September 29, 2014

$205 cash giveaway...don't mind if i do birthday month is winding down. 

whomp whomp. 

what if i rallied all these ladies together and they just decided to GIVE ME the $205 cash so i can buy myself something pretty?

ladies? yes?

because, let's face it...with a new baby on the way and my almost two year old wearing all 3T clothing (she's literally as large as three year olds)...i didn't get to tell myself yes nearly as many times as i would have liked. 

let's just say i have big plans for some post-baby clothes shopping. 

oh yeah...and there's still the basement bathroom i'm going to drop some coin on and i've also decided to brighten our kitchen with a new backsplash. 

tile isn't cheap. 

so, aside from those frye boots i purchased (and turtle's uggs)...i said no quite responsibly. my farmer would be proud. 

but just because i told myself no doesn't mean you have to! ESPECIALLY if you win this little giveaway. and by little i mean - $205 cash. that's not little.

and show these gals some love while you're at it. it'll be worth it, i swear.
morganmegan | heather | karissa
terin | tawnya | mar | maegen
lauren | katie | kate | vanessa
amy | karli | libby | caroline
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thank you so much for getting yourself entered...and very best of luck!

should you get a wild hair and want to participate in next months group giveaway, check out your options on my advertise page!


  1. Aww! I have the opposite problem! All the sweet clothes we got at showers for Hallie aren't going to fit for the correct season because she is too small!

  2. Yes! Why must tile be so expensive? I've been back and forth on doing the backsplash in our kitchen, and think this year may be time to finally go for it! :)

  3. You deserve those boots and so does Kaye...why say no when it feels so good to say yes!?!? =)

    Can't wait until I win this giveaway! I will then make sure to put a post together showing off all the goods I bought with this moo-lah!

  4. Follow:

    thank you for the giveaway!

  5. I am so glad I am not the only one with a 22 month old that wears 3t clothing!!!

  6. I hope you have enjoyed your birthday month!

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  8. Love being in this group! Thanks Karli!


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