June 27, 2014

why i want to get in a girl fight + sponsor post | q + a with march to december

shocking news alert...the gals i link up with each friday are no longer...ARE NO LONGER doing their 5 on friday.

okay...so that's definitely a bit dramatic. plus, they are just suspending it for the summer. regardless, i'm at least a tiny bit bummed that it's taking a hiatus.

this definitely does open up my fridays for other kinds of posts though...so i've got that going for me!

for instance, i never would have been able to bring you this gal, who has graced the September FARM sidebar a few times now.
it's everyone's best gal - la'shawn of march to december

la'shawn and i had a little q + a sesh...and i can't deny. i love doing these. i love them because it gives us a chance to meet a blogger in a different way than what we would normally by just reading their posts. plus i get to ask whatever questions i want and then cross my fingers that the blogger answers. (like that one time i asked a gal if she'd ever been in a girl fight. as it turns out...she had been.)

what i wouldn't give to be in a girl fight. seriously...i think i could hold my own. 

tangent - farmer doesn't think i'm tough. he literally thinks i would get hit once and be done. i literally think i would whip some boo-tay. so, more often than i'd like to admit farmer and i have a conversation that goes like this:

KARLI | farmer...do you think i could beat (insert name of friend here) up?

FARMER | hmmm. maybe. you might get a hit in, but then she would overpower you or fight dirty and you would be done.

one day i'll be so lucky - so lucky to prove my idaho toughness. 

wow though. enough about me...please please let's get excited to meet la'shawn!

KARLI | hey girl hey, la'shawn! i really think we should get right to it since i blabbed and blabbed up above. sorry about that!

so...i'm going to be a new mom again here in a few short months. what's the biggest change you experienced when you became a mom?

LA'SHAWN | i am lucky in the kid department. i have one amazing son. i can't say that any big change has been bad. i would say that the biggest change i experienced, though, is i laugh more. truly! my husband has had me laughing for the past 10 years. then came along our son, who has his dad's humor, and I really feel like there isn't an hour that goes by that they don't have me laughing. 

KARLI | ummm...that sound like an absolutely delightful way to live on the daily. you laugh hourly. i'm picking mickey mouse chicken nuggets out of my hair hourly. nice.

well, i mean...sure you laugh hourly, but any mom confessions? embarrassing moments?

LA'SHAWN | i have a few mom confessions. like letting my son stay up to 1 am or letting him sleep in my bed once a week & him being 7 years old. sigh. the embarrassing moment is a lot better. Mother's Day about 5 years ago. my son was just a bit over 1 years old. we were at the mall and standing in the checkout line. i placed my hand on his bum and realized he had exploded in his diaper. by exploded, i mean just that!! it was all over him and all over me. GAG. it was sooo embarrassing. we had to walk through the mall stinking to high heaven and covered. 

KARLI | i can honestly say i've never had either of those things happen. 1. because kaye would never and has never wanted to sleep in our bed. literally. we've tried. she all but leaps off the king sized frame and runs to her crib. what gives?

and 2. farmer and i did have a moment in a thai restaurant when kaye was about three months old. i remember thinking that was particularly terrible at the time because the restaurant didn't have a changing table...but in hindsight...we've experienced worse. (but never as bad as your mall poo. sorry about that gal!)

so after this one...i'm done-zo. i'm no good at being pregnant...as in i'm crazy-town. what about you? any plans to have more?
LA'SHAWN | nope. i get asked that often because we just have the one. i am quite content being his momma, only

KARLI | i guess when you nail it with the first one...why have more, right? right. farmer and i didn't quite hit the mark with kaye...that's why we went for kaye 2.0. kidding kidding! i'm actually having one more so that they will raise each other. here's to hoping!

so lately i've been trying to convince my farmer that a babymoon is an actual thing...a thing we should take advantage of. so far...no go. here's to hoping though, right? how about you? any dream vacations?

LA'SHAWN | hmmm. probably going to england for as long as i can. i would move over there if my husband would let me! 
KARLI | did you watch the tudors? basically the very very best show. it's on netflix. get on that if you haven't. anyway...it makes me desperately want to go back to england so i can do all the super touristy stuff. i think i'm pretty nerdy like that. 

random question - what's the most expensive item of clothing you own?

LA'SHAWN |  i don't spend a lot of money on clothes. i am of the mindset quantity over quality. lol. i couldn't tell you the most expensive. 

KARLI | whaaaa?!! what about quantity AND quasi-quality? that seems to be route i've taken lately. mostly because i couldn't figure out how to dress my post-kaye body. girlfriend did a number on my belly. maybe i should try a sit up every now and again? but that sounds lame.

have you ever had a celebrity siting? or maybe you just want to meet someone famous?
LA'SHAWN | i haven't. i would love to meet Tom Hiddleston. yeow! my husband gives me a hard time about my little crush on him.

KARLI | i get it now. that's why you want to live in england...so you can be close to tommy. makes sense. we all have dreams! 

well gal. we're winding down our little q + a. do you want to leave us with your most favorite post you've ever written?

LA'SHAWN | my most favorite post is called Swimsuit Ready Body (it was a big deal to me showing this part of me).

KARLI | girl. good for you! i've often wanted to do a post-kaye body post but chicken out every. single. time. thanks for rocking it...because...well...YOU ROCK!

people...let's all take a minute to check out la'shawn some more over yonder.

you can also find here here:
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ps. should you be feeling fancy and are looking for a place to burn a a few dollar bills...don't be afraid to check out la'shawn's advertise page! she's offering a 50% discount off all spaces for September FARM readers! code : M2Dfarmer


  1. Hi! I found your blog from Helene and am LOVING it. I am wanting to check out your sponsorship options but am not seeing any listed on your "Advertise" page. I currently have a headache so maybe I'm missing something. Can you let me know? HA Thanks so much! Emelia

  2. I love this post, I found you because of Helene and now I've got someone new to follow because of you! and because your fascinated by girl fights I've go a story for you:
    I've been in a girl fight before. It's kinda hilarious, and I tell the story often. I was 13 and there was a girl who was "like totally trashing my besties rep ya know?" so it was the last lunch (this is important later) and she was standing by the trashcans emptying her tray, and I went up an yelled at her and she pulled my hair and I stood there for a minute like you freaking nutbag, because I'm tender headed, then I put her in the trash can (last lunch can you imagine?) and she cried and then I felt bad and told on myself to the principal.
    I got detention because she pulled my hair first, and had to write her a letter of apology, which actually ended up being a thinly veiled threat of stop bullying people or I'll do it again.
    What makes the story absolutely hilarious? By sophomore year we were besties, and the girl I was defending was my worst enemy.

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