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September 22, 2014

running in the rain

we had the sweetest little rainfall yesterday. 

what that usually means to me is cuddling up inside and moving as little as possible. 

but when you have a turtle and a farmer with more energy than mice on crack, well, cuddles and TV watching just aren't typically in the cards. 

so back to this rain...

i was playing mom-of-the-year and heating up (yes, in the microwave) a hotdog for turtle's dinner and looked outside...i had two escaped runners having the very best time getting soaked to the bone. 
but we are talking pure joy on this gal's face. she absolutely loved every second.

plus it helps that our farmer is the fun one. thank god he's around or our gal would miss out on many an awesome childhood getting dirty or running in the rain...gasp!
and it certainly doesn't hurt that these two are beyond smitten for one another. 

talk about a third wheel. sheesh...get lost mom.
i'm so unbearably bias here, but this gal makes me swoon. i know of no other person that can pull off this face and make it look so so turtle-tastic.
22 comments on "running in the rain"
  1. Aww she is beyond adorable. Where did you get lil turtle' s cute outfit from???

    1. i get 99% of her clothes from baby gap during their sales. :)

  2. That kissing picture is BEYOND adorable.

  3. This is the sweetest thing. I'm glad you captured all those pictures. You know, I don't have kids, but if my hubs and I decide to have kids one day, he'll most definitely be the "fun" one, too. Ha!

  4. oh my goodness! That picture of her kissing her daddy is the cutest thing!

  5. Aww!! So stinkin' cute! Her kissing her daddy is just the sweetest! I love when we get rain here and I can let Scarlett go wild in the puddles!!

  6. This is adorable! Dancing in the rain is the way to go :)

  7. Some of my best memories come fro running and playing in the rain. It's almost like a right of passage. You girl beyond adorable and I can't wait to see Little Girl #2

    Sophie xxx

  8. Oh my gosh, these pictures are precious! What a sweet memory! :)

  9. What a doll! That picture of the farmer and turtle makes me melt. Adorable.

  10. So much adorable. To echo everyone who has already commented the photo of Farmer & Turtle is out of this world amazing and wonderful.

  11. What sweet memories! The kissing picture is perfect:)

  12. so precious! Elyse & her daddy have a wonderful relationship as well...because let's be honest, he's the fun one too! But I'm so happy about their relationship because it gives me a lot of peace for when Nora arrives in a couple months!

  13. Oh playing in the rain....a childhood must! I let my kids play in the rain as often as possible. They love it!

  14. Yes!!! Good thing for those let loose dads that keep things light and fun. Aria loves running around in the rain and getting dirty, two things that aren't overly high on my list of fun to dos. Esp the get dirty party. Digging in the dirt? Let's not. The rain I can handle though, and I'm ready with a big towel at the end.

  15. How sweet! Your farmer looks like a great dad!

  16. Finally catching on some reading and these photos of Kaye made my day! It was truly a rough morning until I saw that face :) Thanks for sharing!


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