nothing less glamorous than rubbing goop on your own nipples. glad that part is over.

our challenge as of now is keeping sawyer awake for longer than 10 minutes while nursing. we're working on it.

now i'm just on healthy-boob watch. i'm trying to keep them as empty as possible, no underwire bras, and sleeping on my back to ensure there are no clogged ducts. no mastitis. no galactoceles. it will surely kill me if i have to deal with what i went through with kaye. (you can read about my troubles nursing kaye here and here.)

SAWYER HIGHLIGHTS | you guys. sawyer. if you met her you would swoon. girlfriend is the sweetest muffin out there...for now. (no predictions on what she'll be like next week...) but seriously, she's so content. she just hangs out, sleeps, eats, coos, and tolerates kaye's hollering. we're beyond in love.

KAYE HIGHLIGHTS | i don't think we could ask much more from kaye. she's doing better than anyone could have predicted...for now. her favorite thing to do is get really close to sawyer and sniff her. all i can say is, "yes turtle, sawyer smells delicious."
she also gives sawyer kisses, shares her blankies with her, and gets super concerned if sawyer squawks.

the only tough part is after the two weeks kaye spent going to work our farmer she's obsessed with him...even more so than before. if he starts walking towards the backdoor, she's one upset cookie. she'll demand to be picked up and won't let him go. it's sweet and sad all at the same time.

LOW POINT | have there been any low points? halloween with kaye was pretty bad. my general lack of hygiene would be considered not socially acceptable. that's where that stands.

oh...there was a low point. we had family pictures taken on friday and kaye was in epic form. it was the one day of her life that she decided to skip her nap. so when it came time for pictures we had one unhappy turtle. yikes.

however...stephanie mballo did send us this sneak peak...and i love it, of course.
FARMER | our farmer. that guy. talk about man of the year. he's doing it all, folks. he's taken kaye to work nearly every day, he's running a business, he tends to my constant demands, he's logging loads of family's really made for a smooth transition to a family of four.

the only scary part is that he's starting corn harvest tomorrow. this means he'll be logging 22 hours a day in a combine. well...maybe not 22 hours...but a lot of hours. i hope kaye can cope with spending a lot more time with lame mom.

that's where we're at at two weeks out. wish us luck that it continues to go smoothly! (and muffin stays as sweet as she's been.)


  1. Ohh (crazy fit aside) that big turtle is one pretty girl, and look at her with her sister, to die for.


    PS Kudos to the husband

  2. So glad it's all going well for you! Sawyer is precious!!

  3. That's awesome that Farmer is helping out so much with Turtle!!! and that he is able to. Good luck during Harvest time. I am sure you will do great with both girls!

  4. Sawyer is precious! Loved reading your update!!

  5. Love this post. What great family to help you out. Gotta love family :) We did the same thing over at our house, I got to sleep after putting #1 to bed, and then when #2 needed that "midnight" feed, Mr. would go to sleep and I would take the rest of the "shifts", you're right, it's SO helpful to get those few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

  6. Aw, it sounds like you guys are adjusting really well! That's wonderful! :)

  7. You are doing so well my friend - congrats to you momma! Our little SJ was also obsessed with my hubs (and still is) when EN arrived... Very cute but also hard when Daddy has to leave. We have our first family shoot next week - wish me luck x

  8. So glad you're feeling good! That picture of the two of them is precious!

  9. I'm so glad to hear that you are all doing well right now! This post gives me so much hope!:) By the way, random observation, but seriously - your girls have the most adorable little button noses EVER. Love. The Kaye and Sawyer pictures are melting my heart into a big puddle of prego goop.

  10. this gives me such hope for what my life will look like in less than 4 weeks! I'm glad to hear that things are going so well...and I'm still so thankful for the incredible amount of support that surrounds us!

  11. Ah! I'm so happy it's going so well :) Little Kaye is just a doll baby big sister and Sawyer is precious! Good luck with your corn harvest. We are hoping to be done by Friday!!

  12. Love this!!!!! It's so nice to hear a TRUE depiction of how the transition to life with two goes. We are expecting next spring, so bring it on girlfriend!!

  13. Congrats on the new baby! She is adorable and I'm so happy to hear everyone is doing amazing! Can't wait to read more updates, have a great rest of your week!

  14. You, the farmer, the turtles, and your fam-bam are pretty much amazing. I'm loving this positive energy post from an amazing mommy of two turtles!!! Rock star status for sure!! Enjoy the rest of your week!! Love the pictures - particularly the one of Kaye sniffing Sawyer... :)

  15. that picture is so cute!! I can't wait to see the rest of the photos from your family photo shoot :)

  16. I am so glad to hear that everything is going so well so far! Sawyer is absolutely precious and Kaye is so sweet :) How wonderful that she loves her baby sister so much! I hope the rest of your week is amazing ♥

  17. Lol, love that she sniffs her! My girl thinks its funny when we do that to imitate the dog!


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