July 14, 2014

25 week stats | farm baby #2 + birthday parties

i'm scared. 

i had a feeling from the moment i had my first dream about turtle 2.0 that it was going to be EXACTLY like it's big sister.

i'm confirming it...i was right then, and i'm right now. 

this turtle is going to be busy. curious. active. busy. clingy. and hungry all the time. 

cut from the same cloth, these two. big turtle and little turtle. besties. i'm calling it.

i know this because as i'm clicking away on my laptop, this little bun is kicking the everliving daylights out of my insides...just like it's sister did, and we're only at 25 weeks. 

remember my farmer's looooong dancer legs? (seriously...they go for miles.) well...kaye has them, and i'm nearly positive this one will have them too. 

i remember all too clearly the jabs that became painful around 32 weeks...all the way to week 42. 

at least this time i know what i'm in store for.

a long-legged, bald, big-bellied turtle. so cute, right? right.

speaking of big bellies...
mom forgot her suit. 

who forgets a suit to a birthday party that entails one of THESE in the backyard??!

this mom.
but do you know what the brilliance of living on a farm and being friends with fellow farmers is?

everyone has at least double of everything.

so my gal quickly changed out of her dress and into a boys rash guard...and just like that, my little boy was ready to go swimming. 

let's check out this picture again...
see? she's totally into it. all of it. 

and you know what else she's into?

cow piñatas. girlfriend had that cows number. 
i couldn't have been more proud of her gusto to beat that cow. it's what farm kids are made of.
that was our saturday. girlfriend didn't go to bed until 10:30 pm that night. it may have had something to do with the giant piece of cake/scoop of ice cream/tractor wheel made out of a ding dong i she requested. sugar-high.

sunday brought us another birthday party. 

it was for this sweet gal...
to give a little background, her mom was one of my bridesmaids. 

her mom was also my labor and delivery nurse for kaye...and we have high hopes she'll be working when this next one decides to make it's debut. 

regardless, kaye and claire are basically besties, so we were thrilled to celebrate. 

unfortunately i got exactly zero pictures of the birthday girl on her birthday. 

but i did snap this family selfie. we'll keep working at it, but we're totally getting better. 
and now...the goods. the bads. the uglies. 

25 WEEK STATS | farm baby #2
WEIGHT GAIN | i know everyone was probably getting really concerned about my six pound gain. uh...no worries. i'm up two pounds this week. i blame it on the birthday cake. yeah...the birthday cake and the cookies, and the smoothies, and my general lack of movement. hey...it's been 104º here. what's a girl to do? so...eight pounds.
WORKOUTS | i'm totally still chugging along with my running. i ran 4.5 miles the other day without stopping for a walk break (on the treadmill), but then got my ass handed to me when i tried to push kaye in our running stroller. like i said, it's been super hot here, and pushing 50 extra pounds of stroller and turtle + extra weight on me = a tough running day.

regardless, i read an awesome article this past week about lifting weights...heavy weights, and the myth of 1200 calories a day. i'm inspired for my post-preg workouts...if i can ever get my life organized to the point where i can find myself at a gym a few days a week. we'll see...that's months down the road.

CLOTHING | the clothing department has consisted of - whatever can keep me the coolest. i'm a sweaty gal to begin with, throw in some extra weight and pregnancy...i'm a dripping mess. 

i'm still rocking the maxis, some maternity tanks, and i've been known to wear my shorts unbuttoned...a lot. 

on the farm...there are no rules. we do what we want. unbuttoned pants? that's the least of our worries.

GENDER | so the poll at the top of the blog has closed! according to you gals...i should be welcoming a mini-farmer in 15 weeks. i guess we'll see soon enough!

CRIES THIS WEEK | zero. zero cries this week. where have the hormones gone? 

maybe i haven't cried because of that beautiful $7000 water filter we installed this past week? maybe it's because i don't have to wash my hair with cold, bottled water any longer? maybe it's because our clothing is that much softer now? 

whatever it is...i like it. no tears. 

CRAVINGS | the heartburn is back in full effect. anything and everything gives it to me. this definitely helps with the 9 pm sweet tooth. no amount of ice cream is worth the heart burn that comes with it. 

PURCHASES | first of all...a big shout out to the September FARM sponsors found to the left of this post! i'm definitely that much closer to having enough pennies towards a beautiful rocker for our nursery. yay!

but as far as actual purchases are concerned - we did have an amazon prime delivery this week, but they were both for kaye. we received the second camera for our video monitor. my farmer actually questioned whether or not kaye would still need a camera...and all i can say is, girlfriend cannot be trusted. yes...she needs video surveillance. 

kaye also received a side bed rail for her big girl bed...which has yet to be delivered. i don't know whether to be excited or dread the transition. i think i'm dreading it...because i want nothing to mess with her 3.5 hour naps and 12 hour nightly sleeps. nothing. 

so...here's to a great week ahead with zero more cries and maybe a few more purchases for the baby to come. 

happy monday!


  1. 3.5 hour naps and 12 hours through the night, Kaye is a dream child! How about a trade? I'll trade ya two boys for the price of one sleeping beauty! Mine don't sleep, eat EVERYTHING in sight and walk into walls so daycare probs thinks we beat them with the amount of bruises that cover their bodies!

  2. The cow pinata! YES! I love cows.

  3. Your belly is so cute and small! I am not making the transition to a big boy bed for Cooper until he figures out that he can climb out! Maybe we will make it to three? I sure hope so because we don't want anything messing with his 12 hours of sleep each night either!!

  4. we are actually just buying an extra crib for Baby #2, Elyse sleeps AMAZING at night and I'm not screwing with it since she hasn't ever tried to climb out!

    And Elyse would be in LUURRVVEEE with that cow pinata...she has an abnormal obsession with cows! forget the zoo...we head to my aunt's farm! ha!

  5. She was going at that cow with a vengeance :) love it


  6. By 25 weeks, I had gained... 25 lbs. 8 pounds sound amazing to me. My stretch marks are envious.

    Video monitors are amazing.

    I'm with you on not messing up wonderful sleep habits. I'll move mountains if it means we don't miss the 2.5 hour nap on the weekends. Like don't even mess with me. Our church changed service times and it cuts it close to nap time... I'm still upset about it.

  7. Gorgeous and glowing! I'm still betting the little one is going be a girl.. mainly because I think the pink scarf you have on is a hint?!

  8. 4.5 miles? Woman, seriously though. You're amazing! I'm in love with those photos of Kaye on the slide and beating the cow...hilarious. She seems like a real hoot.

  9. The photo with the pinata is too cute! Don't worry about that lack of weight gain you look great and healthy!

  10. Your bump is adorable! And I love the piñata photos... priceless!

  11. You're looking great! And these pictures are the cutest!
    Alycia//Crazily Normal

  12. My kids are 14 months apart... Your little turtle is looking like Nate was when I was preggo with Nola... how far apart will they be? Congratulations... and welcome... two is totally freaking different than one. :)

  13. omg those pinata pictures... put those in her wedding slideshow no matter what!

  14. That cow pinata is too cute, not to mention Kaye hitting the pinata is even cuter! Not to mention you look absolutely wonderful!

  15. You look a-dorable! Such fun pictures this week :) I will be keeping my fingers crossed for the big girl bed transition for your girl. I was totally dreading it, too, and surprisingly Nora breezed right into it. With ice cream bribery, of course :)


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