July 01, 2014


kaye is almost two...except she's still four months away. this is nearly half of a year. so really she's not almost two...but she is. ya get me?

the really crazy bit about her turning two in four months is that i'll also be having a baby...nearly down to the day. maybe her birthday will be in a hospital? maybe i'll be as big as a house? maybe we'll have twins two years apart?

no matter how you shake it...i can't help but be excited that my two turtles are going to be exactly two years apart.

this 100% gives me license to get cray-cray for their birthdays.

i have pictures of me surrounded with balloons, wrapping paper, and ribbons telling party vendors to make it rain...real housewives of idaho style. (whatever that means?)

but honestly...let's get to the important stuff.
KAYE BELL | 20 month stats

my very best gal is 20 months today; beautiful does not even begin to touch how lovely a person she is.

she's sassy. she's crabby. she's funny. she's gorgeous. she's energetic. she's shy. she's curious. she's outgoing. she's lazy.

no seriously...she's totally lazy.

our gal...ask her if she's ready to lay down and she's got her binkie in one had, pink blankie in the other marching herself to her crib.

if you've caught her for her afternoon nap you can count on her being down from 12:30 - 4 ish pm. no joke.

if you've stopped by around 7:30 pm you would be correct in assuming you won't see our turtle again for nothing short of 13 hours.

this probably explains why she's so darn beautiful - so so much beauty sleep.

girlfriend continues to excel in gymnastics...and she always gets compliments from the teacher and other moms. seriously...she's physically advanced. this makes up for her lack in the verbiage department.

i was concerned for several months with her lack of vocab. i mean...fit throwing and banging your head on the floor certainly isn't an appropriate way to express oneself.

however, lately, you've been nailing it, girl!

when you said grandpa and tractor this morning...your farmer and i looked at you in amazement because they were both clear as day. maybe you were just waiting until you could really impress us with your pronunciation?

well don't stop now. give us more! we are absolutely addicted to your sweet little voice. even when you tell us "no" and shake your finger...exactly like i do to you.
STATS | girlfriend is tall and clocks in at 89% for height and 72% for weight. that was at her 18 month check up. girlfriend has since grown over two inches. our farmer must be feeding her something behind my back, because the way she's growing out of clothes is ridiculous. she's firmly in all two year old clothing and basically skipped over the 18 - 24 month stage.

LIKES | riding with dad in the pup and fun bus, blueberries for days, running, dumbo, mom's cooking, bows in her hair and my hair (sometimes), moisturizing her face with mom, showers, coloring with markers, and brushing your teeth.

DISLIKES | taking pictures, getting dressed, and leftovers.

the list of dislikes is short because you've literally been an absolute treat to be around. except for when your two-year molars came in a few weeks ago and last week. crabby-pants.

NOTABLE | remember your crabby-pants phase last week? well...during one of your fits i was holding your hand walking you into the living room and you decided to collapse to the ground. you guessed it. i heard a pop and a snappy-snap and you were screaming. tears tears tears. the saddest face i had ever seen.
i picked you up. cuddled you. you absolutely wouldn't move. you just laid your head on my shoulder and tucked your little arm close to your body. i called our farmer and told him to "get home, now. something is wrong with kaye."

he was home in what seemed like seconds.

he laid you down, looked at your little arm and it was so so obvious something was terribly wrong. we called your pediatrician and they got us right in. as in...we had to drive an hour with your broken wing to get you there.

regardless, upon arrival, and through your sweet whimpers, your doctor took one look at you and said, "she has nursemaid's elbow." basically, a dislocated elbow.

the nurse gave you some ibuprofen and the doctor came in 10 minutes later. he took you from your farmer's arms, sat you in my lap, grabbed your little arm...and just like that...you were totally fixed. you still didn't want to use your arm for about 30 seconds, but your farmer tricked you with a toy and that's when we both exhaled. you were fine. back to normal. i thought i was going to cry with relief.

it really is terribly terrible to see your child in pain. the worst.
please note - we were informed that since kaye is more prone to have nursemaid's elbow again we should watch a you tube video on how to fix it. that's a pediatrician who "gets" us. i mean...we're farmers, right? we fix bumps and scrapes with mud and super glue. farm tough...or something like that.

overall, 20 months was wonderfully wonderful. our gal is growing up. she's going to be a fantastic big sister. i absolutely cannot wait to see what the coming months hold for us.


  1. Farm girls are tough! I'm glad it wasn't a break and it could be fixed! She's a sweetie.

  2. She is adorable!!! My boys are 2 years 9 days apart. I always used the "almost the same birthday"as an excuse to go apish*t crazy with their birthday parties when they were younger. I justified it by telling my husband that we were actually saving money because it was only one party instead of two. They never complained about having to share the party because being only two years apart means that they hung out with the same kids and were usually into the same stuff (one year it was pirates, another superheroes etc) They also knew that the party would be over the top which they got into as they grew older. I always made sure that each had their own cake AND each celebrated separately on their real birthdays. Enjoy!!!

  3. Awwww the pic of her crying at the doc killed me! Poor thing- happy she was fixed up in no time. Still eagerly awaiting news of #2!!

  4. Elyse & Baby #2 will be less than 2 weeks apart as well...at the beginning of December. Cue this momma already planning for a huge half-birthday celebration every summer!!!

  5. In order for Henry and future baby no. 2 to be exactly 2 months apart, I would have to get pregnant in 2 months...

    That terrifies me. Just a little.

    I might need a little more time. :)

  6. I am so glad Kaye is ok. I would have been heartbroken to see my little one (if I had one) in that condition. But she is a trooper and such a doll.

  7. Poor thing! And poor mommy and daddy :( Glad she is ok now! She is seriously adorable even with her sad face :)

  8. She is PRECIOUS! What a sweetie!

  9. There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain and being unable to fix it yourself. I'm glad that everything is ok now and the last picture of your farmer cracked me up.

    Sophie xxx

  10. ugh, lame, a dislocated elbow. poor babe. so glad she was all better soon. She looks so tiny in her dad's arms too.
    happy 20 months!

  11. ok now how to you get her to sleep that much? I'm jealous. and that is SO SO sad! I'm glad she is okay. and i'd be scared to pop it back in!?!

  12. So glad Kaye is ok! That must have been terrible:( And oh, so jealous that she is such a good sleeper. My son is a cat napper. He does sleep through the night - which, don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for - but if he could just nap for a bit longer each day, I might actually get to be somewhat productive!!! He falls asleep and less than an hour later, he's up and at 'em as good as new. Meanwhile, I drag behind him all day, totally exhausted. My son needs to take a lesson from Kaye on beauty sleep:)

  13. Hi! Just found your blog and have been reading through your past few posts. I had nurse maids elbow as a kid - and I dislocated each elbow more times than my mom could count. Good news? I'm totally fine :) Better news? Took my mom two tries to learn, and she could pop my elbow back in and claims I never felt pain!

  14. Look at all of her hair!!! I'm loving it and now I want your kids to be 2 year twins!!


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