September 30, 2014

36 week stats | farm gal #2

are we all up for some more mirror belly selfies?

oh good. i was nervous my awkwardness was too much last week. 
36 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2

WEIGHT GAIN | i'm sitting here at a downtown coffee shop sipping my decaf almond milk latte and munching (devouring) a slice of delicious pumpkin bread. this is my reward after a one pound gain this week. bringing my grand total to 16 pounds after a very long 36 weeks and three days...but who's counting?

SYMPTOMS | zip. nada. these are the facts. as signs of baby coming any time soon. it's kind of how i roll. 

if you've been reading for a bit you know kaye was nearly two weeks overdue and i was induced. call it mother's intuition, but i have a STRONG to QUITE STRONG feeling this one won't be interested in coming on her own either. 

SIZE OF BABY | this gal is right on schedule. my belly is measuring right at 36 weeks and the doctor is still predicting right around a seven pounder. he even went as far to say i am textbook perfection. i responded with "if only that were the case in college." 

at least i grow my babies real real it seems.

SLEEP | either i'm getting better at the no-sleep thing or i'm just so exhausted i don't remember waking up in the night, but i'm feeling much better rested than i was a few weeks ago. this is an absolute godsend considering my attitude towards my poor farmer has been less than desirable. 

sometimes i look at him, and just like the movies, i think, "you did this to me." hate in my heart. 

but i've so so put my best foot forward to be sweet to him. sometimes that includes an, "i'm sorry i'm a total bi*ch-face 80% of the time." 

that man - he's a saint.

WORKOUTS | i walked 18 miles last week. this is only possible because i'm obsessed with watching dexter on the iPad as i march it out on the treadmill and because kaye is still rocking three hour naps. 

i do know i'm going to have to figure out something tricky tricky when gal-face #2 arrives because i will go insane if i can't run. 

CLOTHING | farmer made the mistake of saying this morning, "black leggings and a cardigan again. surprise surprise." i asked him if he wanted me to drop some benjamins on some clothes that fit. he stopped talking.

GENDER | pink is the word.

CRIES THIS WEEK | hello week #2 in a row with no cries. 

hey hormones - suck it. i win, you lose. 

PURCHASES | i'm having some buyers guilt (not remorse) after my frye boots purchase last week (please see them pictured...i'm in love). so nothing new this week. i'm considering purchasing a new dresser for the nursery. we were going to move our old dresser in there, but it's just so huge it looks ridiculous. i also still need to get some girly accessories for the nursery like a pink pillow for the chair, a mobile, and some art...still. 
here's to another week of being the mom of one. life is about to slap me in the face. 


  1. oh my gosh... that outfit... those boots... Don't have even the tiniest bit of guilt. You look stinkin' cute!!

  2. I love reading your posts, you are hilarious- thanks for sharing :)

  3. Gah. So much to talk about. One - the boots are fab. Keep them and think of them as an investment. A very fab/trendy so cute investment. I mean, they'll last forever right? Two - your writing style cracks me up. Like I literally can envision this is exactly how you talk in real life. Three - I stinkin' love Dexter. Best show ever. And way to go on 18 miles this week. You're a total motivation for me to get my booty up and moving. And I don't even have a bump as an excuse. Four - there is no four, except you're awesome. Keep doing what you're doing!

  4. Wow! You are doing so great! You look awesome! Can't wait to see pics of that little girl!

  5. Wow! You are doing great! You look awesome! Can't wait to see pics of that little girl!

  6. You totally are textbook perfection & I love the fact that when Farmer said something about your wardrobe you offered to go purchase some new items :)

  7. I am beyond jealous of your 16lb weight gain! You look so adorable, especially in your new boots :)

  8. Hey, I gave birth at 36w5d... so, in theory, you could be meeting that little nugget real soon!

    And dang, 16 pounds at 36 weeks? Who are you and what's your secret?!?! I need to take notes for when we get around to baby #2! You look FANTASTIC :D

  9. You are seriously adorable! I also love the idea of Netflix while I walk; it gives me zero excuses!

  10. you look seriously adorable! and I love your cardigan! I've resorted to walking only as well. definitely jealous of your 16 lb weight throw up in my mouth a little bit jealous! ha! just kidding, definitely excited for you to meet Turtle #2!

  11. Love love love that sweater! And your bump! And yes, the boots! :)

  12. Loving that sweater and leggings combo - your farmer just doesn't know what's up with maternity fashion, bless him. I will be doing the same thing. Leggings errrday. Or yoga pants:) You have seriously made pregnancy look so easy, and I can't wait to see you guys transition from family of 3 to family of 4!

  13. Love the boots & the cardigan, mama!!! Rocking that bump!!

  14. Yesss.....DEXTER!! The bf and I are watching it currently. Only on season 5, very beginning. Jelly of the boots. Oh farmer and outfit comments lol.

  15. Your so adorable!!! I'm dying over those boots. I so need a new pair of boots :)

  16. I am LOVING those boots! And that whole outfit by the way. I would like to call it farm chic...I think it could be a new trend and you are rocking it! =)

    I just knew by the looks of ya that you would be the girl who is textbook perfect carrying a baby...damn you and your perfect basketball belly.

  17. I love that you asked your farmer if he wanted you to buy clothes that fit--totally something I would say to my husband too! haha And your leggings and cardigan outfit is adorable and you look great in it. I would wear an outfit like that every day if I could! AND i love the boots :)

  18. I'm currently knocked up as well and leggings + boots + some sort of loose top is definitely my uniform too. I keep on stealing my husband's button up shirts and if/when he complains I give him the same answer of "I'm trying to be economical here!" It's working well so far. I'm loving that cardigan; you're the cutest!

  19. I'm still living in leggings and cardigans! Ha. You look great and you totally earned that treat (or 5!). I may have missed it but did you guys decide a name yet?


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