September 05, 2014

oh hey, friday! | 5 fears about turtle 2.0

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1 | i've had two family members tell me now that they are scared for me because they don't know how kaye will react to this second turtle. let me tell you...this isn't exactly the best thing to tell someone a few months out from giving birth.

besides...there are three options:
  • option 1 - kaye will suck for a little bit and be super jealous. 
  • option 2 - kaye will be super turtle-tastic and just go with the flow of having another turtle in the house. 
  • option 3 - kaye will be jealous and super turtle-tastic.
i'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she's going to be a mix. and you know what. it's okay if kaye freaks...i'll be freaking too over the adjustment of having a newborn in the house again. besides...i have a farmer as my secret weapon. we're going to be fine. you hear that family? we're (and kaye) going to be fine.

ps. kaye isn't the first kid in the universe to have a younger sibling.

2 | my younger sister just had a little muffin of her own. unfortunately that little muffin was breach and had to be delivered cesarean style. because kaye was a "normal" (read: vag) birth, this never even crossed my mind as a possibility for round two. the due date approaches i'm coming to the realization that turtle 2.0 could be breach. please please don't be breach.

3 | if you weren't reading this here blog a few years ago you would never know that when i first started nursing kaye i had some SERIOUS issues. it was terrible and i would never wish it for any mom. if you want to read the full story, check out my posts here and here.

or, if you would like a snap shot, just know i had a lump the size of a golfball in my left breast because of some milk that wasn't able to get out (no, it wasn't mastitis). it was called a golactocele. it turned into a terrible infection. i got really sick. blah blah.

basically, i just hope that it doesn't happen again. stupid boobs.

4 | fast forward to when turtle 2.0 isn't quite so squeaky new. is she going to be just. like. kaye? dear god, save me. can i really handle another gal that walks at nine months? what about a gal that throws the most epic epic fits i've ever seen? or the worst thought of all...what if they don't like each other? they have to like each other. as in...i'm counting on them being besties.

on the flip-side - what if i get another turtle that naps 3+ hours a day and sleeps 13 hours at night? what if i have a turtle with a veracious appetite who isn't really picky and will eat most anything? what if i have two turtles who are exactly the same and i fall even more madly in love with each of them?

i'll basically be the luckiest gal in the world.

5 | as for my final fear...what if i don't have enough time to blog (gasp!) after this second one arrives? okay...that's totally lame. i could i not blog about my two gals? honor of two turtles, in honor of this blog still plugging along, and in honor of it being MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! i'm throwing out some discount codes for ad spaces all over the place:

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  1. Girl I think you(& Kaye) are going to just plain rock it - plain and simple. Remember the last time, you can worry about EVERYTHING under the stars, but that doesn't mean it's how anything will turn out.

    But let's just get back to the fact that Kaye was walking at 9 months. 9 MONTHS? What is in that farm water out there??

    1. I was thinking the same thing?! What are you drinking out there!!

  2. the good news is, this ain't your first rodeo! wish you so much amazing lucky and lots of sleep ;)

  3. Soooooooooooo, I really thought you were talking about turtles ;). But, then I got it....ooops

  4. All I can say is 1) like julie chen says "expect the unexpected" …It never ceases to amaze me how different my two boys came out. Polar opposites. So get ready for anything

    2) I really think that Kaye will ignore the little one until she starts crawling around and getting into her stuff. Just have the baby give her a present when she gets home. Something she will really love.

  5. I think your concerns are valid and normal. I also can't believe some of your family members told you that! I definitely wouldn't want to hear that either. You are right though, she isn't the first gal to get a younger sibling and she won't be the last. It may be challenging until you get in a new routine, but you will find a new routine and everything will be fine! Kids love babies, so she'll probably fall in love with turtle 2.0. :)

  6. I've always heard the 2nd is easier....or maybe I am just thinking that because I was number 2! :)

  7. I don't have any experience with having kids, so I can't help you there, but I think it's adorable that you call them turtles! :)

  8. I see lots of sleep and smiley happy babies in your near future! ;)

  9. Turtle will be just fine. And so will you! Two farm babes = too much fun! Plus think of how skinny you'll be chasing after 2 minis. Winning!

  10. You are so damn cute with all your worries, but I completely understand. I would love a second little one, but I would be terrified that they wouldn't have Xavier's personality. While he can be a crazy train most the time, throw tantrums that are out of this world, I don't know if I could handle someone different :) Good luck Karli! I am sure there will be ups and downs and new adventures adding a second turtle to the mix, but it will be great :)

  11. As long as Kaye knows that she can eat ice cream, stay up later and is bigger than T2.0 she'll be fine ;) At least that's all Tracen cared about. I do remember that he also told me that I could give Sky back to the doctors one night...mmm yea, that was nice! But seriously, those were my exact worries too! Thankfully Sky eats EVERYTHING in sight, sleeps through the night (kinda) and hasn't started walking, although I'm getting worried now that he's 13 months. Regardless! You'll be surprised how much more grown up she will seem, its nuts! Plus she can go get you diapers when you need them because she'll be "your helper" :) D day is soo sooon, I'm excited for you!!

  12. Kaye will adjust just fine. Like you said she isn't the first person to have a younger sibling. Just make sure there is a little you and kaye time every once in a while. Oh and by personal experience, each child is different and your a pro now, so this should be smooth sailing! Happy Friday!

  13. these are absolutely some of my same fears! and it reminds me of what I kept telling myself before Elyse was born....LOTS OF people, many who aren't as smart as me and dont' have the resources I have, have raised a child and they have survived. And you know what, those same people have had multiple children and they've survived too. We'll get through this!

  14. I'm sure you'll both do great!!

  15. Since I'm about 2weeks into life with #3--you'll be fine. You're already a mommy so you have a head start on knowing what the heck you're doing. I had my 3rd c-section; they aren't terrible. If it does happen, it'll be fine. Kaye sounds super smart so she will be a super big helper!! It'll all be wonderful!

  16. People say the craziest things to pregnant women! I know I'm screwed with #2 since our first is the easiest baby on the planet. Eeek!

  17. You are going to be a wonderful mommy to 2!! So exciting!

  18. I had the worst possible breast feeding experience with #1 and #2 was a bazillion times better, so don't worry!! Plus my kids are 16 months apart, and sure there was jealousy for maybe 2 months, but now he looooves his little sister and all is well again. It won't be quite as bad as you think!


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