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September 23, 2014

35 week stats | farm gal #2

a little late to the party this week, but how could i not update everyone on the riveting growth of my sweet turtle 2.0 who kicks the daylights out of me all night long, causes excruciating heartburn, wild mood swings, and all in all makes me an absolute treasure to be around? 

no seriously...let's be friends. i'll cry on your shoulder one minute and be manically happy the next. is everyone getting a little feel for what my farmer is dealing with on the daily?

he made his he'll have to lay in it...for like...4.5 more weeks.
35 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2

WEIGHT GAIN | no worries guys! i'm excelling in this department as of lately. since i've stopped running altogether but continue my nightly splurges on ice cream, nutella, birthday cake...or all three...the doctor informed me i'm at a 15 pound weight gain. 

but seriously...having both my farmer's birthday and my birthday last week didn't do me any favors. i LITERALLY ate more than 90% of a deliriously delicious birthday cake from whole foods.

let it be noted...whole foods makes killer cakes. 

SYMPTOMS | the next time i forget my prilosec just put me out of my misery. seriously...i forgot to take it yesterday morning and was feeling pretty cocky most of the day because i wasn't having any symptoms. but from about 9 pm - 2 am i wished i was...i don't know what. but it was terrible.

also, i may have experienced my very first braxton hicks moments last night. do those hurt or just kind of feel like a cramping sensation? 

SIZE OF BABY | i saw the doctor today and this little fighter (think MMA, karate, boxer) is the perfect size. he's predicting a 7 pounder + a few ounces on the due date. kaye was 7 lb. 14 oz. at 11 days that sounds about right. 

but right now this little gal is just over five pounds and between 16 - 18 inches in length.

SLEEP | oh elusive thing you. 

the other night my farmer fell asleep on the couch...and because i'm a super good wife, i left him there. things are super romantic up in here...up in here.

but guess what? i rolled to the middle of our glorious king sized bed and slept most excellently for like...three hours. i felt like a new woman the next day and i think i was probably a little more mentally stable. 

WORKOUTS | no more running. whomp whomp. but i do get in some walking. plus carrying kaye around has to count for something. oh...and moving furniture and painting and hand polishing the hardwood floors...these all make me out of that's practically cardio.

CLOTHING | hello black leggings three days in a row. i'm particularly excited because i ordered some new black leggings that i've heard are the shiz. i'll be super jazzed when those land on my doorstep. 

GENDER | girl...not that we've had any additional ultrasounds to reconfirm. but i swear...if this baby comes out a boy i'll be slightly disappointed for like...five seconds. 

regardless, i worked on those pink stripes in the nursery last week and i changed the closet doors from an olive green to white...and they look SO. MUCH. BETTER. see...

CRIES THIS WEEK | sorry to disappoint, but ZERO cries this week!! who am i? clearly someone who is 100% emotionally stable. 

PURCHASES | ummm...don't ask. i's september and my birthday month and the weather is changing and and and...i NEEDED them. but seriously...don't tell my farmer. just let him read the blog and let him remember that i'm carrying his child and that the last pair of boots i received about four years ago for christmas and that all he has to do is sell 2.5 bales of hay to pay for them. it's fine. i love you farmer. a lot. 
27 comments on "35 week stats | farm gal #2"
  1. you look absolutely adorable and those boots were a fabulous purchase!

  2. Aww the nursery is looking cute and so are you!

  3. You are absolutely adorable! Lovin' that look- and those boots! (and the nursery..ok love it all haha) xoxo

  4. You look awesome and you're in the final stretch!! :) Are you just starting the BH contractions? I had those for about 12 weeks with both pregnancies, and I thought they hurt. The things we go thru for our kids! ;)
    Hope you start getting some sleep!!
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones

  5. I can't wait for turtle number 2! My daughter is high needs and 'spirited' like your turtle and I'm curious if the next one will be mellow for you. I keep going back and forth on having another, I can't imagine my daughter being any different but I'm not sure I could handle 2 of her. lol

  6. you seriously crack me up and I can't believe how amazing you look at 35 weeks! I feel like I already seem bigger than you and I'm only at 29w!!!

    I've been having Braxton Hicks at night already and while I used to think it wast just some crazy movement, now it's more like just an overall tightening sensation. Kind of hard to explain really...but not really a fun time.

  7. The nursery is amazing! You look great!

  8. how cute are you?! You're so funny, and love those boots! Swoon, yes you NEEDED them!

  9. You look great and the nursery is looking amazing. And seriously, 15lbs! I am so, so, so jealous.

  10. The nursery looks great! And so do you! Could it be the Hue leggings that you purchased? Maybe? Can't wait for you to love them like I do!

  11. Looking Fab, Mama!! I love the stripes on the wall in the babe's room!! I have always wanted to do a striped accent wall... maybe in the next nursery! Was it hard to do?!

  12. You look soooooo cute pregnant =) I love reading your blog.... it's quickly become one of my favs.

  13. You're pretty much the cutest preggo ever...said every commenter before me. But it must be reiterated, so there! Off to check out Whole Foods cakes in 3, 2, 1!

  14. Please share what brand the leggings are..unless they are maternity haha I've been on the search for an awesome pair!

  15. You look adorable, and love those boots!!!

  16. The room looks good! Jelly of the boots....they are pretty.

  17. You look great mama! & I started getting bh contractions before 20 weeks this time around! I feel them all the time, especially at night when I am sitting or laying. It feels like your belly is tightening up, sometimes it even feels like it goes up your chest. & When I get them my face gets really hot. They do not hurt though.

  18. Girllll you look like I did at 20 weeks with number 2!!! You look FAB-U-LOUS!!! And I'm loving the nursery!!! I did love those olive green doors though!

  19. Those boots are amazing and the nursery looks great!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  20. You spoiled gal, you! Loving those boots! My husband doesn't have bales of hay to sell but maybe he could sell like a kidney or something...

  21. If that's what it looks like to stop running and eat splurges at night while pregnant, I want your genes! I'm only 16 weeks and I see more love handles than I do baby. I guess I should take a hint and run a little bit... to the grocery store that is.

  22. I love the boots. I wish it would get a little more fall like here in Eastern Iowa so I could actually where my boots! You are a very cure preggers lady!

  23. You seriously look fantastic! How is it possible you only have 4.5 weeks left? It went super fast on my side of things. lol!

  24. You're looking great and I'm in love with the boots!

    Sophie xxx

  25. You look great and cute! It is really only 4.5 weeks left? do you think she'll come early?


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