August 22, 2014

oh hey, friday! | a summer recap

i realized earlier this week that the summer is darn near over and i thought it the perfect opportunity to recap a few fun moments that never made it to the blog. tsk tsk.

but first...the bizz -

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and now...the forgotten summer recap...
3 | you may or may not know, but my farmer bought a short school bus at the beginning of the summer. well, on a super hot day, we stopped by this gal's house, snatched up her and the family, and took off to go cherry picking. however, the cherry picking wasn't the best part. it was watching these two love each other...and of course observing kaye get repeatedly caught in the cherry tree netting. 
4 | our mccall getaway about a month ago was so so, so much fun. we managed to squeeze in lots of lake time, some biking, some walking, some family time, and of course...s'mores. 

5 | and of course...lots of backyard pool time. with a top, or's fun regardless. i mean...i don't think i could pull off topless swimming, but my turtle...she's got that in the bag for at least one or two more years. 
let's go out and enjoy the rest of our warm summer days...and daydream of crisp fall mornings, boots, scarves...and not being pregnant.

oh! and if you're linking that too.


  1. I'm so sad that we're already doing summer recaps....why is it over already??? I'm planning my recap for next week. :(

  2. Such a good idea. There's always those moments we don't blog about but what to. I love the top less swimming!! Also let's reverse and go back to summer.

  3. It looks like you had a great summer! And your little bump is so cute :) It's funny because I felt like I couldn't wait to have my little one when I was pregnant, and didn't really enjoy it much, but now I miss it!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Turtle pulls off the topless swimming like a pro. She should offer classes on it:) And, seriously, you and your little family are just too cute for words. Get on your short bus, and get on out of here. You're making the rest of us look bad:) Glad you guys had such a good summer. Can't wait to see what shenanigans you guys get up to this fall - especially when there's one more of you!:)

  5. Summer fun! I want ruffled bikini bottoms :)

  6. Thanks for hosting! Can't believe summer is winding down :( looks like you all are enjoying it!

  7. I don't want Summer to be over but it looks like you guys have had a wonderful one!!! I love all the pictures and Turtle definitely pulls of topless swimming. That is awesome you guy bought a short bus, you will have so much fun with it!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  9. It looks like you had such a fun summer! I can't believe summer is almost over, but at least there's football, beautiful weather, cardigans, and for you, your new baby girl! to look forward to. ;) Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful weekend! -Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

  10. Aw it looks like y'all have had such a great summer!! I can't wait to have a little one next summer!

  11. Best thing about summer being over {in your case!} is that being pregnant in the fall is the!!! Ps. how many swimming pools does Kaye get to choose from to swim in ;) Pss. You all should dress up as the ninja turtles for know, turtle power ;) You can thank me later XX

  12. Looks like a pretty great summer to me! And I'm so ready for fall too...except for one thing: maternity jeans. Do we have to?! Have a great weekend!!!

  13. Your husband bought a bus?? LOL! That's GENIUS!

    I love cherries! Mmm.
    The picture of Turtle getting stuck in the net kind of made me laugh. :-/ (Sorry, Turtle!)

  14. I think I say this everytime I comment, but Kaye is just so stinkin' cute! And those faces she makes are hilarious! She looks so much like your farmer :)
    Looks like a pretty great summer to me! I am daydreaming of all things Fall these days!

  15. Ugh, summer. Please don't end! Yours looks like it has been fantastic. Especially with your cutie patootie Kaye.

  16. Looks like you're having a fantastic time! Never seen a bike seat on the front for little ones...will definitely have to look into something like that!

  17. I am so sad summer is almost over!! But am looking forward to Fall! Love all your pics...such a fun summer!! Have a great weekend!

  18. Loving K's swimsuit bottoms!! SO cute!

  19. oh oh Amy's son is in trouble, look at that turtle resting her head on him, if she bats her eyelashes she will have that little farmer wrapped around her finger, a girl after her mamma :)


  20. I just posted my first OHF post! I'm excited to join in on the fun and read more of your blog.

  21. Your daughter is the cutest little girl ever. Y'all got some really great photos!!! Thanks for hosting the giveaway AND linkup!

  22. Your family look like they have had a fantastic summer! I'm currently still dealing with the cold of Winter for a couple more weeks and looking forward to summer so much (especially now that I'm within walking distance of the beach :) )

    Sophie xxx

  23. Can't believe summer is almost over. Where did it go??? Looks like y'all had a great one though :)


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