October 27, 2014

$150 cash giveaway (can i keep it? i just had a baby.)

it's true. i'm pre-writing this knowing that i'm going to be having my little gal on friday. 

(way to be organized karli! can't let the September FARM sponsors down!)

so while you all get busy checking out all these fine fine gals below...i'll be super busy cuddling a little muffin and catching up on whatever is left on our DVR...which just informed me we only have 25% free space left...so there must be something good on there above and beyond my farmer's favorite shows of meet the farmer and top gear. (seriously, there is a show called meet the farmer. they should feature my farmer...no-brainer.)
jess | nelle | kaelene
amy | karli | sarah
rachael | jamie | lisa
ali | alycia

and should you want to risk it and assume i won't drop the ball in november for the group giveaway...check out my ad space options to get your gorgeous face on the September FARM sidebar. i'd love love to have you...and your money since i'm buying clothes for two little gals now.


  1. YAY YAY YAY Can't wait to see that beautiful girl! Congrats!

  2. OMG! Can't wait to hear about the new little turtle!

  3. follow on bloglovin and instagram as elena1509

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  5. Sooo I've entered....and what if I promised to share the money with you if I win? Would I up my chances?!?! Come on..... =)


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