October 02, 2014

farm gal #2 | our hospital packing lists

with probably (hopefully) about three weeks to go i told my farmer we should start thinking about getting our hospital bags together.

being the sensitive sort, he asked why we would need a hospital bag if we weren't going to stay overnight?

that led us down a rabbit hole of...i'm having this baby. he is not having this baby. i'll stay two full days in the hospital if i want to. don't say another word about it. ps. you can go back to the farm if you want.

about five minutes later he said he was sorry and that i could stay in the hospital for as long as i wanted. i think two nights is sufficient simply because we live so far away...and god forbid something should go wrong! it's not a fun thought. anyway...

so i said we should get our bags together. he grabbed a toothbrush, his leatherman, and a granola bar. that's my guy. throw in some shoelaces and he could deliver the baby safely on the way to the hospital himself.

me on the other hand...easy-does-her high-maintenance. it's how i roll. i'll be having a 45 minute tutorial with the nurse showing her how to use our camera. god help her.

  • change of clothes
  • phone + charger
  • toiletries
  • snacks

  • photo ID
  • insurance card
  • birthing gown
  • comfy bra
  • robe
  • water bottle
  • pillow
  • camera + charged batteries
  • phone + charger
  • laptop for blogging of course! right?
  • installed carseat
  • comfortable clothing (2 changes)
  • comfortable but cute clothing in case of an impromptu photo sesh
  • toiletries
    • makeup, toothbrush/paste, shampoo/conditioner, lotion, vitamins, hair goodies, deodorant 
  • swaddle blanket
  • baby's going home outfit + hat
  • mushy book 
  • nursing bra/tanks
  • kaye's big sister gift

  • PJ's x 2
  • outfits x 2
  • shoes + socks
  • diapers + wipes
  • sweater + jacket
  • sleep sheep
  • binkies
  • blankies x 2
  • pillow 
  • ipad
operation "get organized now or regret it later" is firmly underway. wish me luck.


  1. Oh girl! Looks like you remembered pretty much everything! Eeek! It's getting so close! Yay!

  2. Your husband's comment sounds like something my husband would say. Sigh....men!

  3. We stayed 3 nights, but technically the 1st night was before I was in labor! Love the Big Sister bag, so cute!

  4. I live about 10 minutes from the hospital my OBGYN uses and I stayed 2 full nights. I would have stayed longer if they had let me. I cried when they told me I was being discharged. It terrified me that they were sending me home with a tiny human being that I was completely responsible for. Here's hoping when the second one comes around I'm not quite so scared. I don't see that happening though.

  5. Haha, love the difference between your bag and his. So my life. Have a fab day!

    tattered to taylored

  6. You and your farmer sound extremely similar to hubby and I. My bag will be bursting at the seems because I prefer to be over-prepared. These lists are so helpful for those of us having their first. I'm seriously so stinking clueless.

  7. Your own birthing gown is a great idea. Why or why must the hospital ones be so disgusting looking? It is like someone at the hospital said, "Let's find the ugliest fabric on the planet. Now let's make a sheet with holes."

    I brought comfy clothes to change into and then never did. Bad move. I think I would have felt a little more human if I had put on real clothes.

  8. A girl after my own heart. I love making lists and you seem just like I would be if I were having a baby!

  9. Mic was pretty much the same way and we knew we would be there for the required 2 days (3 if C-section). Of course he couldn't be bothered by talking to me, so he had every electronic device he could fit in his bag! :( I had no idea what I was in for, so I am glad I had my clothes, toiletries, etc. with me :) I am sure you will do fine!

  10. good luck! Packing is so funny. We were caught off guard with the second one, so my husband literally threw stuff in a bag while I was trying to shower and work through contractions. And of course we got NO pictures because she came so stinkin fast and the stupid camera battery was charging when I went into labor and my husband just threw everything in the bag. Funny while in labor all I could think was, why didn't he put the stupid battery in, now we won't get any pictures, LOL. FYI: She came 10 minutes after I got to the hospital and about 2 hours after I had my first contraction.

  11. Okay so I have to ask...since you mentioned Kaye's bag...are you planning on having her stay at the hospital with you?! Thinking about when we adopt (or god willing get preggo) again, what our plans are for Ellie. Seeing as she hasn't had an overnight anywhere before I just want her with me in the hospital - not sure how practical that is though.

  12. I had our bags packed around that time too! I like to be prepared. My hubby didn't pack until the night before (we had a scheduled c-section) Our hospital was an hour from home so we HAD to stay!

    Your list looks great!

  13. thank you for sharing this with us. i think using of Packings is such a good idea. and it has an advantage for you especially if you have several things.


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