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July 21, 2014

it's a special day | july group giveaway

as the temps in my parts rise (think 104º) i can think of lots of things to spend $235 dollars on. 

one of those things may or may not be a personal pool boy to spritz me with mineral water for a few hours. i'm not above it. 

and if that wasn't in the cards, maybe i'd stay an extra day at this glorious cabin in the woods where we're at...currently. the temperature didn't reach above 85º today...and tomorrow the high is 79º. music to a pregnant gal's ears.

if neither of those things panned out...i'd buy milkshakes. a lot of them. like...58 1/2...if we're wanting to get specific, which i am.

and as a REAL shocker...and a little teaser, $235 would also buy you about eight giant, black dildos with a suction cup. 

there's a reason i tell you this teaser - several years ago, when my farmer and i were still dating, we were out to dinner with both our parents at a super nice restaurant in the big city. and wouldn't you know it? we found a giant, black dildo suctioned to the underside of our table. 

that's all i'm going to say of the story for now, but i wanted to get it on the blog because the story came up this weekend. i had completely forgotten about this epically embarrassing moment, but it's time to get it in the books.

and now, the giveaway goods. and no, it's not a black dildo.

get yourself entered for $235 cash plus some ad spaces from two of these gals!
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11 comments on "it's a special day | july group giveaway"
  1. Great giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Who Hoo! Thanks for hosting!! :)

  3. 104 -- I'm sorry girl. That's rough! Hang in there.

  4. You must not live too far from me - it's about 101 in north Texas! Being pregnant in this heat is about the least fun thing I can think of... I was so thankful my little guy joined us in May! I feel for ya girl, I really, really do. (Also? Your gender reveal MELTED my heart! So beautiful!)

  5. Okay I'm having a bit of a rough day. And that just made my day. Hilarious.

  6. Can't wait to hear more about.. the.. umm.. story. I would've died. Just right then and there.

  7. Well... I think that's the kind of story I need to hear more about.

  8. thanks! :)
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  9. awesome giveaway! Keeping my finger cross

  10. Awsome giveway @september farm

  11. The weather in FL, where I am.. is awful. A personal pool boy/spritzer would be marvelous!


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