October 10, 2014

oh hey, friday! | confessions are back

yeah. this is happening...and it's confessional edition, because it's always fun to throw myself under the proverbial bus. 

but before i spill my secrets, here are the usual details:
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1 | 
i've been known to shamelessly purchase an article of clothing. wear it. and return it. not only that, but now i'm passing this totally dishonest trait down to my daughter. not that she knows what i'm doing, but for example...

i bought some dresses for our little photo sesh last week and had every intention of changing her into the clothing for the pictures (tags on) and then returning them...pending no signs of wear. but we all know how that turned out. she rolled in the dirt and we certainly weren't going to squeeze in an outfit change with her attitude that day...so no dishonesty...that day, but the intention was there. 
2 |  
i've proved it time and time and time again. i am a server's worst nightmare. more often than not i have to send my food back because they've either put the dressing on the salad or they brought the wrong side or some specification i made regarding the toppings was incorrect.

i also get really miffed when there are clearly wonderful tables available and they shove me in the back next to the kitchen or bathroom. huh? this makes no sense. i always ask to be seated at the better table.

don't worry...i'm under no illusion that it's clearly a problem with me...but it basically makes me a nightmare to take in public. but can someone validate this for me? i mean...if i'm a paying customer just don't put dressing on the salad...and don't seat me next to the men's room.
3 | 
you're reading that right. my roommate my freshman year of college decided to take up stripping halfway through our inaugural year. she called herself venus

yes, venus practiced dance moves in our room.
yes, some of my classmates and i went to the strip club to watch venus in action.
yes, i may have run into one of my high school teachers there.
yes, i still intend on blogging that full story...eventually.
4 | 
please don't judge me...but the amount of television i log in a week is exceedingly embarrassing. i mean...it's upwards of 20+ hours. but i have excuses...

#1. i'm typically multitasking.
#2. i'm pregnant.
#3. that's all i got.

several times my farmer has suggested that we ditch direct tv/tv altogether. i nearly slapped his mouth. those are like curse words. 

someone tell me i'm not the only one with a television problem?

5 | 
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  1. OMG love this...and I'm with you on #2. I don't think asking to be sat in a better seat when there are clearly more options is too much to ask. And they KNOW that most people would want that anyway, some just don't say it...they should seat in better seats to begin with then this could all be avoided. I am queen of saying I want the booth when there are some available. I mean, DUH!
    California To Carolina
    The Gym Bunny

  2. GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLL is it sad to say I WISH I logged that much tv?! I mean TV that ISN'T Sophia, Dora, Jake the Pirate , Bubble Guppies, etc etc! My DVR is actually full but I maybeeee watch a show or two after the boys go to bed and I'm typing away on my laptop.

  3. SO glad I'm not the only one guilty of confession #1!!

  4. I Love your confessions!! You make me laugh (Not at you, I swear, but because I do these too!) And seriously, the TV is always on in our house. Ok, maybe not always, but lots. :)

  5. Love, LOVING the Confessions idea! I don't know if I am brave enough! Enjoy you last couple pregnant weeks, darling!

  6. Love this, can't wait to hear this stripper story, I can't even begin to imagine!

  7. 1. You crack me up as always! Looking forward to the rest of that story! My girlfriend in college dated one of our professors! I was bribed with and A to keep my mouth shut! Scandalous! 2. I am a shameless TV addict as well!

  8. I'm guilty of number 1. I've bought several items for a special occasion and have no desire to keep it for any other reason. I think they should make a store that has this concept in mind. Clearly, we aren't the only two doing this!

  9. Thanks for commenting re: the nursing cover!!! So which one did you prefer (if anything)?? Love your blog! And congrats on #2 as well ;)

  10. Oh my goodness. That stripper story is gold. Cannot wait to hear the whole story! :) Happy weekend!

  11. Love the stripper story. I really do hope you do a fully post soon. I can imagine you have some stories to tell.
    And I don't blame you for asking for a new table, or asking that they return the salad b/c of the dressing. I hate that too! It's annoying.
    Our husbands are like two peas in a pod with the TV cancellation. Mine suggests it approx. 75 times a year. And every time I talk him out of it. He shames me in those moments.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Stripper college roommate story, need full details.

  13. My husband and I think about getting rid of TV every once in a while but then I realize that I love myself and why would I do that to myself? I love TV. I lived in England for a year and didn't have TV so I think that's enough of that.

  14. Haha, I'm sure I log that many hours of television too, but like you said I'm multi-tasking! I just like having the noise in the background!

  15. Love this confession idea!! I wish my life was more exciting to have things to confess. I am right there with ya with the tv thing. They shouldn't make such good tv if they don't want us to watch it!! Happy Friday :)

  16. I'm dying over here! Stripper roommate! Tags on clothes! I jokingly suggest giving up Direct TV sometimes but my hubby knows..that is just not in our cards!

  17. I'm right there with you about a server's worst nightmare. My husband will not send food back to save his life because he's afraid of what they will do it but I'm not paying for it if it's not right! We are also struggling with the DirecTV issue. I struggle with letting it go!

  18. Oh I've definitely done the tag on clothes thing...I feel like such a sneak when I actually pull it off too.

    If I was your server, I probably would've spit in your food. Twice. =)

  19. Literally laughed out loud about your stripper roommate! Definitely need to know the rest of the story:)

    Aloha, Kathleen | House of Polynesia

  20. This list is awesome. I love #1 and as a TV whore I can probably top you on #4.

  21. I love watching TV! Most days I just look forward to getting off work, putting on my pajamas and laying in front of the TV. I wish I was doing that right now...

  22. love this...and I'm still waiting on the stripper story! Let's not talk about the amount of tv I've allowed my daughter to watch this week...I'm blaming it on pregnancy, the weather, and the fact that I've been dealing drug-free with the cold from Hell. Bring on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sheriff Callie and multiple viewings of Peter Pan!

  23. This is my favorite blog post ever. Haha. I feel the same way about TV. "You dont have cable? How do you live?" haha..

  24. Ah!! Totally getting in on that group giveaway - heading over to do that now! xo

  25. Linking up for the first time and a new follower! I used to be a tv addict until we cut our cable. Now I'm a Netflix addict......

  26. Which high school teacher did you see at the strip club!! I'm dying to know!

  27. I've just installed iStripper, so I can watch the hottest virtual strippers on my desktop.


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