August 05, 2014

28 weeks stats | farm baby #2

i found out some disturbing news this past week.

i was jokingly discussing that i wanted to be induced at 38 weeks since i carried kaye to 42 weeks. that would make my average of the two pregnancies exactly 40 weeks.

perfect mathematical sense, right?

well...i was informed that 37 weeks is no longer considered full term.

so i may as well carry this baby well past christmas. 64 weeks pregnant? sure. why not.

but you know what...nothing can get me down right now. i just shared a bowl of popcorn with my best gal, kaye. then i put her to bed (in her big girl bed which she's still in love with), and then i downed a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

#28weeks #idowhatiwant #sorryi'mnotsorry

the other bummer is my super handy, professional photographer wasn't on hand to snap my 28 week picture. i mean...i guess i couldn't expect her to meet me weekly for 20 weeks, right? that's excessive.

regardless, i have some 28 weeks stats for you...and some lame iPhone photos.
28 WEEK STATS | farm gal #2

WEIGHT GAIN | i was shocked when i looked at the scale and i'm weighing in at a nine pound gain. between the birthday parties, weddings, and general nutella must be a little gift from god. 

what i really need to do is get my sh!t together for at least the next day and a half. i have my glucose test on wednesday. cue the gagging.

WORKOUTS | unfortunately, the workouts took a backseat this past week. between the mentioned birthday, wedding, and water park date, i was only able to get two cardio workouts in. then i got sick on sunday, which knocked me out. however...i hammered out an hour on the treadmill today and it felt great. since i'm getting weighed on wednesday i'll probably try to squeeze in two more sessions. it can't hurt, right?

CLOTHING | speaking of working workout clothes do NOT fit anymore. scratch shirts don't fit. as in...nothing covers my belly anymore. whomp whomp. so...that might be in my "purchases" category next week...mmmmk farmer?

on another note, i have a new most very favorite outfit to wear. 
all you need is a maxi dress and a tank top or shirt that is stretchy enough that you can gather it above the bump and tie it in a little knot. 

luckily i have about a trillion tops i can do this i just wear that black dress every day. least every day i decide to get dressed. 

GENDER | we're totally having a little gal...a carbon copy of kaye...i just know it.

also, in case you missed it, i posted some gender reveal cupcakes AND pictures a few weeks ago.

CRIES THIS WEEK | i was totally rocking zero cries for nearly a month and then...last tuesday, as i was driving kaye to gymnastics, we were about 40 minutes into our hour drive and she had already been whining and fit-ish for most of it. when i couldn't talk her out of her bad attitude i lost it myself. lost. it. first i got super mad. then i got super sad. then i cry-scolded/begged her to be a good girl. 

"mommy really needs you to be a good girl."

it was such a sad, surreal moment. when she saw me crying she got so so sad. her bottom lip popped out. her chin quivered. she's my sensitive, empathetic turtle. 

she must have been listening, because she rocked that gymnastics class. she was totally a good girl and the star of the show.

CRAVINGS | apparently my cravings include sweet and salty...since i indulged in both tonight. no apologies. 

PURCHASES | i went ahead and dropped some coin at the old baby gap and gap body this past week. i had that 40% off i couldn't pass up.
my next step is to click the "order" button on my land of nod cart. they sent me (and everyone else) a 15% off friends and family code so i decided to order some finishing touches for kaye's room and a few things to try and girl-ify the nursery.

and that's it! 28 weeks...12 + 24-niner to go. who knows how many more to go, right?

happy tuesday!


  1. Love your black maxi dress combo! Kinda stinks that you can't get induced.. but think of the bright side, the weather is only going to get cooler the more in to the year we get. At least it won't be middle of summer when you're full term. Silver lining? Oh and stop by my blog today for a chance to win a Target giftcard, I hear you might be in the market for some new maternity workout clothes lol :)

  2. You look GREAT! And I love your purchase choices!

  3. That maxi/t-shirt combo is ADORABLE. Look at that sweet little belly!

    I can only imagine how terrible a 64 week pregnancy would be. Thank GOD that will never happen.

  4. YOu really are rocking the maxi/tank look! If only it were appropriate to showcase a beer and burger belly that way.

  5. Yes to that maxi dress outfit! That's such a good idea. Maybe my next pregnancy won't make my butt the size of a school bus and I can borrow (read: steal) that outfit.

  6. I just found that out too about not being full term until 39 weeks! Your little bump is adorable - and that outfit for kaye is so cute, I may need to place an order for my little gal!

  7. I was SO BUMMED when they changed 37 weeks to "early term" as opposed to full term. Then, my little man saved his mama from the last miserable month of pregnancy by coming at 36w5d and was as healthy as could be! Maybe your sweet girl will be as considerate? :)

  8. That tied shirt trend is ah-mazing and i can't get enough of it! you preggo ladies have all the fun ;)

  9. I love your maxi dress tank combo. I don't think anything looks better in a maxi than a baby bump. They were made for each other - mfeo.

  10. You look great, and your weight gain is amazing! Way to go, Mama. I had no idea 37 weeks is no longer considered full term. Good to know!

  11. you look amazing!! I love your black dress - and your adorable bump!!!!

  12. You are too cute for word in your tank & maxi, girl! Loving how you are rockin' that bump!

  13. The pregnant maxi-dress look is awesome!!! And so sweet that you have such a sensitive little girl :)


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