July 10, 2014

oh hey friday | it's a brand new link-up (kind of)

eeee! now...i don't know about you guys, but regardless of summa-summa-time or not, i've been missing that little 5 on friday link-up. i mean...for like a hot second it was nice that i didn't have to think about it, but now i'm back. i mean...i want it back.
the farmer's wife + September F A R M
this is exactly why my very best farm-gal-pal and i are going to host a link-up...and you guessed it...it's on friday...which is tomorrow.

another thing you guessed? same-zies on the format.

just write up a little diddy about five things. five anythings:

five things that happened to you last week.
five favorite recipes.
five embarrassing moments.
five kid tips.
five items you're lusting after.

five. fiver. cinco. five.

then, just link back to our little blogs by including the below button code and you're totally in business.

see...super easy. we didn't reinvent the wheel. we simply changed the button...and the name...and the hosts.

prep your post for tomorrow morning and we'll see you then, bright and early!

and if that's not enough...why not be a part of a thursday link up too? check it out!
Thoughts for Thursday


  1. how fun!! totally loving your blog, keep up the great work lady!

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for the info you posted on my blog about this- I am definitely in!! Yay! LOVE the logo and your blog (amazing)… def going to follow and I plan to submit {possibly several} ads on your blog- so in love and would love to work together- I am really new at the whole blogging thing and would love to do more! You are an inspiration to me and I have several giveaway ideas. Also, both of my parents grew up on a farm/I spent time on my grandparent's farms as a kid - very near and dear to my heart!! Lastly, I am doing a giveaway right now for new moms and saw that you are expecting!!! (congratulations!!)- please feel free to enter :) http://vintagesimplylove.blogspot.com/2014/07/a-simply-love-gift-giveaway-car-seat.html - again, so excited to have found you and plan to advertise with you soon! Thanks so much again for reaching out…

  3. Thanks for the invite and info, excited to post tomorrow!

  4. Totally miss this link up! Thanks for the invite :) I'll definitely try to link up tomorrow!! I actually thought about starting one too when the five on Friday was ended for the summer because I miss it so much!! I can't think of two better bloggers to link up with though! SO fun!

    Have a lovely weekend and I'll probably stop by tomorrow ;)


  5. Yayyy so excited to be able to read these again. I'm hoping to start participating next week =)

  6. I'll be sure to join in tomorrow!

  7. Yes, excited about a new Friday link-up! The farmers wife emailed me yesterday to inform and I look forward to being part of the inaugural "oh hey friday" linkup. Thanks for being a part our Thoughts for Thursday link up today!! Be sure to return the favor and link-up to Natalie and I's blog too today.

  8. Yeh! Can't wait to link up tomorrow!

  9. Thank you, thank you for creating this!! I missed 5 on Friday. I'll do my best to be here tomorrow.

  10. Great idea! We've missed the 5 on Friday too. See you tomorrow! -Jess


  11. Super duper pumped!! See you tomorrow!!

  12. Thanks for letitng me know!! Excited for tomorrow!!

  13. Can't wait for the link up tomorrow!

  14. Loving the idea! Way to take the initiative!

  15. Yay! Excited for this link up! When is it going live?


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