November 24, 2014

nursing essentials | bras + tanks...according to moi

here's what i know:
  1. nursing can be balls hard. if you're wondering how hard that's hard. 
  2. it can be the most convenient thing in the world...and the most inconvenient.
  3. those first two weeks...the hospital should send you home with a leather strap to bite down on as you try to establish a good nursing position for you and your babe.
  4. nursing can be super, amazingly rewarding and ridiculously special...except for when you have a two year old who throws fits every time you sit down to nurse. then it can be epically stressful.
  5. and lastly...i now know some ridiculously awesome products that have made nursing sawyer that much easier and less painful and more comfortable...for my tas. today i'm going to discuss nursing attire...
ONE | let's start with my new favorite brand - CAKE
i bought this wireless bra for sleeping, but i'm quickly realizing i'll be wearing it several times a week...which is why i went back for a second. i bought a medium the first time, which is great for my cup size, but not so great for my band size. it's too big. so the second bra i ordered is a small and offers that much more support. love love it.

next on the shopping list - some shaping tanks that were nursing friendly. thank you CAKE, again, for providing an amazingly comfortable, long enough to wear with leggings, nursing tank. love love love. i don't wear this one to bed, but it's wonderful under all my tops.

the final CAKE product that i've ordered, but have yet to try on is this underwire nursing bra. i previously ordered a freya and an anita to try on, but both were disappointments. they seemed flimsy for the support that i would need...which is weird because they are so expensive! they'll be going back. regardless...i'm jazzed to get the CAKE bra and try it out.

i's not the prettiest bra, but when we're dealing with a 34 DDD...the odds are not in my favor. and at this point...i just want it to feel good and look good under clothing, because lawd knows i don't need it to look good with my shirt off...but that's a whole different story.

and lastly...i was a little nervous about this tank because it just looked so funky. i has a flap that covers your tas that you lift up...but then your mid-section is still covered.
see the disconnected fabric? yep. you just lift that right up to expose the nursing bra of your choice. which is why i think this tank is particularly nice. you can wear your favorite bra and still have the convenience of support and keeping your shirt down. winning!

that's where i stand as far as nursing attire goes. so far i'm really happy with the goodies i've decided to keep! now i need to go return $200 worth of bras. i thought nursing was supposed to be economical? 


  1. I never liked nursing bras! I wore them for awhile, but soon just went back to the regular old bras and just pulled them down! I hated feeling like my bra cups were up to my neck! :) LOL!

  2. oh I'm so glad to hear you loved the CAKE products...I've been looking at them this time around and I really wanted to try them out! 34DDD...oh girl, I've got you beat, but we won't be sharing any actual numbers or letters on here; because I'm pretty sure most mommas didn't even know my numbers and letters were actually possible together!

  3. Pinning this for future reference, I don't think I'll need quite as much support but I'll go for convenience anytime.

  4. I wish I had known about these when I was nursing! Good thing we aren't done yet!! Looks so much more comfortable then the Bra I was using!

  5. Good to know- noting this post for future reference! Thanks for sharing!


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