August 18, 2014

30 week stats | farm gal #2

30 weeks. 30 weeks is here and i feel like that means we're in the homestretch...even though it also means 2.5 months remain.

it's true what they say though - when you have another crazy turtle running around the weeks absolutely fly by. 

you know what is also true? once you hit 30 weeks (or even 29), it's so very very obvious how uncomfortable everything becomes.

my stomach feels like it's stretching. my pelvis hurts. my face is getting fatter. i am strongly considering nixing running altogether. i walk. so. slowly. 
see the fat face? this is happening.
but with all the annoyances...there are so so many positives - like when turtle 2.0 kicks the ever-living daylights out of me. yes...this is a positive. 

30 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2
WEIGHT GAIN | oh goodness. i think we all know how vacation goes. we ate and ate and ate. it started off with a milkshake before we even got on the plane and moved onto a footlong rockie-dog (denver rockies) at the baseball game + french fries + nachos that i wouldn't share with anyone. that was night one, so you can imagine how the weekend played out. my only saving grace is the lack of beer calories a pregnant gal can't what i lacked in those i made up for in dessert at the wedding - mini pecan pies, cookie-dough cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, and s'mores. by the end of the night people were starting to point at me each time i visited the dessert table. #noshameinmygame
but after all that, i'm up 11 pounds total. this is promising considering we have THREE more weddings to attend in the next five weeks.

WORKOUTS | this is 100% why i have to keep working out because lawd knows i'm not going to slow my sweets consumption down. these are the facts. 

the wedding actually took place in a mountain town outside of denver. while we were there i wheezed through a walk-run for about three miles. that was it. pair that with the dancing my farmer and i did and i guess i kind of got some cardio in while on vacation. (and by dancing i mean my farmer twirled around five little girls while i snapped pictures.)
CLOTHING | now that i've hit the 30 week mark i'm done focusing on my maternity wardrobe. i'll just make what i have work for the next 10 weeks. however...the post-pregnancy body is so awkward to least mine is. so if i do run across anything cute it's going to have to be a little flowy in the belly area and easy to nurse in. button-down shirts are my friend. 

again...if anyone has any favorite brands that hit that criteria, i'm all ears!  

GENDER | i've gone pink crazy. i'm going to start adding some pink accents to the green + navy nursery. i purchased some pink crib sheets. i'll need to start my hunt for some girly accessories like frames and art to fill those frames. 

obviously...turtle 2.0 is a girl if you're just now following along!

also, in case you missed it, i posted some gender reveal cupcakes AND pictures a few weeks ago.

CRIES THIS WEEK | no cries, but just barely. girlfriend had a really tough start to gymnastics class where we spent the first 15 minutes on the side watching the other kids have fun while kaye learned some lessons - follow directions. don't hit mommy. 

the rest of class she was a dream and so so cute. but having to discipline and have her be the bad's a true challenge to not just grab her arm and march her out the front doors...and burst into tears of course. 

i hear three is worse than two, so i'm really looking forward to that. 

CRAVINGS | i'm not allowing myself to have cravings until the weekend. i plan on lots of grilling and lots of delicious veggies. i have a feeling my farmer is going to need a little detox after all the beer at the wedding. i need a detox after the dessert table. and turtle is going to need a detox after spending four days with grandma and grandpa. 

PURCHASES | no purchases this week...but i am on the hunt for a new diaper bag. i'm actually already getting annoyed by all the things i'm going to need to carry around for two kids...but that's how it goes. should i just carry a duffle? probably. 

i hope everyone had a fantastic weekend...and let's make the most of these final weeks of summer! (can you believe august is over half over? time flies.)

now farmer and i are going to nap for two days to recover.


  1. Ohmygoodness girlfriend, your face is not fat and you have the cutest looking baby bump in the history of baby bumps! Also, can I just say you and your farmer are absolutely adorable together!!!! Happy 30 weeks!!

  2. YOU.ARE.ADORABLE. Your cuteness at 30 weeks pregnant is a little insane.

  3. Oh my goodness. You and Farmer are seriously the cutest!!
    I'm glad y'all got to have a little give away. Good luck on your detox, but don't worry about sneaking a cupcake or two in between. ;)

  4. You are seriously so cute. Love. And the dessert table? Well, let's just say if I would have been there, I would have been right there with you. With no cute prego belly to use as an excuse for my 39th trip.

  5. No fat face! Girlfriend you are tiny!! Love your husbands dance move in that picture, priceless.

  6. You two are just so cute together! And how are you 30 weeks already? I thought you were just announcing your pregnancy! Lookin' great!

  7. Check out Perry Mackin diaper bags. I have the Rachel in olive green and I LOVE it. I am never getting rid of it- I'll keep it as a carry on for the rest of my life. Trust me I tried 6 diaper bags. 6. It's true. Wait for a sale too and try ebags

  8. You guys are the cutest. Seriously. And your face is not fat. You've gained 11 lbs growing a child, I've gained 11 lbs reading about the delicious treats you ate at this wedding. Smores and Cookie Dough cupcakes.. you've got to be kidding me! :)

  9. First of all, your face doesn't look fat at all. But I will say WHY do pregnant women have to get a fat face?!?! I find it incredibly unfair. The baby isn't growing in the face. Why must the face get bigger? Of course I have the same line of thinking for thighs, but that is just my personal cross to bear I guess.

  10. Girlfriend, I would have been right there with you at the dessert bar.

  11. You are adorable and not fat in the slightest! The dessert table looks amazing! I would have been all over that too! I hate diaper bags..hate them. I am not good on that. Nor am I good about post-pregnancy clothes. I love good workout gear, leggings with long tees/cardigans, tunics. I just try to get by!

  12. Wow, going by so fast!! You look amazing!

  13. Lady, you are seriously SO tiny and beautiful.

  14. You do NOT look 30 weeks! You look amazing, girlie!!!!

  15. You look great, I swear I wore stretch pants through my whole 2nd pregnancy!

  16. Your face is totally not fat, you look absolutely amazing. All of that dessert sounds delicious!!


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