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August 01, 2014

oh hey, friday! | sh!ts been goin' the very best way

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you guys. normally summer time is a rough time for this farmer's wife.

we usually say, "so long, see ya!" to my farmer sometime in june and then wait for him to reemerge in late october.

last summer was balls because i had a new-ish baby that i was totally freaked out by. i mean...i loved her, but i was scared of her. mothering didn't come naturally to me. it still doesn't...but i keep trying. also, i was still nursing all the time and felt all awkward with my body. throw in a pinch of hormones and a dash of insecurity...i was a hot mess.

it certainly wasn't a recipe for like, the best summer ever.

but this summer - it's been great. not to mention this week.

let's talk about it-

1 | i got to ditch the turtle and go for a full day of pampering on monday to celebrate this gal's 30th birthday. we're talking pedicures, facials, massages, haircut and color...and even a new shirt (or two). and that was just me! amy was absolutely spoiled for her 30th...and she deserves all of it. she's a hardworking mama of two busy boys...and her farmer.
naturally...we captured some shots of our new hair and new duds in an alleyway in boise.
2 | on thursday i got to meet up with my dear, sweet gal-pal, cathie, and her darling daughter (aka - kaye's bestie) claire. we headed to the water park where i had the very very best time and kaye got more than her fair share of near drownings. but you know what...when you're shooting off the end of a kiddie slide with a turtle on your's hard to keep her turtle-face above the water line.
and let's talk about those kiddie slides...built for speed is all i'm saying.

3 | totally worth mentioning - i grilled steak for the very first time. this is big because you would be hard-pressed to even find me cooking something that resembles dinner let alone grilling. but you know what, i think i'm in love.
with that steak we had garden-fresh corn on the cob brought to us by one of our employee's wives. it would be a safe bet to say i enjoyed it the most, but then you would lose. just look at this gal's gusto.

sorry she's not sorry.

4 | quite possibly the most notable event of the week - our turtle has officially transitioned to her big girl bed.

here's what we did: randomly on tuesday i stopped by costco, and like a slap in the face, there were the twin mattresses on sale. count me in for a $100 mattress. they loaded it in my car with my steak, fruit, and turtle and we were on our way.

once home, i busted out kaye's bedding (that i had been dying to see all put together) right on our living room floor. girlfriend was instantly smitten. she crawled, cuddled, jumped, and rolled all over her new bed until bedtime.
do you see kaye? it appears she's being squished by the mattress, but rest assured, she's napping on the car ride home.
then farmer and i maneuvered her crib into our bedroom and replaced it with her mattress directly on her bedroom floor against the wall...for transitional purposes. (her big girl bed frame arrives next week.)
i was super nervous and monitor-stalked until she was asleep. luckily it took all of about five minutes and she was out. the next day at nap time i was nervous again. five minutes - lights out for a solid 3.5 hours. night #2 came and went and we have concluded this is the best/easiest child-rearing feat we've encountered to date. much better than last weeks potty-training fiasco. thank god.

5 | aaaand...welcome to august. can you believe it's august? this means i am getting my monthly group giveaway organized once again! should you want to get in on the action i'd just love to have you! check out my ad page...any spot you choose gives you the option for the group giveaway!
29 comments on "oh hey, friday! | sh!ts been goin' the very best way"
  1. Was your birthday Monday??! So was mine!!!! Happy 30th!!! xo

  2. That corn didn't stand a chance :)
    Those bump pics in the alley way are gorgeous!!!!

  3. Those alleyway pics are adorable!! Happy weekend :)

  4. oooh love those pictures of yall! Hair looks good!

  5. Big girl bed! Woo hoo how old is your baby doll again? So sweet. Your hair is fab.

  6. That's awesome she's sleeping so good in her big girl bed AND you found it for a steal!! Love pampering days - I think I need another one of those soon! You look gorgeous!

  7. Friends, spa day, successful big girl transition, AND a waterpark?! Sign me up for your summer!! Love it!!!!!!

  8. I love a good day of pampering!! Love those alleyway pictures! Have a great weekend and thanks for hosting the link up! :)

  9. Love those bump pics!!!! Also, so encouraging to hear the big girl transition went smoothly! I've stated before, I don't care if Lily is still in her crib when she goes to Kindergarten. ha! Sleep is just too good right now! Was she excited?

  10. LOVE your hair! And yay for the easy transition to the big girl bed. The universe owed you one after the potty training failure. Have a good weekend!

  11. Getting pampered is the best and having a fun day with a friend makes it even better! Your pictures in the alley are fabulous!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. That spa day sounds ah-mazing! Love the pictures in the ally. Glad you had a parenting win with the big girl bed, thanks for hosting the link up!

  14. Your belly in the bsuit!!!! SO SO cute!!!

  15. Kaye is just too much! The corn on the cob...the big girl bed...flippin' A-DOR-able!

  16. Corn and a big girl bed....our lives continue to line up in more ways than one :) SO GLAD that Kaye did well with the transition! And don't feel bad about the whole potty training thing. After last week, Nora decided that in NO WAY did she want to continue going on the potty chair. Fail over here in Nebraska, too :(

  17. That does sound like some great sh!t!! It always makes me feel better when I hear how easy transitioning to toddler beds is! And LOVE those maternity shots!

  18. You know I think people freak out too much about the transitioning stuff. I always just did what you did. Just like hey... this is what we are doing now. The end. Usually works with kids:)

  19. Hooray for a FULL DAY of pampering! Happy late birthday :)

  20. Dang girl, you DID have a good week! And way to go Kaye with your big girl bed! :)

  21. A day of pampering and new clothes? Super jealous over here! And those pics are so cute!
    The waterpark looks like so much fun! And you look great by the way!!!
    Girl can eat her corn like a pro :)
    Yeh! Glad the transition to the big girl bed went well! We are still working on the room for Xavier, but I can't wait to test out the bed as soon as things are remotely in place!

  22. Yay for some much-deserved pampering, Mama! So fun. And seriously, what doesn't kill Turtle just makes her stronger, right? So that visit to the water park was a great strengthening exercise. Win. I must admit, I am a wee bit jealous of the easy transition to the big girl bed. I just know that if I were to put my little man into a bed with no bars all the way around it, he would find his way off of it in about 5.7 seconds flat and wreak havoc in the house. Sigh. Guess I should have used the Moms on Call book everyone always talks about...

  23. That sounds like the best birthday party ever! And to experience it all with your gal pals- HEAVEN! Do you not love big kid bedding! Even more fun than crib bedding! Our oldest transitioned just like that and it made all the horror stories I had heard about said transition seem like tall tales! Yay for easy transitions!

  24. I also can't believe it's August already. Way to go for the easy transition to big girl bed! We are contemplating putting our second into her big girl bed soon... but I don't think it will be as easy as your transition lol. That corn looks delicious - corn on the cob is my absolute fave. :)

  25. So much to comment on!! Love you rockin the bump in your two piece and those new pictures y'all took!

  26. Such a happy little Mama! Congrats on the big girl bed transition! You look amazing in all your pics...I admire your running ability through your pregnancy!

  27. Hooray for an easy toddler bed transition!!! I'm dreading that...and kind of excited. I think I shall start with picking out toddler bedding! And, really #1 - that is the best. Ahh a day of being pampered. Sounds perfect.

  28. yay for an easy toddler bed transition...I love the idea of putting the mattress on the floor. Elyse's crib just converts to a toddler bed with a new front rail...but maybe we'll pull the mattress off to make it less of a fall! ha!

    And you in that bathing suit?!? look amazing!


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