November 21, 2014

oh hey, friday! | a thankful farmer's wife

first order of bizz...since next thursday is thanksgiving, i predict we'll all be in some sort of pumpkin pie coma, so let's not worry about writing an oh hey, friday! post. i'm feeling generous and i'm going to give us all a day off. thank me next friday. the spirit of thanksgiving (even though half of my christmas decorations have made an appearance) todays post is going to be all about some of the things i'm thankful for...some obvious, and some not so obvious.
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i can't tell you how many times i've asked my farmer if it was time to get a new fridge. and by asked i mean begged. it's on my wish list every birthday, mother's day, and christmas. (seriously...can we get a new fridge?) i ask for a new fridge because our fridge is too small. first world problems over here. but when i step back and look at my argument for getting a new fridge - we have too much food so obviously we need a bigger fridge...i realize how silly that sounds.

really what i'm saying is i'm so so thankful that we have food in our pantry, fridge, and extra freezer. i'm able to give my turtle snacks and never wonder how i'm going to provide a meal - it's truly something to be thankful for. (i still want a new fridge, though.)

i've said it once...i've said it at least a dozen times. that farmer of mine is a catch...and everyone knows it. seriously...people have asked me how i got so lucky to nab him. my response? i worked very very very hard. lots of persistence. lots of patience. and then that one time i freaked out on him, broke up with him, cried a lot, and then said "just joking! let's get back together!" 

regardless, the girls and me are so very very thankful to call him ours. he works so incredibly hard for us and still manages to make us a priority even with all he has on his plate. that of a kind.


thank you amazon prime and our wonderful wonderful UPS delivery man for making living an hour from the city a little easier. running low on diapers? amazon prime. stripy straws for your gals birthday party? amazon prime. frye boots? turtle shaped swimming pool? doughnut baking mold? amazon, amazon, amazon. thank you amazon (and the poor ups man who has to drive to our farm at least two days a week).


every single day since sawyer was born i can't even believe i'm the mom of two perfect girls. i did i get so lucky? 
kaye is wild and funny and sweet and sassy. she challenges me every single day, but i know that strong-willed nature, while super challenging now, will serve her well when she's older.
my sweet sweet sawyer. she is undeniably beautiful and she absolutely has my heart...and her farmer's heart too. i'm surprised every day at how kind and soft kaye is with her. kaye is not kind or soft with anything. do i dare say our sawyer is showing signs of a sweet nature? she's calm. she's relaxed. and i'm shocked at just how different she is from newborn kaye. 

my best gals. so very very thankful.


the shame. so much shame, but i admit it. the amount of time i've logged in front of the tv these past 3.5 weeks makes me exceptionally thankful for our dvr and direct tv, especially in the middle of the night. it really is the very best time to watch snookie and jwoww. i only speak the truth. 

speaking of truth...have you heard of the show chrisley knows best? this show is funny and you should dvr it. see...i'm a truth-speaker.

yes...even some of us are thankful for UPS and DVR. no shame in my game.

(and #6! i'm super thankful for all you fine fine gals who read September FARM. i absolutely love this space to share my stories...and your stories too! should you want to get in on some September FARM action, use the code THANKFUL for 40% off any ad space! check out my ad spaces HERE.)

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  1. Love this! What a sweet post! (I also happen to agree with all of em on the thankful scale!) Happy weekend to you and your fam! xoxo

  2. Look at Sawyer--already model posing for the camera. She's perfected the mouth slightly open without smiling look ;)

  3. So much to be thankful for! I've been debating doing a thankful post but after returning from Rwanda in September, I'm having a hard time putting into words EVERYTHING that I am thankful for. A biggie though is food. I saw little children who hadn't eaten in days and we complain when the Oreos run out!

    And something not so sad...the Chrisley's are from my town! I grew up with Julie's parents at our church and ended up working with her mom right after college. Crazy!

  4. Love this! No shame at all! I am totally thankful for the UPS peeps, Amazon, and my DVR. Heck, the DVR might be the biggest thing I am thankful for! That and OnDemand TV! Putting Xavier in front of a on demand show is sometimes the only way dinner gets made, laundry gets done, or I can get ready for work! Speaking the truth is why I like you my friend :) Have a great weekend!

  5. So sweet! I am very thankful for Amazon Prime as well! We order pretty much all of our Christmas from Amazon because we have family all over and we can just order it and have it sent right to them!

  6. oh my Sawyer!! Look at those beautiful bright eyes!!! Love that your farmer is such a wonderful hubby... but really, how can he not be?! You guys are the sweetest together (and you gave him a beautiful turtle + muffin)... love this!

  7. I love that your girls get along so well. My sister and I are only 22 months apart, and she is definitely my best friend. Sisters unite! :)

  8. Those pics of your girls, LOVE!!!!!!!! They are precious, mama!

  9. All of those photos are fabulous! You have a beautiful family! I had to laugh at your first point...we just bought a second refrigerator (and we don't have kids yet! I'm thinking the husband might be planning on it being his "beer fridge"). Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  10. Chrisley Knows Best is AMAZING! You can watch the first season on the USA app. The things that come out of Todd's mouth crack me up- ie "The Devil may have his soul but his ass is mine!"

  11. wow your girls are too precious, such cute pics!!!!

  12. Great pictures of all yall. Hope you have a nice weekend! :)

    Mandie ~

  13. Life is good when you appreciate what you have! Great post!

  14. sweet precious post! and amen to Amazon Prime...they can certainly be a lifesaver!

  15. I just found your blog and this is such a sweet, honest post. Love it! Happy Friday for sure!!

  16. Did you see Roger tearing up about the birth of his baby on Snooki and JWoww?? Tears over here. Actualy tears. Sweetest thing ever.

  17. Girl there is no shame in catching up on DVR, I mean, isn't that why they give us maternity leave?? No? Well, that is what I thought it was for.

    And, yes, your farmer is a nice looking lad, but I have to say it's those lovely gals who steal the show in my mind! So, so, so cute! And I love that Kaye gives you trouble. I mean, otherwise, you would just be watching TV all day eating those bon bons. Not ok.

    And finally, saving the best for last here...Amazon Prime is about top five best things in the world. It's amazing. I use it as often as I can. Because it's just plain amazing.

  18. Don't mind me just going back through old posts and I love this thankful one! The Amazon Prime thing is a big one and I live in the city. I remember living in the middle of nowhere and wish we had it back then. Such a beautiful family!!


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